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  1. Hi frefel, I'm in the same boat as yours except the fact that I was able to install GPSDrive on my box. It's working flawlessly ! Problem is I played a lot with it before getting it to work. If I'm not mistaken, you have to make sure that the gps works when you plug it in. To do so, before plugging your usb gps, run "dmesg" in the command line. You'll see some output. Plug in your garmin and run dmesg once again. You should see some new lines in the output telling you about the garmin. Copy those lines here and I'll try to give you a hand on this.
  2. Hi Dale, Thanks for the clarifications. I see why you don't create full province tiles.. makes sense ! As for the transparent layer, after looking at another one for the US (I'm from Quebec so I'm not really interrested in the whole US map) I'd really appreciate to try it with the transparent layer. It's going to be more than useful for me and others too, I'm pretty sure. So yes, I'm interrested in a transparent layer for Canada. If I can be of any help to you, I'll be pleased to give you a hand. PS : Thanks KFBradley for the hint.
  3. Hmmm.. interresting point Red90. I'm gonna have to check it twice. Not that I don't believe you but I haven't saw those details... must be because the region that I'm interrested in is pretty complete OR I haven't seen anything that I need that isn't there. Anyone knows a good way to remove a complete mapset from the gps menu ?
  4. Oh.. I didn't know that... I'll try that tonight, thanks ! About the transparent topographic lines, I don't see any other "data" required other than the topo lines. Streets and other indications should be provided by the other map pack, in my case the America 2009 NT one. This would reduce the total size of the maps provided by Dale and would be a nice addition to the other packs. What would be needed (effort wise) to set only the topo lines transparent and discard all the other infos ?
  5. Hi there, first time poster here !! First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to ibycus for the great map you came up with. It's trully a master piece and I encourage you to continue your good work. Second of all, I've downloaded the ISO version you put available yesterday and it works flawlessly !! Quite a big download but with firefox, no issue at all, got it within 45 min. Thirdly, I have a easy yet important question for me. Would it be too difficule for you ibycus to set the topo map as a transparent layer ?? For example, I'm using the America 2009 NT map pack from Garmin for my everyday use and when I want to use the topo card, I have to unselect the right maps on my GPS so the ones you created gets visible. Wouldn't it be easier to set the topo maps you created as transparent so people won't have to disable other maps to see it ? Also, I know that it might sound complicated but the format you use right now under MapSource got me to select all the little squares to select the space I want. Wouldn't it be simplier to select the province you need, no other options offered ? Might be something I don't understand on the way to use MapSource but it's kind of hard to select all the needed territory square by square. Anyway that was my .02 cents. If you need any help on this, let me know ! Thanks DA
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