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  1. No reason to combine the functions, just have an option to post both at once should you wish to do so. Lots of reason to post a NM only, say if you were revisiting a cache to drop off a TB or similar. Also, no reason setting the NM flag within a Found log wouldn't still send the NM email to the CO. Would be a minor feature addition to save a few moments while doing data entry is all, not suggesting replacing any other function, just an enhancement.
  2. It would be helpful, IMHO, if there was an option to report "needs maintenance" while filling out a "found" report as well. Maybe, in addition to the "needs maintenance" type of report, there was an option to add NM to a finder's log?
  3. NOTE: Pursuant to this clause above: "While geocaching is embraced by Parks Canada at the national level, it is important to note that the activity may not be permitted at all of Parks Canada’s locations." Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador has completely banned Geocaching within it's boundaries. Saw the notice posted last time I drove through. Next time will grab a pic of the notice and send to Cache-Tech for his files.
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