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  1. What's that? NorthWes is up for Geocacher of the Month? He did a great job coordinating with folks on the Anchorage side of their trip for geocaching opportunities--and all out of the goodness of his heart. No timeshares, no agent fees. By the way, have you all voted in the COTM contest for this month yet? No, because I'm generally opposed to any form of competition in geocaching. How many old usenet users remember KOTM (Kook of the Month)? I was the one that nominated NorthWes for Geoacher of the month. He is an amazing guy. I met him when he and his wife came to Bermuda, a year and a half ago, the I met up with him again when he help my friend and I put together a Geocaching cruise to Alaska... He is amazing
  2. Hi All I live in Bermuda and I can help you out if you want to know about Geocaching and Cruising with a group of Geocachers. I work with a cruise planner who has a cruise planned for Bermuda in September. my email is bermudaislandgeocachers@gmail.com or darlene4141@gmail.com We have had two successful geocaching cruises to Bermuda, and 1 so far to Alaska Happy Caching Davetecsgirl President Bermuda Island Geocachers
  3. The Bermuda Conservation Geotour won' two 3rd place awards for Innovate Tech award in the categories of Local and Peoples choice award. Congrats to the Conservation tour and Bermuda Island Geocachers for all their hard work that went into the Geotour.
  4. I had the most amazing 3 days..( I helped organize a geocaching cruise to Bermuda, where I live) I met all the cachers on the Breakaway, some I have met before and many I hadn't. I always thought i loved geocaching for the love of the hide... but I realized over the last 3 days... Its really the love of the Friendship. I met some of the most amazing people ... big hearts, big smiles, big laughs and friendships for a life time............ Thank you Geocaching... for all my new wonderful friends... I am truly blessed!!!!!!!!!!!! Missing you all already.
  5. I back you up 100% ............. Puerto Rico deserves a Souvenior
  6. Lets look at it this way... Canada has a Prime Minster ( for the whole country) United States has a president ( for the whole Country) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has a Prime Minister ( for the whole country)
  7. I am not lecturing you... just giving a Geography lesson... Bermudians are proud of their country and stand up tall to say they are not a Caribbean country... sorry If I offended you,,, just educating you and others....
  8. Shaved Ewok.... Thank you for adding us to the GeoTours.... but sad to say like everyone else you have linked us with the Caribbean, so to give everyone a Geography Lesson We are not a part of the Caribbean, we are actually 1200 miles north of the Caribbean. We are our own Country in the Middle of the Alantic Ocean. Again, thank you,,, Darlene President Bermuda Island Geocachers
  9. Bermuda is getting a GEOTOUR Launch date is July 3rd and it will be 20 caches and will get a beautiful Geocoin..... If you want more information on the Geotour, it will be the Bermuda Island geocachers Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/BermudaIslandGeocachers/ Website .. http://www.bermudaislandgeocachers.com/Home.html Bermuda Conservation Dept website http://www.conservation.bm/
  10. Bermuda Island geocachers and the Conservation Services Department of Bermuda are excited to announce to all of you that we are Launching our first GEOTOUR in Bermuda on July 3rd, 2013. This GeoTour will take you to many Nature Reserves
  11. Help please A friend of mine owns an eTrex Mariner, Does anyone now is this compatible at all to download caches and if so, could you help me out with it. Thanks
  12. I am so sad, I put out a tb for my kids, a girl and a boy with specific goals, to go to california then to England... well the kids made it to California, but then found their way into Germany,,, and disappeared... the last known cacher that had my kids (tb called Children out and about) were Satan 666, so my poor kids are somewhere in hell........LOL they have been missing for almost 2 years
  13. There's a group of geocachers who have been organizing cruises for a while now. Here's some upcoming cruises: S. Caribbean http://www.vacations...om/rw/view/1435 Alaska http://www.vacations...om/rw/view/1749 Bermuda http://www.vacations...om/rw/view/1819 There's other cruises already in the works also. There's also facebook groups for geocaching cruises. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bermuda-Alaska-2013s-Geocaching-Cruise-Adventures/198492816880339
  14. I am one of the organizers for these cruises, and will be on it. There are 70 people signed up for the Alaska Cruise and we have been working with the Alaska geocaching group to help organize some Geocaching events and excursions. Its going to be a blast. I am also the President of the Bermuda Island Geocachers and am also helping with the organizing of the Bermuda cruise in September... Keep your eyes on Bermuda, there are alot of great geocaching news coming up in May. We have been working hard to make Bermuda the Island to want to vacation and geocache... check out our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BermudaIslandGeocachers/ Happy Easter everyone and Happy Caching....
  15. Hi everyone I am Davetecsgirl and I am the President of the Bermuda Island geocachers and I have to say we have some of the best Scuba diving caches in the world as we have 4 scuba diving caches so far and more to come... Our scuba diving ones are on ship wrecks around the island and they are very unique.... here is one check it out http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2YKRF and for the ones that dont scuba dive , we have snorkel caches on the island..... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC3GQ8K
  16. I do believe I have found some benchmarks in Bermuda on the Old American Military Base
  17. Thank you all for your help. I am trying to figure out what other Earthcaches I can do on the Island. I have 3 earthcaches 1. Fantasy and Crystal Caves GC292DZ stalactites and stalagmites 2. Bermuda Pink Sands GC314TB How Bermuda got its pink sands 3.Bermuda Coral reefs GC3VN0A Talks about how Bermuda was formed and its coral reefs Bermuda is one big Earth cache and I have been exploring to create other Earth Caches.
  18. I am really excited that Bermuda now has 3 earthcaches and I am still working on putting more out.... This is a great Island that has room for many more earthcaches. If anyone is interested in Helping me with writing up more of them, I would appreciate the help. THanks
  19. I am happy to announce that Bermuda has now hit over 200 caches on the Island and has all different types of caches on the Island , including Diving and snorkel caches and caches on many Islands that make up Bermuda... come check out our Facebook page and find out more about Caching in Bermuda https://www.facebook.com/groups/BermudaIslandGeocachers/ come and join us and learn more about Geocaching in Bermuda Bermuda Islands Geocaching slogan is Small Island Big Adventure...........
  20. I am interested in the 710, if it hasnt already sold, could you please email me I would so appreciate it Darlene
  21. There are no events at that time but I will find out if any Bermuda Island Geocachers would host one... or if you would like to host one you are welcome too......
  22. Hi Everyone... I am happy to say that Bermuda now has their own Caching group and we have our own website up and running. If your planning on visiting bermuda by cruise or plane, come check out our website and let us know that your coming and we can help you with any questions you have. http://www.bermudaislandgeocachers.com/ Happy Caching everyone
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