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  1. Me, too! I have been filling in the dates with no finds this year, and doing a lot of labs (due to the publishing stop for new caches and less traveling due to Corona restrictions) and noticed that January 30th is empty again! I am very glad for the improvement, but annoyed that the rules of the game changed retroactively.
  2. This has only gotten worse as the number of Adventure Labs in my area increases. The app now regularly crashes while navigating the map. My phone is not the newest or fastest, but other similar apps (including the official Geocaching app!) have no such problems.
  3. Yes, when you start them. On the description page, all dots are always dark orange. After clicking Start, one is dark orange and the are rest grey when there is a required order. Otherwise, one is dark orange and the rest are light orange and can be selected.
  4. Another wish: distinctive icons for Adventure Labs which must be completed in a specific order, so users know that without opening each one.
  5. Logging out and back in or restarting the app does not improve the behavior for me, unfortunately. Scrolling and zooming in the map when the internet connection is turned off and no Lab Caches are visible works fine, so that is a usable workaround if I already know where one is.
  6. OK, that was not clear. A more informative error message would be helpful here. Because the goal is not to update the profile picture, but to add a picture to the profile. Apparently this is not possible without arranging image hosting somewhere else. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Don't remember, but it's the first result if I enter "image upload geocaching" into a few search engines.
  8. I want to upload an image for my user profile.
  9. Does anyone else have problems zooming and scrolling the map in the Adventure Lab app? It is slow and often does not work. The map in the Geocaching app works fine.
  10. The image upload (https://www.geocaching.com/gallery/upload.aspx) is not working. I have tried several devices, browsers, and images in various sizes and formats over the past few months. An error message always appears ("Something went wrong with the image upload, please try again later.", screenshot attached) and the image is not uploaded. Image upload for a cache works as expected.
  11. Another wish: offline maps
  12. Can you access the website? According to the blog post update, it should work, but it does not for me.
  13. Thanks for the update. This solution also does not work, however.
  14. Yes, I am referring to the official app, all other apps, and the website, on the Android platform. None seem to be accessible. I have now seen 4.1, 4.3, and 5.0 as minimum supported Android version, can anyone confirm/deny this?
  15. Is it true that Android devices with version lower than 4.1 can now no longer access geocaching.com? (For example - most likely affects other devices as well.) Seems to be related to the update to TLS 1.2 which apparently took place sometime on Saturday and resulted in authorization problems for many users (as reported here and on several other forums). Was this change announced anywhere? Where can I stay informed of such changes in the future?
  16. Been watching this and the other threads mentioned above. In the meantime, I can no longer use geocaching.com from the device either. Seems to be related to TLS 1.2, which means that all Android devices with versions lower than 4.1 can no longer be used. What a bummer.
  17. Good question. I was in a city park and spontaneously searched for and found a few caches as usual, and saved drafts of logs. A few hours later in the train, wanted to log them and could not connect. Figured it was a temporary problem and tried the next day (and the next and the next), but it has not worked since. Did something at Groundspeak change between afternoon and evening (UTC+2 time zone)? Just tried with another Android device and got the same problem, however the device is the same model and age as the original, so not a very useful test case. Glad (?) to know I am not the only one with this problem, will keep an eye on the GAPP forum too.
  18. GDAK is (still) not working for me: Website still working fine: I usually use a GPS device and pocket queries anyway, but an Android app is useful for logging on the go, or to be able to see spoiler photos and images and read the most recent logs. This might just be a case of the device finally being too old to be useful, unfortunately. If that is the case, I will buy a new one. But I want to make sure the new device will actually work beforehand!
  19. Since Saturday evening I am unable to authorize any of various Android apps to log in with my (premium) geocaching.com account. Several just give an error, while some say that the website https://www.geocaching.com/OAuth/mobileoauth.ashx?oauth_token=XYZ&force_login=true cannot be reached (of course replace XYZ). I have tried several, both official API and non-official apps for testing purposes, all updated or newly installed. Saturday afternoon it was working fine, and I have not changed anything on the device or with the account. Same problems occur with a different (basic) account. Geocaching.com can be accessed without problem from the mobile browser and the internet connection is otherwise working fine. I unfortunately cannot try the official Groundspeak app, since the device OS is too old and updates are no longer supported, and I do not have access to another Android device to check. What is causing this problem and what can I do to fix it?
  20. Since a few weeks ago, I have had problems sending files (pictures) via Message Center. At first, I could drag them ("Drop files to add attachments") or use the link ("select files"). Everything appeared to work as before, they appeared below the message while writing and there was no error, but when the message was sent, nothing was actually attached. Yesterday, it seemed to work with only one attachment, behavior was the same as above but the file was indeed sent. I tried a few times again today, and it worked for 1 and 2 attachments, but not consistently. When sent, the images did not appear directly after sending, only later, with no visible status (loading, etc.) shown in the meantime. The green loading circle is no longer shown at all. I should add: browser is Firefox Version 56.0.2 (64-Bit)
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