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  1. I just got my 60c back about a week ago, broken battery clip on the bottom. The turnaround time is indeed about 10-14 days. The only free stuff I got was little rubber pieces on the back of the battery clips to help keep the batteries secure!
  2. Chalk another one up for the 60C. I Love it!!! great great unit! Will be making a 1000mi. road trip with it on Wed. then Flying down to Puerto Rico!! Any cachers in PR?
  3. I LOVE my 60C. It is the first 'real' GPSr that I have owned, so I am sorta spoiled I think. Previously I used an old magellan pioneer. The only problems I have had with the 60 are the freezing while routing problem. I have not upgraded the firmware though!!! the problems I have had should all be fixed in the newest firmware. The autorouting is great. I could NOT imagine a GPS with out it. Bluecharts look nice on it, as do topo maps. Great all around unit! As for waiting for the 76's. You really need to hold one in your hand to tell the difference. Big, clunky, buttons at the top. It is all up to opinion, and I do have small hands.... Great unit!!
  4. I remember reading about someone doing this. If there is a way, that would be great!! I will look into it. I also have a 2nd Gen. along with a 1st gen. both 10 gb.
  5. I will be traveling first to the Outer Banks, NC then on to Puerto Rico this summer. Are there any Garmin Maps for my 60 that include Puerto Rico. Currently I have, City Select, BlueCharts (Gulf Coast Region, New Orleans->Tampa) and Topo US the 100K series. None seem to have Puerto Rico. I am just out of luck, and will have to use the base map? If so, that is fine I suppose, I will just have to look at other scenery will there! Thanks!!!!
  6. I also use the Palm OS. Currently I am using an m130, it has 8mb of ram, but has an SD card slot. I had a IIIxe a friend let me borrow, it is all I really needed for caching. It has maybe 2mb of memory, not really sure, but I never filled it up. Like the previous poster said, Cachemate is the best way to do it. It is only a $7 program and it is great. I use an iMac running OS X.3 to sync the PDA using maccmconvert to convert the GPX to a cachemate file. I use GSAK to convert the GPX files to a Mapsource freindly format to send to my Gpsmap 60c. So there is no need for a connection between the two. I just find the cache via the map on the 60, then find the name on the palm. Works just fine for me.
  7. Went to Home Depot to pick up a T5. Only place around that has them by the way. Took the palm apart, THE BATTERY WAS LOOSE! Boy don't I feel dumb! Well I have a new battery on the way for a backup i suppose! Hope that is really all it was. I had a hunch in the begining it was something like that. Thanks for the help and suggestions!
  8. I have never used the Navigator, but I am very impressed with the City Select on my 60C. The autorouting is wonderful. I actually don't know what I would do with out it in unfamilar places anymore!!!
  9. Nope not from eBay. It was a freebie from a friend. I have ordered the battery for it, so we will see. Anyone know of a source for a Torx T5? Another question related to the Palm. With Cachemate, it takes much much longer to load a cache database then it did with my IIIxe. Kinda strange. Thanks for the help
  10. I am really sorry if this is totally off topic, but everyone here is so helpful and knowlegeable! I just got an M130 from a friend. It will not turn on unless it is on the cradle, even then it has troubles. It does Hotsync with my Mac 10.3.3 fine. My question is, just I replace the battery or forget about it because it could be something more serious? I get the charging icon when on the cradle, but nothing at all when disconnected. I have done all 4 types of resets as per Palmsource's email. Nothing has worked. Sorry again if this is off topic. Thanks for any help at all.
  11. Well, IT WORKS!! Thanks all for the responses!! I believe my problem was with the CD/DVD drive! I was able to transfer the entire East CD to the hard drive via a USB CD drive. Edit the Registry as others have done, now it works fine from the hard drive!!! Thanks again!!
  12. I have uninstalled every mapsource product, reinstalled only the Topo, upgraded to v5.4, loaded the Topo Basemap Patch. Still get an error, I am going to try to load the disc onto the hard drive. See if I get any luck. Thanks!!
  13. Response from Garmin: Thank you for contacting Garmin International, I will be happy to assist you with that. This error is usually caused by some type of conflict with another program. My recommendation is to uninstall the software and then reinstall to a separate destination directory. I also recommend going into the registry and deleting the GARMIN key in the registry. 1. Go to the start menu in windows 2. Select the settings and then select the control panel. 3. In the control panel double click on the icon for ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. 4. Select MapSource in the uninstall window. The software will ask to if you wish to uninstall all the components, answer YES to this option. 5. Select the Start key to the run option. In the run window type in < regedit > and enter. In the registry editor, you need to be very careful and please follow these steps precisely. a. Select the (+) next to the folder stating HKEY_CURRENT_USER b. In this view select the (+) next to SOFTWARE, when you click on this it will open your registry further. c. In the SOFTWARE view you will see a series of folders, one will be GARMIN. Highlight the word GARMIN and press the delete key. It will ask for confirmation of deletion. Make sure that the word GARMIN is the only key highlighted. Press on the (-) signs to contract the expansion. d. Repeat the same process for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. It may not be in this registry. 6. Shut down your system as normal and then let the system set for about 30 seconds and then start up your computer. 7. Reinstall the software. It will ask for the destination folder, if the setting is the C:\Program Files and so forth, click on the browse option and type in a different destination folder. C:\Garmin. This folder will not exist, but the option to create it will follow. Select OK. 8. Reboot after finishing your installation allowing the software to rest in the destination folder. 9. After you reinstall, I recommend that you upgrade your operating software to the latest version of the MapSource operating system I am in the process of trying this. Hope it works!! Hope this also helps others.
  14. Ok, just got the Topo software, not the 24K, but the normal. I loaded the 'program' from the Topo West CD. I then tried to look at the detailed map of the East (MS). It asks for the CD!? It is already in!! So I go ahead and click yes. Ask again, So I was going to try the West, No go. When I click cancel, it gives me an Error, and Mapsource quits. Tried Hawaii, It WORKED! So I tried the East and West again on another Mapsource equipped PC, It worked fine for ALL. I guess it is something wrong with my Mapsource install?? I have email Garmin about it. Any suggestions until they respond?? Thanks!!
  15. Ok, I have been a premi member for only a month or two. I have used the pocket queries a few times, only generating one at a time. I have found these very cumbersome when traveling. For instance, I know where I am going, so I can get the zip code, I have set out a route for my trip. Would I have to find the zips of each place I pass?? I think a new feature for the pocket queries could be selecting an area on a map, such as the major interstate you would be traveling. Another scenario, I would like to go hiking in different areas, I could find these places on my Mapsource software, get a few coordinates, then run pocket queries on them. I think it would be easier to select (highlight) an area on a map then run a pocket query on that area. If this is already a possiblility PLEASE let me know!!! I hope this leads to some thought. Thanks for listening!!
  16. Well, I worked on the VPC 60c USB for a week or so. Tried everything!! I even went as far as disabling the USB extensions in OS X (thought they were hindering VPC usage) Didn't work, don't do it. Had to do an archive and install!! I believe the problem is with the way VPC handles USB. I checked the VPC forums at mactopia, they are having problems with other USB devices. Hopefully Microsoft will get on the ball and fix the USB stuff!! I believe you will have to resort to the serial to USB (I use keyspan) solution. Slow but works for now. Please let me know if you find out anything different, I would LOVE to be wrong!!
  17. I have been using the friction base mount for a while, just took it on a 16hr round trip to Memphis (from south MS) with a lot of driving up there. It worked GREAT on the dash of a 2000 Xterra. I also use it just to 'display' the unit on my desk!! Great buy!
  18. I live in a house with 4 macs and about the same number of PeeCees. I like haveing the M$ machines around, because I like to work on and fix things. When I switched to OS X almost 2 years ago, I found I didn't get to work on and fix things anymore!!! The winblows machines just constantly need attention, while the Macs all running Panther, stay on constantly! My main machine, Flat Panel iMac is also acting as a web server and FTP!! How many of your windows boxes are you currently keeping on 24/7? using them for everyday task AND haveing people constantly accessing them??? I would like to see ONE PC that is as elegant and beautiful as my iMac. Unix is rock solid.
  19. I second the auto nav kit! I got mine from TVNAV.com. they are very very nice people. I have also invested in the bike mount, and the serial/power, and the external from gpsgeek. the antenna does great in the car, Probably don't really need it, but I will also use it on the boat, when down below. I Have not used the bike mount off road due to constant rain. But know it does not have any shock protection. for the falling fears, wrap the lanyard around the handle bars for extra piece of mind. Pat
  20. I have played with it more, and adjusted the average speed for interstates and such. Sometimes this works, the times it doesn't, I just put waypoints on the interstate!! And I did send the autorouting to the gpsr. thanks all!
  21. I really like the City Select. Using it with the gpsmap 60C. I also have Bluecharts for sailing. I plan to get the topo for hiking, sometime
  22. I am a Mac user, but use my bro's PC for GPS stuff. I have found GSAK to be good for the 60. It gives a better waypoint name, and description. I got around the none USB support by buying a cheap serial cable. I think they are $7-8 at gpsgeek.com. Others have been using a programs to convert the cache's to the Mapsource format. Not sure about the name though. Also, the .gpx files have much more data, and you can get them in bulk. (Premium Membership). Hope this helps!
  23. Ok, I have been trying to plan a weekend trip to Memphis (from Hattiesburg, MS) Everytime I try to go from my house to a waypoint in North MS City Select tell me to use an old Hwy,when the Interstate is right there!! I would hate to not actually know where I was and this sort of thing happen. I tried to set it to avoid highways, tolls, and U turns. Still gives the same route. This can be worked around, by just getting the route once im on the interstate. But, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for anyhelp!!
  24. This feature is very good at night. Ever been on the bridge of a ship at night, it is all red!! With the black/red of the night display you can keep your 'night' vision that your eyes have adjusted to.
  25. I am currently using my Pismo with my Sprint Sanyo-8100. I use a data cable I bought from Radio Shack for about $17. The best part of it, OS X has a driver for the phone!!! It is Sprint PCS vision. I tell it to dial #777. There is talk that this is against Sprint's TOS, but it was not when I signed the contract. If you have any questions let me know!!
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