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  1. Start creating the cache page before you place the cache but uncheck the box that says "Yes, this cache is currently active". This will "reserve" a cache number which you can then see on the cache listing (which only you can see at this point). Create the note. Place the cache. Update the listing and then check the box that says "Yes, this cache is currently active". Submit the listing.
  2. This is morphing into a thread that might be better in the "Web Site" section. Anyway - I too would really appreciate a feature to "moderate" posts. Maybe TPTB could make it one of the "Members Only" features (I don't mean on Members Only caches but a function available only to cache owners who are "members") so as to provide more "added value" for the (IMHO very reasonable) subscription fees. If the cache owner didn't want to be bothered they should be able to turn it on and off as well. It would be very frustrating to put in a lot of effort on, say, a puzzle cache and have someone spoil it by posting too much of a spoiler. While almost everyone around my home turf seems to be really careful not to spoil the fun that way there is always the possibility of an accident happening such as did happen on my Listen for the Numbers. Fortunately the person who goofed quickly realised their error and edited the log themselves but not before the "watch"ers had received the unedited log and at least one (who was honest enough to admit it - and I know he would have solved the puzzle eventually on his own anyway) used that info to solve it.
  3. I prefer kilometres because miles are too far to walk - I can find the caches faster that way
  4. I just had to trawl through 4 pages of this thread to find this suggestion - which was the reason I was looking here in the first place since I was confused by the description on the web page. I therefore second this proposal Thanks
  5. I noticed that - it' still (not) doing it (triggering a notification email I mean)
  6. Event cache now approved (thanks C-T) - cache page is at Geofellas' April Fool 2006 Pub Night
  7. Yes - it really depends where you go caching doesn't it. On a recent visit to San Jose, California I found 10 caches in an hour on foot. They are so close there that at one point I was able to stand at a particular point and see the locations of 5 of those caches - and this in an urban area. While it bumps up the numbers it kind of takes away some of the challenge. One of my most fun days was going 15 km into the bush on very difficult trails and back again with a bunch of other geocachers - 9½ hours from trailhead back to trailhead - all to find one rusty old coffee can. (see Bushwacker ) - 2nd to find, 2 years after the FTF!!. Contrasting was my 5 caches in 5 countries in 5 hours (sort of) for another kind of fun. And that's the key - if it's fun, then it was a good day caching
  8. Geofellas

    Camo Tape

    Canadian Tire SKU is 75-0065-8 - at my local store I couldn't find it on the shelf but their website said they had it in stock so I asked at customer service and they fished it out of the stock room for me.
  9. A few people have asked us if we are planning our annual April Fools cache and event this year - so just getting the word out that, indeed, we are. Hope to have both a cache that will start at midnight at the start of the day (April 1st - just in case you were wondering) as before, and an event cache for the evening, which this year is, thoughtfully, a Saturday. Cache pages will be submitted to Cache-Tech for approval about a month before the event for the event cache and a bit closer to the day for the actual, physical, make yourself look foolish, yes there really is a cache at the end of all this, cache.
  10. Yes - I hope this will be back soon as I have a Travel Bug race going on that includes a category for "longest single jump" and having to work out the individual bug jump distances myself will be rather time consuming. Thanks
  11. Not sure what you are saying here - in my post actually I deliberately modified the escaped characters when quoting the title (by adding a spurious space) because the forum software seems to be smart enough to convert to Kanji and render correctly. If you are seeing just boxes then you probably don't have the Japanese character set installed on your computer. Anyway this is really a question for Jeremy and the programmers - they decide on the font when they render the web page. It is not me who "uses" the font - it is the web page produced by gc.com. Thanks
  12. Take a look at Yamizo-san (八溝山). In the page header it displays incorrectly as "Yamizo-san (& #20843;& #28317;& #23665;)" whereas elsewhere it displays properly as "Yamizo-san (八溝山)" Looks like the rendering logic hasn't worked consistently. Thanks
  13. I just turned on a PQ for Thursdays and it ran right away - today is Friday, even in Seattle. The one I turned on for Fridays didn't run so I turnd it off for Fridays and on for Thursdays and it ran right away. Seems like the day calculation algorithm has a -1 somewhere where it shouldn't
  14. Do you need a ticket to get on to the part of the station where this cache is located? I shall be driving in this area probably weekend of Nov 12/13 so would likely give this a try.
  15. By downloading maps from map.yahoo.co.jp, tediously stitching them together using ULead PhotoImpact, then geo-referencing them using Memory-Map Navigator (www.memory-map.com), I now have 1:75000 and 1:50000 maps of the area bouded by 37° 35' N and 34° 0' N, 141° 04' E and 134° 13' E (which is about as much area - or more - as I am likely to be able to cover on my upcoming trip) as well as 1:21000 maps of greater Tokyo (covering about 35 caches in this area) I could do the whole country at this scale if I had enough time and energy but it doesn't seem worth the effort. They are large files but will work happily in Memory-Map on both the PC and PPC and anyone who cared to could probably make them work in other tools. While there might be a copyright issue with providing them to anyone else (so don't ask) I would be happy to share, privately, the technique I used to create them, since use for one's own purpose is acceptable under the "fair use" provisions of the copyright act.
  16. I meant to post to this thread but accidentally started a new thread at Escaping Japanese Characters Sorry about that - the question there was meant to be directed to Clyde
  17. Sorry - I had meant this to be posted in the GSAK thread - seems it started its own thread.
  18. What is the reasonableness of providing something like an "unescape" option on the "Load GPX/LOC" dialog to handle Japanese (etc.) characters? The GPX file effectively escapes Japanese characters by escaping the "&" thus "&" meaning that I end up with a string that looks like: 昔々、イスラエルにソロモンという王がいました。 彼は動物と話すことができるようになるという、不思議な指輪を持っていたとのことです。 手相を見る人たちは言います。 もし、あなたの小指の付け根にしわがあるのなら、あなたはきっと動物の言葉がわかる、と。 それが、あなたの「ソロモン王の指輪」です。 rather than the properly rendered Japanese characters that should result if the conversion to HTML were to "unescape" the "&"s It should be something like: 昔々、イスラエルにソロモンという王がいました。 彼は動物と話すことができるようになるという、不思議な指輪を持っていたとのことです。 手相を見る人たちは言います。 もし、あなたの小指の付け根にしわがあるのなら、あなたはきっと動物の言葉がわかる、と。 それが、あなたの「ソロモン王の指輪」です。 Thanks
  19. Having been on a caching spree in Ottawa I have to share my delight at Kittens on the Hill- Ottawa. Where else could you find a full sized cache only 40m from the seat of government, in the dark, and not be bothered by officialdom? It was just nice quiet sleepy old Ottawa where we are not worried about people possibly wanting to blow us up and where cats hang out round the parliament buildings.
  20. Created a PQ last night - just a small one (100 caches) and it ran right away. However it still hasn't arrived over 12 hours later. So, in case there was a problem at my end I tested sending to the e-mail address I had used - that was OK. I created another copy of that PQ an hour or so ago ad it still hasn't arrived either. Anyone else finding problems with PQs arriving?
  21. That is also an interesting challenge - if you allow the use of air travel and the benefit of time zone changes I wonder what would be the most you could achieve. With the right plane schedule (or your own chartered supersonic jet with in air refuelling) you could probably do New Zealand and Spain on the same calendar day and that is about as far apart as you can get on this planet Staying firmly fixed on the ground (maybe should allow water too, lets say "surface of the earth") for inter cache travel and restricting it to physical finds I still wonder if it is possible to do 6,6,6
  22. Dunno - haven't figured it out yet - and border crossings might be more tricky there too.
  23. Good question. Just threw it at Microsoft Autoroute and if you were to go directly from cache to cache without the side trips it is 223.1 km so not really a big deal - it's all in the planning - finding the right countries and caches to do. I'm still interested in finding somewhere for a 6, 6, 6 attempt - I'm thinking Eastern Europe maybe?
  24. Yesterday I found 5 caches in 5 different countries in just over 5 hours (and I could have done it in 5 hours if that had been my goal). The caches were: Stromberg - France St. Donat - Luxembourg "Simple to Find Me !" - Belgium Kaiser Karls Bettstatt - Germany ZUID.NL - Netherlands with a bonus of belgian in germany cache - Belgium but in Germany For a full report see this website (but turn on your pop-up stoppers to avoid the irritating ads) I wonder if anyone else has done this. Also if there are any other sets of 5 countries where it can be done (I have figured out one such set but I'm interested to see what you come up with ). Finally - does anyone think it is possible to find 6 caches in 6 different countries in 6 hours? (Rules being that air travel may not be involved and you must not have found any of the caches previously)
  25. Thanks for the feedback. Glad it was all positive There is a small but dedicated bunch of enthusiasts for this kind of thing - it would be good to get them into geocaching since they sound like they have the right mindset Some of them hang out at the YahooGroups BoundaryPoint mailing list
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