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  1. Because the site works for US, Canada, UK and Australian postal codes (the original 6 char request was in respect of the Canadian standard format à la H0H 1H0) these rules are pretty tricky to ascertain I would think. I know that the UK postal codes do not necessarily have a consistent number of characters or layout as regards spacing - e.g. RH7 4HG and PL14 4NF are both valid formats for UK codes. That said a search algorithm that works by removing all non alphanumeric characters a user types and compares against a database with all such chars also removed also should be pretty easy to implement. However, I bet it's a long way down on the priority list...
  2. I just ran a search for the closest caches to what appears to be close to the centre of the park (see here) (N 44° 16.700' W 78° 33.500') and plotted them on my topo map. None of these appear to be within the park boundaries. The closest ones appear to be: GC8CE Sibthorp by MaximusNT Click here GCGQRR Dam Beavers by logger&trail Click here GC168C Nunikani by MaxReger Click here GC1613 Rocky Wilderness by usber Click here GCHTTV Hawk Lake Log Chute by Shelley's Crew Click here GCGQQC Algonquin Park : Penn Lake Portage by Bent & Twisted Click here GCGQME We all fall down by logger&trail Click here GCGT93 Life's a Beech by pheonix_wood Click here GCGTVF Northern Exposure by logger&trail Click here GC5D63 Dorset Lookout by BullShipper Click here GCG4RN Western Uplands by FallenAngel Click here GCDAC Algonquin Track and Cache by Scanteem Click here GCH3B3 Ragged Falls by GPSjim Click here GCE0B5 Cache Squared by Men with Brooms Click here GCG4AE Gut of the York-Almost by Shelley's Crew Click here GC84E Algonquin By Canoe by cro Click here GCGQ57 Algonquin Toy Story by Barndog Click here GC9CB3 High Falls Anniversary Cache by Shelley's Crew Click here GC82F0 Algonquin Island Cache by bgrandy Click here GC151B Algonquin Lookout South Trail by GPSjim Click here GCHYT5 Almost Algonquin by Geofellas Click here GC85D Algonquin On Foot by cro Click here GCJ7Z3 Whitewater Wonder by KETAK Click here GCHTJH Wilberforce be With You? by Geofellas Click here GCG7QR Surviving Cinder Lake by Fire Eater Click here GC5AA7 Algonquin Towering Trees Cache by Caliburn Click here GCD4B Spider Rock by jefficus Click here GC1444 Lost Baby Joe's Cache (Algonquin Park) by MBurt Click here GC970F Restored Ritchie Falls by Shelley's Crew Click here GCGPRY Burnt Island Lake Cache by TOMTEC Click here GC63D8 Fen Geocache by Shelley's Crew Click here GCH2PW To Beth Lake by North_Traxx Click here GCH1FC Into the Fern Hill Wild by rpegly Click here GCGBE4 Mhor Training Needed by zoic Click here GC713F Best Cache by a Dam Site by BullShipper Click here GCGQ9E Dying To Be Memorable by Amazon Annie Click here GC1786 algonquin #1 by clonq Click here GC6004 On A Wing and A Prayer by Bearington Click here
  3. Who needs a GPSr? While at work yesterday I noticed a cache that was still available for FTF but I had left my GPSr at home and I wasn't inclined to go home and return. The general location of the cache was not far off my route home. Potential disaster here - what to do, what to do? So, carefully plotting the coordinates on a topo map (which lives permanently on my laptop) and carefully reading the clues I was able to log an FTF sans GPSr. GPSrs - who needs 'em?
  4. Shame how the world has tended to turn people into paranoid over-shoulder-lookers I suppose that there are enough idiots out there making it so... I think that the developers of this site are probably geocachers themselves probably in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region from the areacode of the phone number on their web site (613). If you're interested I guess a dialogue with them might elicit suitable comfort feelings or, who knows, even source code Going to http://rtr.ca would probably be a good start
  5. If it were my code I probably would but it isn't so I can't . I've never actually used this site myself - just discovered it once and bookmarked it. I see your point about the password though - especially if it's the same as your ATM PIN number
  6. Is there somewhere where the syntax of the allowed UBB code is documented? There seem to be many variations around so it would be helpful to know what works before using trial and error. Thanks
  7. Keeping the discussion in one thread (sorry I had started this thread - now closed on a similar topic). I am getting the issue in the Mobilpocket files as well - example query has guid=d04a17b1-a6bf-43dd-8f6b-d807f474cf4c - query ID is 49920 Thanks
  8. Oops - just noticed this thread on the same topic - I'll close my thread now and post there instead.
  9. Yes - that's the .prc file
  10. I run a PQ for 400 caches local to me based on my home coordinates. The heading in the Table of Contents says 'Ordered by distance from origin. Us (sic) the "find" feature....' However I find that the first 31 results are all about 70 plus kms away from the origin then it goes back to 6km, up to 72 again down to 9 and after that it sort of settles down but not entirely - I can't figure out what the pattern is. Is this a "bug" or a "feature" ?
  11. That sounds great - I'll definitely look into that one - it's a lot closer to home for us So, in the map below (sorry about the big filesize - becomes unreadable otherwise), do you enter by point B 44°53.471'N, 77°30.559'W (I see no trail marked there) or do you go from C 44°51.324'N, 77°33.983'W to D 44°50.604'N, 77°25.476'W to E 44°52.118'N, 77°27.000'W and then to Whitefish (possibly doing a side trip to take in GC3208 on the way)? There seems to be a trail that is on the Bon Echo map but stops at A 44°51.819'N, 77°29.997'W as it crosses over onto the next map - do you know if that actually continues or is just not marked? If you come out north of Bon Echo is the trail head at F 44°58.397'N, 77°16.764'W as in the following map? I guess that is where you would enter to get to GC50FD as well.
  12. Thanks for pointing this out - seems rather dangerous of the DND to be doing this since more and more people (not just geocachers) are relying on GPS technology not to get lost while in the bush etc. 1400Z to 1900Z is actually 1000 to 1500 (10am - 3pm) EDT. It's only a 4 hour difference during daylight savings. See here for what time it will be everywhere else in the world as well!! Are there any caches in the affected region? - Might be worth posting a note on the cache pages themseves (if there are not too many of them ) since lots of people don't read these forums
  13. Thanks That looks like fun and a great beach!! From the topo seems you can approach from both the east and the west - we would probably take the route in from the west.
  14. Now those sound like some challenging ones, especially Bushwacker. It would be really cool to have a 5/5 on the record!! Thanks for pointing me in that direction
  15. Don't take this the wrong way - we love the countryside and love areas that are devoted to hiking and maintain the peace and quiet uninterrupted by loud engine noise . It annoys us (and here) as much as anyone else when people don't respect the "no motorized vehicles" signs . However, where appropriate, we also enjoy using our 6x6 amphibious Argo and would like to find more caches that are suitable for accessing by this mode. Ones we have identified so far in Southern Ontario are: "Victoria Bridge" On A Wing and A Prayer Off Roaders dream!!! Swift Rapids and our own Almost Algonquin which is, admittedly, rather tame compared with the others above (note to self - make the next one more challenging !!) Does anyone know of others in Southern Ontario where it would be acceptable to have this kind of fun while caching?
  16. ...a burned out automobile. While setting one of the caches for Pickering Airport - April Fool's Joke 2004 today (yes - in the pouring rain no less!!) I encountered the burned out shell of a car that wasn't there a couple of weeks ago when I was scouting out the location. Needless to say the police were very interested given that there was a discarded gas can tossed into the field next to it and it was a place that no-one (except the occasional geocacher) goes on any kind of a regular basis. I let them do the actual "TO" bit of "CITO" (they probably wanted to dust it for fingerprints or something) but I claim the prize to date.... Strangely the local constabulary didn't ask why I was there in the first place - I'm glad I didn't have to explain geocaching to them - they couldn't handle it when I tried to tell them the location by giving them Lat and Long though
  17. Princess Auto on Dixie Road (at MidWay) in Mississauga (43°40.046'N, 79°39.904'W) have them on sale for $7.99 (normal price $9.99) I picked up 5 yesterday and, feeling kind, left 2 on the shelf. Of course, they may have more in the back room!!
  18. at the cub scout level, I couldn't even find anything to do with compasses... if you find something or a way to work geocaching into a badge's requirements, please let me know... It should actually be incorporated into orienteering. In Scouts Canada there is no orienteering badge at the Cubs level but we do have an "Individual Speciality" badge that you can define your own requirements for and, as long as they are suitable and approved by the sixers council and the leaders, can be used to award that badge. I am working on defining requirements for a geocaching "Individual Speciality" badge and would appreciate any input if others have done likewise. I will be happy to share what we finally decide on with anyone who is interested - please let me know.
  19. Cool - we never noticed that when we placed it - now we just need someone to find it
  20. The Where's in a Name? locationless cache for me could be somewhere in Christchurch. I thought I could do it all on my own and you can read about my expedition here. However the owner suggested that his intent was to have someone far away help out. I figured New Zealand was pretty far away and since Christchurch looks to be about 43° 32' S it seemed an ideal place to seek out a partner for this one. If there is anyone who would like to post a log with me (you get to log this one too) please contact me by e-mail Thanks
  21. Thanks for the explanation - I was worried that little Tiggerbug would never get found - we grew quite fond of him in the few days he was with us
  22. Tracking Tiggerbug it says he is in Hamilton Depot Travel Bug Inn - however clicking on that link takes you to the search page. I can't find this cache searching by name either - all other routes (hyperlinks on various pages related to this TB drop) lead to the same black hole. Is Tiggerbug in a Phantom Cache? How could he have got there?
  23. I have found someone to maintain this cache for me in record time - thanks so much. I expect to place it sometime in the next two months when I get to visit again.
  24. Having recently got into geocaching in Canada, where I now live, I would love to be able to hide a cache in a place that was very special for me as a child growing up in Reigate, Surrey and which I would like to share with other geocachers. Unfortunately the problem is that this place is 3400 miles away from where I live and so I would be unable to maintain it as I only visit once or twice a year. Is there someone who would be willing to maintain it for me? If so please could they contact me by e-mail. I should mention that the location is in a National Trust wood (which is always freely open to the public) - is there any problem with that in the UK? I haven't noticed any specific restrictions on National Trust locations in the rules. Thanks One of the "Geofellas"
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