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  1. 1 x 1.8 L 1 x 1.1 L 2 x 870 ml 2 x 520 ml 2 x 310 ml 1 x 180 ml Uh oh - that adds up to 9 - oh I SEE - 18 pieces - (9 bases, 9 lids - sheesh - I hate marketeers sometimes) Anyway, the really important thing is that they are "Tomato stain resistant" which, as we all know, is essential for geocaching
  2. 11 to go (10 now) - who WILL it be - and how will we know?
  3. We got Lock 'n Locks at Cdn$9.99 for a package of 18 in assorted sizes at Costco this week - this is after applying a $4 discount coupon valid only for a short time Edit: typo
  4. Since the date of April 2nd is now available we were thinking of arranging an event cache in the Stouffville/Aurora area for that date. We are planning on another April Fool's cache this year that will hopefully raise the bar we set last year with Pickering Airport - there are also a number of other new caches in the area that a lot of folks haven't been able to get to yet and we anticipate quite a few more cropping up between now and then. Our thought would be for the event cache to be a pub night on the Saturday evening to round off what would hopefully be a good day of caching in the area. It will also be interesting to see if anyone will have managed to be FTF on our new April Fool's cache by then So - any interest?
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    Event Caches

    Actually it now says: Haven't tried this approach though since I don't need access just now
  6. Geofellas

    Au Secour.

    Trouvez la page de la geocache que vous avez trouvé sur le website puis cliquez sur "log your visit". Selectionner "Found it" de "Type of log" et tapez vote message dans "Comments" et puis cliquez sur "Submit log entry" Après avoir faites célà selectionez "Upload image" et vous pouvez transferrez un photo de votre disque au website. (Sorry for my bad French: in English - find the right page for the cache you have found and click on "log your visit". Choose "Found it" from the "Type of log" drop down" and type your message in the "Comments" field. Then click on "Submit log entry". After having done that choose "Upload image" and you will be able to transfer a photo from your disk to the website) J'espère que ce vous aiderait
  7. Looks good - I'll give it a try Thanks
  8. This looks cool - but it is only for PC. What would be REALLY useful is a similar prog. that enabled me to edit the POIs right on the PDA so that when I'm doing a multi that requires driving being between stages my life is made simpler. Anyone know of such a tool?
  9. I've always wondered why TPTB have not provided the facility on the site. In the US and Canada the site is configured to have you specify the state, province or territory - even Belgium has this facility for heavens sake. Maybe the UK decided it wasn't wanted. So, in the absence of a website provided feature I guess relying on cache owners to do it is the best that can be expected. Note to self: change name of Colley Yews
  10. Once doing a cache in Oxford, UK I had to rummage around the roots of trees in a very visible part of a churchyard right by a bus stop with a queue of passengers waiting. I was all prepared with the story that I was looking for the "Lesser Spotted Geobeetle that survives only in tupperware" but no-one challenged me That's probably why no-one challenged me - you get a lot of that round there (which is also why I always wear gloves searching in those sorts of places - you never know what kinds of needles you might encounter - and I'm not talking pine needles )
  11. Very cool - I clearly have to investigate the power of macros further Thanks for the tip
  12. Another request - this time for ALL export formats. In the GPS->Send Waypoints feature you can specify how many waypoints to send. In order to do the same thing in any of the exports you have to figure out how far away the nth cache is from the centre point, concoct a filter that eliminates everything further than that (assuming you are sorting by distance - I haven't even figured out how to do this if you have some other kind of sort in place) and then do your export. It would be really nice to have a means of specifiying a limit on how many caches to export directly. This is particularly important for the HTML ones which can get quite large and chew up all the available space on my PDA when I send them over there. Thanks
  13. Another request re Memory Map export (and possible bug report). I was trying to make it generate a customised URL by entering in a string in that field. What I entered was http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=%code&log=y so that I would get the full expanded log whenever I did an "Open File" in MM. However this made the export go beserk and every entry was now split into more than one record and it seemed to have made the same substitution for %code on every record (actually choosing a cache from a different database ). I suspect you never anticipated people using tags in this field but it would be really handy to be able to do so. Cheers
  14. Hi Clyde I'm really, really pleased you have added support for Memory-Map exports to GSAK - although I have to use version 3.1.6 of Memory Map because of OS licencing restrictions the CSV file format manages to be consistent since the extra "new" fields are just ignored apparently. I do have one request, however. You appear to have hard coded the 9th field "Display" to be a 1 - this causes the name NOT to be displayed (according to MM help "the logic got inverted somehow") - I personally like to have the name displayed for all waypoints. Would it be possible to have this controllable by an option in the memory Map Export dialog? I LOVE GSAK - thanks for all you hard work on it - and yes - I did pay for it Cheers
  15. Ok - here it is - Eclipse - looks like a fun one to do.
  16. While visiting Connecticut, USA today I found stage 1 of JUST ACROSS THE POND / WEST TO EAST. This is a two part cache with the second stage in the Camberley/Reading area (near Eversley acording to my OS map). Is there someone who would be interested in finding stage 2 for me? We can then both log the find. Please e-mail me if you are able to help. I can then send you the coordinates. I should mention that this cache has a sister cache - Just Across The Pond/ East to West that works in the opposite direction. It would usually be anticipated that the same pair of teams do both directions. However, since I don't often go to Connecticut (I live in Canada) it would probably be a long while until I could help out with the East to West part. If anyone is willing to help in just the one direction I would be really grateful.
  17. There's a cache I came across in New Zealand that CAN only be done at night - I can't find the link right now but will post it if I come across it. As I recall it requires you to line up two lights that are obviously only on at night in order to find the cache itself. I think one of the lights was some considerable distance away from the other, possibly across water, and hence the object on which the light was located was not visible/identifiable during daylight hours.
  18. This one took us 9½ hours on ATVs, numerous winchings and frequent use of chain saw to clear the trail and plenty of muddy experiences to do the 30km round trip just to find a rusty old coffee can that no one had touched for 2 years in the middle of nowhere.
  19. Thanks - fair enough - just wanted to know for sure so I didn't waste time fussing it
  20. I was trying to reduce the number of clicks for the user. I might have to end up doing that though. Thanks
  21. I am investigating the possibility of including a shockwave file in a mystery cache description (it just contains the needed clues to find the coordinates as a sound clip) but my experiments don't seem to be working since I am not seeing the expected display on the webpage. I am wondering if perhaps the HTML code I am using is getting removed, possibly as a potential security risk (?), when the page is rendered. If so can anyone suggest how I might achieve the goal in another way? I suppose I could always just send you off to my own website to get the clue but if I can avoid doing that I would prefer it. Here is the code I am using (URLs are not the actual ones) <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,29,0" width="26" height="26"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.somewebsite.com/00.swf"> <param name=quality value=high> <embed src="http://www.somewebsite.com/00.swf" quality=high pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="26" height="26"></embed></object> Thanks
  22. You will see from Swifteroo's example that you need to find the city code, such as CAON0040 in his example and the nearest airport code, in his case YBN. You can do these by going to theweathernetwork.com and getting a weather forecast for your nearest town. In my case when I get one for Stouffville it pops up at http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/c...es/CAON0656.htm and so I know my city code is CAON0656. I know my nearest airport/weaather reporting station is Buttonville for which the ICAO code is CYKZ so I take the last 3 characters YKZ which seems to be the convention that the weather network uses. Not all airport codes are supported however so you have to experiment. Once I have all that I wrap it in a anchor tag to take you to the full forecast page and pop it in a table to put it on the right of the page and insert that code at the beginning of the cache long description. This results in code that looks like this: <TABLE BORDER="0" ALIGN="right"><TR><TD> <A HREF="http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/cities/can/pages/CAON0656.htm" TARGET="_blank"> <IMG SRC="http://www.theweathernetwork.com/inter/weathercentre/weatherbutton/images/headers/CAON0656.gif" BORDER="0"><BR> <IMG SRC="http://www.theweathernetwork.com/inter/weathercentre/weatherbutton/images/observations/YKZ.gif" BORDER="0"><BR> <IMG SRC="http://www.theweathernetwork.com/inter/weathercentre/weatherbutton/images/bottom.gif" BORDER="0"><BR></A> </TD></TR></TABLE> Don't forget to turn HTML on in your cache description
  23. Bump Just wondering if this is still on the "to do" list somewhere.
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