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  1. LOL! same exact idea before I even visited this thread. I guess most cachers think alike!
  2. I would ask permission for sure. There is a local apple orchard who might let me place a gadget geotrail on their property. It is a public place, no admission, open year-round.
  3. How about a wooden post hammered into the ground? Then nail/glue the birdhouse onto that. I have seen this on occasions.
  4. Most cachers say that nails in trees are frowned upon. But I recently heard, that depending on the size of the nail, it won't affect the tree. Most assume that straps are better for securing birdhouses. However, I also heard that straps will suffocate the tree and deform it, or not let it grow. What is your thoughts on this? Which is better for the cache and the tree? Also, is there a better alternative for securing birdhouses to trees?
  5. Strange, I thought I was the only one...
  6. When I moved from Texas to Indiana, I asked someone I know to maintain my caches for me. I just gave them credit in the description. That way I can change/monitor them because I still own the caches.
  7. This doesn't use the app, but I have thought of printing a satellite map of my property and sticking a dot a putty on a cache location that family members can find. Or use a map app like Google Maps to enter coords from there.
  8. Same here. I know quite a bit about caching, but I don't know much about GeoCoins, partially because around my area there isn't much GeoCoin activity. I do know they work similar to TB's though.
  9. I think I was overstating my original thought, but yeah, I would find it funny to know that someone hikes with their pet rodent every time they cache!
  10. I never really thought of suburban areas being "dangerous," but I get your point. Large cities aren't necessarily dangerous, but the rough areas are. I haven't gone city caching that much. Maybe a few times in Houston in the summer. (what is wrong with that statement?!?!)
  11. Most of the threads I have seen were of creative cache containers, but there was no threads that I could find that had clever urban caches. Not necessarily the container, but how it is hidden. Just a normal container, like a bison tube or magnetic key holder.
  12. Magnetic Nanos Here ---> http://www.crazycaches.com/nano-cache-black/ For 50 cents more you can get better camo'd nanos.
  13. Hmm. Maybe I'll try that! I can also go through the edge of IL and MO. I have been that way before but didn't get any caches.
  14. When I went to an event I assumed most Geocachers were 20-30 years old. But to my surprise a large group of them were over 45. So that made me thinking, what is the most common age of Geocachers?
  15. I've been caching for years, but I really didn't get into it until early this year. However, I still want to have goals, so...... 1. Find my 250th cache by New Years Eve. 2. Get my 10th State. (I drive back and forth between Indiana and Texas a few times a year. So that's why I have most of my states even though I have only found 200 caches.) 3. Achieve Greatness {Insert Superman GIF here} 4. Place better caches. Out of the 12 I currently have at the time of this post, 3 of them are at least somewhat clever. So from now on I will ONLY place good caches. That's about it. But I will try to go the GeoWoodstock in May of 2018.
  16. Ahh Texas... HEB is great... That log sounds like something my friend would write, except he would take it a step further by adding more nonsense. I applaud that cacher! I would want that kind of log on one of my caches.
  17. Whoops... I actually typed one of them, and I think I clicked submit twice or something. LOL
  18. Agreed. I usually copy and paste my log and then add a paragraph of two about the specific cache.
  19. Agreed. I usually copy and paste a log and then write another long paragraph about the specific cache.
  20. I agree! But it IS somewhat annoying when a cacher adds a bunch of personal stuff from 10 years ago they want to mention, only to find out that they copy and pasted that log on every cache they found that day.
  21. When a local cacher forgot their pen when trying to find my cache the other day, they took a photo of the container that completely spoiled it. However, they didn't put it on their online log, they sent it to me via Geocaching Messages. I find that a great idea because no one will see it other than me, so the secret is safe!
  22. It depends on the situation. I would post something interesting, like how the cops stopped us or I am visiting from a foreign country. but I wouldn't post something like: I went on a hike, we bushwhacked for 10 minutes and 20 seconds, I had my sun hat on. We were with my cousin's friend's neighbor and his pet chinchilla, so we had to take some extra precautions. I slipped on the mud twice, and my left knee was coated with it... Blah Blah Blah. I guess it's just personal preference though. Some just type: TFTC, but others may add another 20 lines of text.
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