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  1. I assumed I was the only one that thought that. : D
  2. The nearest parking garage cache to where I am planning on hiding this one is about 45 minutes to an hour away, and by difficulty I mean the actual hide being tough. Like a really good urban camo job, or a devious container. Maybe even one where you have to look at a certain angle to find. But no, that is just plain mean to have different levels to search. However, I was also thinking about a "spot the difference" mystery cache where the finder has to look at a certain corner in the parking garage on every level and spot the difference, (which is the cache.)
  3. These types of caches are among my favorites, the ones I found were extremely clever, such as a little tin box on a magnetic beam 30 feet up. Oh yeah, and you can only see it from the ground! It took me and four others like 30 minutes to spot it, you had to go up to the top floor of the parking garage to retrieve it. And another where you had to CLIMB 20 feet up the garage to get the cache, or reach it from the inside, you can probably guess which method I went with : ). Parking garage caches aren't common and I was wanting to place one near me. Ideas are helpful. Also, the more difficult/evil the better!
  4. Probably a glitch. I have noticed that it tends to happen at the worst possible time.
  5. I meant hides and method of locating, but just not a different type of puzzle cache.
  6. Gadget caches and really cleverly hidden or camo'd micros, tricky hides, and urban caches. Or a combo of all of them. : )
  7. For instance, there wasn't Wherigos or LBH's, now there is, thus "allowing more possibilities for hides." What i'm trying to ask here is for a completely new cache type that isn't a type now.
  8. I see your point, gadget caches should take a few seconds to set back up for the next finder. However, this one is fairly easy to put back, just push the bottom up, and stick the nails back into place. the nail holes are going to be big enough to slide in without a hammer. To paint a better picture, here is a video. Everything's the same, except instead of the perch, four nails that are six inches long... and the magnet. : ) By the way, this is not my video, this is WVTim's video.
  9. OK, back to gadget caches... You have probably seen the gadget cache where the finder must pull the perch out of a birdhouse, releasing the bottom part of it. I might build that, except there is a magnet on a string. Then s/he must use the magnet to slide large nails (like 6 inch nails) out of the birdhouse, once all of them are out, the bottom of it will drop out.
  10. I see your point. However, there are several LPs near me that are near some interesting architecture. I live 20 minutes from Columbus, Indiana, a town that is known for neat buildings and art. I was also thinking about a sort of "Brick Hunt" through town that would require the cacher to find certain bricks with names on them, possibly making it into a letterbox hybrid.
  11. Some lamp posts in my area have metal signs that say: "No semis allowed" that are wider than the lamp posts. I could push a magnet in the shadow of the sign. Also, they are facing the parking lot, so the back side can only be seen if you are walking by.
  12. Another idea I had is to find a magnetic lamp post cover, (not that difficult) and place a magnetic key holder inside of that.
  13. I bought some bison tubes recently and the key ring was magnetic. Perhaps it may stick to that.
  14. I don't know If this is a gadget cache, but I have thought of making a "different" LPC. This may or may not work, but I could get a bison tube, slide it under the lamp post, attach a magnet to the outside of the lamp post, and drag the bison tube up the inside of the lamp post. When a cacher arrives, s/he sees the magnet, and pulls it off the outside, the bison tube then falls to the bottom of the lamp post (the cover) where s/he could retrieve it. Let me know what you think. : )
  15. Nicely done! Never thought of hiding one of those in that fashion.
  16. My local reviewer (Hoosier Reviewer) is very speedy in publishing, very good at answering my questions, and knows the guidelines pretty well.
  17. What would be a good new cache type? I feel that there would be more to the game with it, allowing more possibilities for hides.
  18. This was just the basic idea, I do have a few ideas for hiding QR codes.
  19. Here is my latest idea: It is a Multi Letterbox Munzee Hybrid. A Munzee is like Geocaching, except you find QR codes and scan them for points. On the description I would note that a QR code scanner app is needed. Stage 1 - Under a lamp post, there is a QR code, scan the code for letterbox-like clues to Stage 2. Stages 2, 3 and 4 - QR codes hidden in various fashions, each with clues for the next. However, Stage 4 would have coordinates to Stage 5, which would be located nearby. Stage 5 - A birdhouse gadget cache painted like a QR code. There would be one on the front to scan, containing instructions of what to do next. Then, there will be small knobs on the side to rotate mirrors inside the gadget cache, look through the entrance hole of the birdhouse and once you turn the mirrors at just the right angle, a QR code inside will be revealed. scan it for the code to a combo lock on the side of the cache to open it. Let me know what you think, and anything I could change!
  20. When it comes to logging, it just depends on the cache. LPC: TFTC Out caching today with friends. My favorite cache: (20 lines of text here) With the LPC, there isn't much to say. But with my favorite cache, there would be nothing but good things to say there. Or, if something funny/weird/unusual/scary happened, like if the cops stopped you, or if you saw someone dancing to Elvis with a horse head on, there would be more to add. Also it depends on time, like if you're doing the E.T power trail in Nevada, it would take at least a week to add 20+ lines of text to each one, unless copied and pasted. However, it gets old seeing the same text reiterated 1000+ times.
  21. They would bring their own of course. When I found one like that, I used a library card. I would also add a geocaching sticker on the bottom or side of it.
  22. I get what you're saying. I'll add to the cache(s') description in BIG BOLD LETTERS that permission is needed for these type of hides. And add to the reviewer note that it isn't in a commercial business. Luckily, there won't be any need to go into the shop to find one of the caches.
  23. I built a gadget cache where you have to bring a credit card. The finder pushes the card thru a slit to unlock a little door on the side, then, pull the door and there is the cache! I will post pics if anyone would like to see them.
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