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  1. What are your caching goals for next year??? Mine: ~ Get to 1000 finds ~ Hide at least a cache a month ~ Cache in at least one new state ~ Find a kayak cache ~ Make new memories -------------------------------------------- Depending on the type of cacher you are (numbers, quality, hider, finder, etc.) yours will look different than mine. I seek favorites and strive for hiding the very best I can hide.
  2. Just to clarify, I want Stage 1 to be in a phone stand. more like a public telephone you'd see in American cities. Except this one would be abandoned.
  3. I am planning on creating a 2 stage multi-cache revolving around telephones. Stage 1 - An old phone will be hidden inside of an abandoned phone booth/stand. I am going to try to put a mini audio playback/recorder in the place of one of the buttons on the phone so that the cacher has to push the button to hear the final coordinates. Stage 2 - ??? I still haven't figured out all of the details yet, including what the second stage will be. Any thoughts on how I can make the first stage possible, or what the second stage can be in order to be clever and fit into the whole telephone theme?
  4. I wonder how many high number cachers are actually legitimate. There is someone in my general area who I am 99% sure that he only has found a tenth of the caches he has logged due to the dnfs surrounding his online logs.
  5. There have been a few newbies that find my caches and say something like: "Here's a little helpful 'hint', (notice the quotation marks) go to the metal building and look under the 5th green sign to your right and you will see nine bolts, the second one from the left is the container, here are a few pictures with red circles around them to show you where you need to go, and a link to a YouTube video showing step-by-step where this g-o-cash (hehe) is! Nothing that extreme, but stuff like that happens all the time to me.
  6. When there are CLEARLY other possibilities for a place to hide a cache, and they just stick it in a lamp post.
  7. I had a reviewer that took a week to get back with me (the cache was never published due to proximity issues). One that took 2-3 days, and my current reviewer, who takes roughly 2 hours. It just depends on how much info you give the reviewer, your city/state/country, the number of caches published daily, and the reviewer's schedule/personal life, (remember, most of them are volunteers). If you submit them late at night, then they probably won't be published until the next morning, or longer.
  8. The other week I went to Brenham to cache. SockMonkey69 has a variety of very ingenious hides there, as well as a couple of gadget caches.
  9. That's only about 45 minutes from the other side of Houston, where I live. Will have to check it out!
  10. Good idea! I'll probably just hide 3 at a time, for ease sake. That way, I can work on making them top-notch. Another thing is that I've noticed the title also plays a role in FP amounts. What I mean is that if each cache is on it's own, it may get more FP's. Maybe if I just hide them individually (without numbering them) it'll attract FP seekers and casual walkers. Of course, it can cater to folks who are ruled by numbers, due to the ease of accessing them.
  11. Ok, maybe I should clarify. I am wanting to hide a string of favorite point worthy caches along a designated route. None of the caches have to be related to each other or numbered, nor will the trail be longer than 15-20 caches long. A power trail, by my terms, is a string of caches on a straight path just over 528 feet apart hidden by the same 1-2 CO's. An example of something like what I want to do (shorter though) would be cschooner's trail caches in Phoenix AZ. Most of them have 10+ FP's and include a variety of containers and hiding methods.
  12. Started a US GC cities thread and wanted to know of some right around the corner from me. I grew up in Texas and have lived there for most of my life, but I only started caching frequently when I lived in the Midwest. No that I'm back in the Lone Star State, I don't really know of any outstanding GC cities here other than the obvious, (Austin, San Antonio, Brenham etc.) Any suggestions???
  13. Lately I've been considering hiding a short power trail, not a repetitive under-maintained trail, but one with a good mix of caches. I really wanted to hide favorite point worthy caches, (gadget caches, field puzzles, clever camo or hiding method etc.) Any ideas of how to approach this?
  14. Ahh yes. Louisville has been one of the greats for me. Especially Show Me The Cache, SherpaRon, and BuffaloBob's hides. ARF has some great ones too. I'd love to get over there sometime soon.
  15. Used to live out there until a few months ago. Got maybe 2/3's of them. Very neat hides.
  16. I can also see this as getting some of the good cache hiders to hide more good caches to help others gain the souvenir. Of course, a cache that gets 10+ favs in a few weeks is pretty rare. However, I could see that happening in a larger city (like Prague lol). See, America needs more German engineers!
  17. What are some of the best American GC cities/towns as far as cache quality and ingenuity goes? I'd love to know where to go for my next caching trip.
  18. All great ideas! I placed one recently under a plastic cover on one of those concrete poles behind the grocery stores. Any more ideas?
  19. I have found a couple of really neat PB jar caches and was looking for some more ideas for hides like this. The urban caches are the ones that particularly fascinate me. Something about hiding a larger cache in an urban area is interesting, the ones that you spot after a bit of searching and think "What the heck, how did I miss THAT?" I know that PB jars are used mainly in the woods so it would be good to see some urban ones popping up.
  20. Would a magnet glued to a bison tube do? Bison tubes are pretty small, but large enough to have a magnet attached to it.
  21. Putting it back isn't as hard as it would seem. I don't think you'd have to literally put your arm IN there. Besides, there are lamp posts without the cover. I could glue a long magnet on the end of the container for more surface area to avoid people sticking their hands in the pole. All they would have to do is drag the outside magnet up the pole. I don't want to cause any problems for the cacher or the lamp post itself, so even if the hide is possible I WILL take precautions.
  22. I have mentioned this in another thread, but how would this work? A lamp post with a micro INSIDE the pole. I could use a strong magnet a few feet up on the outside to suspend the cache on the inside. Pull the magnet off of the pole and the container falls through the inside to the bottom. I have tested this with a bison tube and a metal chair. The bison tube stays firmly in place on the opoosite side of the magnet. However, lamp post poles are thicker than a metal fold-up chair. I haven't worked out all the details yet. But tge big question is "Will it work?" If so, how would it work good?
  23. The other day when I was playing Battleship, I thought I could somehow implement it into a mystery cache. I could find a google earth picture of the lamp posts from the air, then I could label the lamp posts in Battleship fashion, the finder would then deduct which lamp post contains the cache. Though I dislike the idea of hiding a skirt lifter, maybe I could change it up to make it clever. Still, there are other things that I need to consider, but the basic idea fascinates me, and I'd be willing to try it someday. Any of you know how I could do this?
  24. This is just me, but micros are my favorite cache type because of the endless possibilities of hiding methods, now, a nano in the woods on the other hand, I really really don't like. I LOVE clever micros, especially those in plain sight, or have really good camo. Urban camo is hands down my favorite though. However, I really don't like LPC's or boring, predictable hides. The only LPC that I have is one with a nano attached to a mousetrap (obviously a broken one.) That has the best logs, some people even try to test it with their pen! I try to hide caches where the finder assumes it is a normal hide, but is really clever after all.
  25. I only have 262 finds but have cached in 9-10 states, hopefully, by a thousand, I will get at least all of the lower 48.
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