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  1. shh.. hey .. psst.. over here... in these days of politically correct there are no losers.. just non winners .. shh you dont want to offend anyone LMAO!!!!!
  2. Unless I did an exhaustive search the first time I usually wont log a DNF until the 2nd try. My personal pain in the backside was a micro hidden in a clump of boulders.. first try no luck spent about 20 mins looking.. 2nd try nothing spent an hour looking.. I logged the DNF on that one explained it was my 2nd search yadda yadda yadda. I finally went back spent another hour and finally found it after giving up. I sat to fume that a simple micro was killing me, looked down at my feet and found it. Yay oh the joy, the Angles were singing and milk and honey were flowing thru my soul. But I digress lol
  3. Im a single mom that has never watched much TV.. nor do I let my son watch much TV. He's 7. We've always done lots of stuff togehter instead, boardgames, reading, hiking etc. So now we get to hick for treasure! Boy he's thrilled to death about that. I can usually sneak in a virtural if its something to do w/ military, indians, animals, you know boy stuff. He's a camera freak .. loves to take pix or be in them.. so it helps that he has his own camera now. Though we are always going fairly slowly so he can look for cool bugs! At least after the treasure has been found!
  4. I was FTF a cache (my 50th yay!) anyway it had been there a few days. It was a 1.5 mile hike to the cache.. got home logged it and later there was a post from someone saying they were trying to be FTF, but they were a good sport about it lol. It was neat signing that fresh clean log book, though I'd not go out of my way to be FTF.
  5. I got the offical Megellan holder on ebay for 15 bucks.. if you try to get it from megellan they want 50 Boy does it make things easier.. fully adjustable easy to move from one car to another.. all buttons accessable!
  6. Hey! I resemble that trailer statement lol. My son and I do live in a mobil home (shudder) until one of you nice men deciede to start sending me your paycheck to buy a real house .. but even still there are very few things that I trade that cost less than 2-3 dollars now. I usually put something in the in the several dollar range and a few things for kids in as trade.. I take something and my son does as well. However, my feeling is if you could afford to spend 100-400 dollars on a GPS then you probably can afford decent swag.. There was a "how much are you worth when GPS'ing thread" I recently saw.. most of us have a thousand dollars (or more) on our bodies in the woods for petes sakes! Digital camera, cell phones, gps, etc etc
  7. I heard about Geocaching from a female co-worker.. looked it up and it seemed like a great expansion on my love of nature and hatred of TV .. so I bought the GPS afterwards..
  8. OMG.. my mother called tonight to tell me she was stranded in Savanna GA about 3 hrs away.. the first thing I thought was POCKET SEARCH!!!! Then she called and said you dont have to drive 3 hrs to get me the car has been fixed.. and I was disapointed!
  9. LOL Thanks I needed that.. occasionally my son gets to running round like a rat on crack too.. but a grown man.. I probably woulda pee'd myself laughing.
  10. Ok Ok long story short.. 2.5 yrs ago I weight 415 lbs.. yep HUGE.. circus freak fat.. I took steps to change my life and have done so w/ the help of many people. I got rid of the users and losers in my life and needed something to help keep me active. And Im not at about 225 still big but a VAST improvement My son and I did alot of going to the park, walking some trails in my area as part of my normal exercise. This made things alot more enjoyable for both of us. There is a goal for him to consentrate on and I have the passion for new places that suit this "sport" well. We've never been a TV watching family, always prefering the outdoors or things that let us have quality time. This is our time, and I cherish it.
  11. I have talked to one person that never logs his finds online due to his dislike of the numbers game. I told him he could always post a note saying he'd found it but not use the "found it" option. That satisfied him and I believe thats what he's doing now. I personally log my info as found, not found, or a true note etc. The numbers arent what I care about. Im just here to have fun w/ my kid and bf.
  12. I dont as a general rule trade unless my son is along. But I always have some goodies on me for a cache in need or in case I do see something I'd like as a memento. Sadly, I think alot of people just dont care. Society as a whole is all about "me" and it bleeds over, even into caching
  13. I've been called Red for 10-15 yrs.. from back when it was naturally stawberry blonde.. (now I dye it a darker red) but Clover (especially red clover yes its really a plant!) has been used as a medicinal remedy for female problems for centuries. I learned this from my Great Grandmother who was a full blood cherokee indian. So there ya go.. its my hair color and a throw back ref to my ancestry.
  14. Good lord we've used all kinds of stuff for swag.. Mini puzzles word find books key chains misc toys body glitter trial sized lotions hair clips silly putty silly string stickers in a zip lock bag T-shirt mini collector Spongebob mugs jewerly multi use tools travel kit w/ toothpaste, toothbrush and razor geo pins play dough AOK coins pens, pencils first aid kits those "rub a pencil on the page to reveal the pic" books for kids crayons A note on the "girly" stuff.. just leave unscented lotions, gels whatever
  15. I always log my DNF.. not many of them as yet. Even when I met w/ the cache owner and got confirmation it was stolen/inaccessable (thanks Dave) I still logged them DNF and posted the comment that I'd met him etc etc. I think it helps everyone to know what prior searchers found/didnt find.
  16. Alot of funny posts here.. but to be serious always have water, extra batteries and a flashlight at a minimum. My son and I went on a 1.5 mile hike on a well marked trait (at first) .. it got very faint towards the end and we were depending on the GPS. Then the sky opened up on us and it was very dark under thick cover. About this time of course the GPS died and we spent almost 3 hrs in those woods. He's 7 and still a tad frightened of the dark. It was very unpleasant. Thankfully the rain lighted up before it was totally dark, dusk was coming on and we got back out ok. A flashlight would have really been a help. I like an idiot had forgotten it in the car. We did have water, munchies and some garbage bags in the pack thank god!
  17. Lets see.. ages.. Me- 28 my BF michael - 38 my son - 7 and boy are we having fun!!
  18. Well, I tend to be a lurker for awhile... then once I get to know a few people or have a good handle on the issue at question you cant shut me up! I enjoy looking over the forums once a week or so. Im always amazed by some of the questions and some of the umm odd answers. lol Hey I'm more of a get out there and do it kinda girl than a read about it person...
  19. MHO at work. But i've seen several caches with good swag and some with crap. The things we trade are almost never very valuable but they are new and usually clearence/sale items. If just my BF and I are caching we frequently TNLN. If my 7 yr old son is along then its a diff story lol. It is very unfortunate that people do "rob" caches. I love the hunt and some small trinkets have been fun! Nothing show stopping though we did get a mini radio at one and left a Geo pin, and New CD in its place.
  20. My birthday was the 28th so I went to Rome GA (where my boyfriend lives) and we had a cache-a-thon. Found 12 on the 28th and 15 on the 29th.. Yay.. and boy am I tired lol
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