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  1. The direct path to the cache will ALWAYS have: poison ivy, ticks, briars, or steep climbs in any combination.
  2. I've finally found my sig item. Stealing shamelessly from SBPhisy I decieded to use shrinky dinks. Made a keychain that is a red clover.. much like my avitar, and attached them to the old barrel skeleton keys. My bf nic is undertaker so it was a nice fit for us. They should be ready to go in a few days.
  3. I cheerfully hurt someone to be a size 5 in womens shoes .. Im a 9.5 almost impossible to find anything I like in shoes. For athletic shoes I usually get mens (size 7)
  4. Something my son learned on his own.. Dont use a hairdryer on a cat, unless your partial to bleeding alot.
  5. I 2nd all that bri said, I've left most of that stuff. I also like to leave small travel games, crossword puzzles, hidden picture books etc in caches that are sure to stay dry.. well as sure as possible (nothing will stay dry forever). If you want "girly" stuff you can do sample lotions, pot holders, mini bubble baths, barretts, hair ties, nail files etc.. just try to stay away from heavily scented items.
  6. Do you know which cache it was.. that might help. But yes the TB does need to be moved on.. check the travel bug number here on the site and see what its "goal" is. Then do your best to help it out. Try not to hang on to the TB for too long.. us owners get antsy lol As for having the whole cache.. you said it was "handed" to you. Who gave it to you? Again knowing which cache we're talking about would be helpful. There are a few cache w/in a caches still out there I believe. Without more info it's almost impossible to say.
  7. I went out of town on my birthday weekend and went caching w/ my boyfriend. We left my son w/ family for the weekend. When I got back and he saw the new pins, buttons, and odds and ends he was so upset that I'd gone treasure hunting w/out him. So I packed back up and drove him out to one that he could do. I love having him along. I always see the view thru his eyes.. hey momma look at this cool bug, leaf, cloud shape, rock.. things I might have missed on my own.
  8. Sorry for being off topic.. but Trippy did you ever get your apology for that "get a life" line?
  9. Sorry off topic.. but i recently saw a garage sale that had underwear for sale.. UNDERWEAR.. what the heck were they thinking
  10. lol I ended up stripping in front of a full camp ground after a "sparkler" firework type got stuck in my back pants pocket! Not fun btw.
  11. There are wham fans? I thought they were like Yeti.. often talked about never seen or admited too..
  12. Since I've recently been denied my God given right to cache by car trouble, I find that I do dream about caching. I've always had very vivid dreams that I usual remember upon waking. Now that I have a new veh Im curious to see if the dream trend will continue. Oh and I plan a cach-a-thon for this weekend lol
  13. Most of my family find me dorky. However, considering that my 3 bro and 1 sister are fighting drug and alcohol addictions as well as several others in my family Im PROUD of my addiction. Its legal and heathy. Now my cousin.. oh man he is a cacher waiting to happen. We used to hide stuff around the house and right clues ect. We're just trying to get the schedules to jive so I can take him on a hunt. He likes the thought of the puzzle, multi caches. But I know once he gets out and finds his first cache he'll be another total Foaming at the mouth lost to the cause of caching type. I cant wait!
  14. Now, Im not one of "those people" that sees a terrorist, bomb or asteroid headed toward earth all the time.. but I can see where a non cacher might be a bit concerned about what that looks like. But I think it rocks! We dont have much in the way of unusual cache containers in my area. Of course I'm now traveling 50+ miles one way to find new caches so I may see a bit more variation (thank god)
  15. I recently made a sig item as well. Red Clover keyfob (made w/ shrinky dinks) w/ a skeleton key on the keychain.. now these keys arent new.. they may have rust, spotting dents etc .. does it make it trash no.. its all about perspective. But yeah I've run across the skanky cache a time or two. While it is disapointing its not going to stop me from caching. I love the hunt, the out doors, the exercise. But I really love the sig items that are unusual
  16. Caching is pretty much like the population at large. You have some that will do the right thing all the time, some that will use a cache as a personal "free" shopping center, and everything in between. I like to think that most of us are in the middle somewhere. One thing that I tend to do if I come across a "bad" cache is is take out some of the broken, unsuitable things and replace them w/ some of my swag. Just one way I give back to the sport. I always try to leave the cache in better condition than I found it. Cover it well, make sure my trade was more than fair etc. The majority of cachers are that way. But keep in mind.. one mans trash is anothers treasure. My son loves some of the "crap" that I would have been ashamed to put in a cache.
  17. I agree w/ the speedomitor.. I used my GPS as one in my stepfathers truck for the last few weeks.. Thank god I have a new car! But I have used the GPS to mark my parking spot at theme parks, as a pedometer, heck I never leave home w/out it. You never know when you will see something that you just have to show to someone else.. make a waypoint and you wont forget where it is!
  18. I have seen many caches that were themed in such a way as to avoid toys.. One was a postcard cache, a homemade craft cache etc. Some of the more difficult T caches are often more adult oriented simply because the trail (ha what trail) would be difficult for kids. In the beginning for me (back in the dark ages 2 mo ago) alot of our swag would be child oriented just because it was w/ my son and I really didnt know what to expect. Now I always leave at least one piece that is adult. Usually several. Trade even, Trade the cache up or dont trade is my motto. *though I will remove trash etc even if I have no trade items
  19. I greatly appreciate the effort of the approvers and mods. I've adopted one cache w/ no muss no fuss. It was clearly unmaintained and the owners did not respond to my email. Im a serious lurker, rare poster (for now) type and can appreicate the concerns of many on the site, some things I like some I dont. However, if you send notes to the admins to unarchive and it is inflamatory it will probably make them less likely to move you up the priority list. Just my .02
  20. Lord I'd hope so.. Im female lmao..
  21. My addiction is complete.. I was disapointed when I didnt have to drive 3 hrs away to pick up my mom who had broken down. I was hoping to pick up a "few" caches on the way home. Now that I have a new cach-mobile.. umm I mean car, I fear I'll be off the forums and in the woods more than ever. What can stop this addiction.. neither sleet, nor hair, nor tick, nor shortness of breath thats for freaking sure.
  22. I agree w/ what most of the others have said common sense being formost. Pay attention to your surroundings and "gut feelings". I cach w/ my 7 yr old son primarily and so my "mommy alarms" are even more sensitive then. If Im w/ my boyfriend I dont worry to much. He's 6ft and 220, long hair biker look.. though gentle as can be, he can look pretty intimidating.
  23. While I enjoy the freedom of nudity I dont do it outside of my home.. and only if my son is not here of course. Besides, I'd hate to be responsible for all those self inflicted gougin the eyes out if the general public saw me in all my.. glory.. umm yeah glory thats what it is.. sure..
  24. A weird thing about my PQ's I've noticed in the last few days .. I specifically exclude my "finds" but when I run the PQ many of them are still showing up.. C'est la vie.. no big deal .. I dont get them emailed to me btw I just run them from here.
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