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  1. Well I shamelessly stole the idea from Phisy too.. lol I made 3 different sized because they will be attatched to a keyring w/ an old barrel or skeleton type key. Since the keys will be different sized I figured the clovers should be in some kind of scale Im still freaking waiting on the keys, though I've been promised they'd be here in the next 3 days. Probably not in time for our state meeting though
  2. Please... please tell me you replaced that log book??
  3. How DARE you lose a travel bug... thats private property put in public trust. Shame shame shame. My a plauge of a thousand sand mites infest your umm boxers? briefs? .. anyway um where was I .. oh yeah all that and more.. oh and the cat thing is bad too
  4. I had the most rewarding expierence when I adopted my cache.. ty ty ty.. but anyway I really enjoy some of the humor you get from a few approvers. Keystone Appr is one of my favorite's to read up on the log entries. He's got a great sense of humor and his sarcastic wit can be hilarious
  5. There is almost always a double standard in the "im free to express my opinion" issue. I am not a christian but respect others if that is their belief. It has always irritated me when any group of people demand respect but dont give it. Live and let live. Dont sweat the small stuff. I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it. Thats something my father said to me many many years ago. I've never forgotten that one simple lesson.
  6. Congrats!!!! Here's hoping your first to find.. that there are no briars or ticks in your path.. and that he's willing to fight off snakes and weirdos for you if you do run across any! Good luck! Let us know how it went.. or at least me
  7. The caching community is just like the population at large. The majority are pretty good people that will help you, a bug, or a cache if something is needed. There are a few that will go out of thier way for all of the above. And sadly there are some that just dont seem to "get" it. The ones that post " Took: priceless gold dubloon Left: pocketlint" or that keep travel bugs. Its sad but true. And it probably will never change. You gotta take the bad with the good.
  8. Mom is that you .. LOL whoops sorry I just thought w/ all that rambling and complaining... the only thing missing was the "i've been having shortness of breath" and the ever popular "you kids never call"
  9. If it is him I wonder if that counts as a find. And just imagine the log. Took: several women by surprise.. Left: fingerprints on file at PD
  10. If its the same distance and ease for you I'd probaby take him back to the missed spot. Its nice to help a bug get as close to goal as possible. But yeah it could go either way and Im sure if he misses that spot this time around he can catch it on the return trip.
  11. As long as the muggles would be able to find a cache to drop it in.. AND log it online I think it would be fine as long as it didnt interfer w/ the TB goals. You may want to log it for them if they dont have an account just make sure you put in your post it was moved by friends or whatever. And some TB's have specific dates, places they want to go to and from. Others are free flowing w/ no real agenda or time table for return.
  12. Yeah.. contract the 24 hr "gotta cache" flu. I called out sick one day coughing up a lung.. but still picked up a micro near the pharmacy. Thats legit right, boss... umm I was there for the meds.. really I was
  13. Gee thanks AH.. Ive spent the last 30 mins trying (key word trying) to get a decent looking clover.. sigh No sleep tonight I guess. Its been lots of fun.. my first just screwing around attempt at randomness was very cool. Wish I'd saved it now.. curses why isnt my avitar more geometric. Of course I could always do a blob and call it my surrealist view of a clover
  14. Quills, hun I can relate. I dont know which is worse your situation or having a GPSr loaded w/ cache sites and no car! My nearest unfound is 20 miles away. Thankfully I have a vehicle again.. yay!! Hit a few caches this past weekend to take care of the withdrawls lol. Good luck on the addiction!
  15. Does this mean I have to take pix of some guys mispelled tattoos to log him as a "find"?
  16. as a red head I cant wear Red lipstick well.. but man those umm earthy colors work wonders.. thanks for the offer.. Gee tonight I've seen men defend the way they look in high heels.. and now El D is admitting to having lipstick.. what is the world comming too
  17. yay another seti user.. umm but anyway! I enjoy looking at the stats of people in my area seeing what they've found and checking the logs. It gives me an idea of what to expect on my local level when Im looking into doing a cache. The actual numbers mean little to me. But it is a way to "connect" w/ some of the people in my area that i've not met. Gee Team Pez did these 3 caches w/in a few days of me kinda thing. (only name I could think of at the moment) What was there expierence.. However I do know one person that is completely against having his numbers posted. I told him he could always log notes instead of "finds". That is what he now does and he's happy w/ that. He still contributes online but has defeated the "im a number" feeling he used to have.
  18. Gee I can already see the requests for Revlon's Butt kissing brown lipstick skyrocketing.
  19. 60 something found.. 1 hid. God I feel like such a newbi.. But in all fairness I have a "good" micro (in a park near what could have been a nice virt. sadly no where to hide a reg cache) and a 50cal ammo box ready to go as soon as I can get the time to get them out there!
  20. Boy was that ever a mental image I didnt need . Well I guess I wont need the coffee to keep me up tonight lol..
  21. About 5 yrs ago we had a "outbreak" of them here.. my brother and I both walked around thinking we were hearing things till one day he said.. hey do you hear that? We are both city kids..it was creepy.. mom lives on 5 acres of woodland and the noise about drove me to drink while I was there!!!!
  22. Hey Im in shape.. round is a shape.. seriously though caching is a great way to sneak in the exercise and have fun w/ family, friends at the same time!
  23. I have red clover keychains made w/ shirnky dinks.. they look similar to my avitar. Attached to them is an old "barrel type" skeleton key. My bf nic is undertaker. So it fits us pretty well.
  24. Having my son w/ me makes me somewhat invisible most of the time. If we are in the bushes I just say he saw a lizard, squirrel, frog or something. Most people shrug and go on about thier business.
  25. I wish I'd thought of a personal TB when I got started. But I doubt the owners would appreciate me going back and starting one now and hitting all the caches of the past lol Guess I'll get one going from now on though
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