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  1. Red Clover where to start.. My great grand mother was full blooded american indian. She, in the short time I remember, taught me about bit about herbs.. Red Clover is used to treat a variety of women's aliments. AND given the fact I have red hair .. well it's a screen name I've used for almost 12 years.
  2. I run about 1 PQ a month now that I have the local stuff already loaded..
  3. I fractured my ankle about 4 wks ago. Its still aggrivating me a bit. But, sitting in the mud w/ a rapidly swelling right ankle and doing a trade was still better than sitting at home watching TV anyday.
  4. Something good about ticks? Well, they once... you see they can... well carp... hey I got it. They give your bone marrow a good work out replacing all that lost blood. Wait.. thats what dad said briars were for... Oh oh .. dont forgot the immune system workout. Hey ticks make you exercise on the inside.. How's that. Ok now wheres my check
  5. Lets hear it for RK!!! Very nicely done. On a similar train of thought. I recently had someone bash me for wanting to set up a cache near the only segregated cemetery in my area. They called me racist. I disagree. I used that cemetery as a lesson to my son on how stupid it was that people were once ( ) judge by the color of their skin.. and that even in death we were not equal in the past. My 7 yr old son said " thats stupid why would it matter?".
  6. You don't mean that mtn-man guy, do ya? I would think as a long-time (and helpful) cache reviewer and one of the names listed here as one of the Forum Moderators, the dude just might be qualified to quote the rules to you or anyone else. So there!! .. really though. I've met mtn-man at a few local GGA meetings and he is a good guy. He'll go out of his way to answer questions and help whenever asked. And no I dont have a cache under review
  7. On the "destroy stuff" line of thought. What did you do w/ the TB dog tag and figurine? Did you mail them back to the owner? Send him the money to replace them? If you didn't do either of these things I can agree you have destroyed his stuff. I may not agree with what you have to say ... but I will defend your right to say it. A valuable quote. I may not agree w/ something but I'd not restrict anyone else (but my kids depending on age and context) based on what I personally consider offensive. edit: clarity
  8. it is not necessary to wade through the AS thread. just chime in whenever you want and keep it silly. Yeah what she said.. a good place to start would be making fun of the cross dressing chicken.. he's drinking tonight
  9. This is NOT the original site, actually.... As far as the name, I wonder where you go if you try www.geo-cache.com ??? WOW! never knew that one... This is not uncommon. I work for a very large insurance company. If you misspelled our name in the address line it would direct you to a competitor of ours for a long time. My company sued.. blah blah blah.. but its not uncommon for competitors to do this kind of thing to help direct traffic to "their" site. Now I'm not saying it was intentional by the other site in this case as it was w/ my work... but I'm not real surprised.
  10. Geocache/Groundspeak will always be the offical for me... Not that his thread hasnt been a barrel of fun
  11. Woo Hoo.. way to go mom and son! One of my travel bugs is the Geico Geko. I work there. We keep track of his movents. It's not uncommon for complete strangers to come up at work and ask me about the bug.. I'm glad he got the recognition! A great way to introduce the sport.
  12. Not if you wont do the WHATEVER ...
  13. Team Red Clover has more or less split in that my cache partner now has his own ID. So, I'd like to transfer ownership of his bug to that ID. How would I go about doing this? I thought I'd seen this in the forum before but now cant find it.
  14. The first cache I hunted was called, ironically enough, My First In Mid GA. It was 02-15-04. We'd just left the museum where I'd taken my son for the day. I'd been jones'en to look for a cache and this one was less than a mile away. It took me about 30 mins to find it. It'd would probably take me 5 mins now. I found my first TB .. a key to unlock another cache. I didn't have any swag so I didn't trade at all. Now I wish I had just to have the memento.
  15. Oh the Horror...the horror... What's wrong with killing ants? It's not like they're kittens or something pleasant I never realized how prone to spontaneous combustion ants where till I started watching them real close w/ the magnifying glass.
  16. Well, I am looking forward to finding my 100th cache here shortly... as far as posting.. since I fractured my ankle my post #s have gone up drastically.. heck a few weeks ago I was 50 posts.. I'm living vicariously at the moment..
  17. Not to steal your thunder Warrior... But yes.. the .loc are fine if your just using a GPS
  18. 31032 @ 4 miles = 0 @ 6 miles = 0 @ 8 miles = 0 Anybody see a trend here? @ 10 miles = 5 woo hoo finally!!!!
  19. It took about ten days... but the money is still sitting smuggly in my account. They got the check in Feb.. I posted the question of how long to clear the check and got some amazingly long time lines!
  20. Hmm... Red Clover.. well it has a double meaning I guess. I'm a red head so that one is obvious. My great-grandmother was a full blooded Blackfoot Indian and taught me a bit about the herbs that were used in her culture historically. Red Clover was used to treat many womens aliments (usually reproductive in nature). So I've been red clover for well over 10 yrs. I thought about trying to get create a 4 leaf clover reading a book.. but alas I am not at all that talented. Then of course I would be the "well read clover". OK OK.. i feel the lameness washing over me. I'm going to sulk now
  21. I recently went paperless and will never go back. I personally just use my Palm for the cache pages. The street maps I have loaded into my GPSr. The advantage of Palm for me is that I can store a virtually unlimited number of cache pages. These I can then carry around with me in my purse, pocket, or pack. If you ever deciede to go on a cache-a-thon this is a huge perk to having to carry around a 3 ring binder.. then look up the page .. then hand decode the hint in the field if needed. For example. My dad lives in Jax Florida so I have 100 or so closest caches to his house in my Palm. The closest 200 to Macon GA where I live are in Palm and GPS. So if I go visit dad I dont have to carry a binder w/ 300 pages in it. I can pull up a cache page near him, hand enter the cords (if I havent downloaded them to the GPS already) and Im ready to search. I can also make find/DNF notes right in the Palm. Good lord this is wordy. Sorry bout that.. Have fun!
  22. As the old quote goes. " A man with a GPSr knows exactly where he is. A man with 2 GPSrs will never be sure" My (then) BF and I both got Megellan Sportrack Maps. They were never the same. I'd say 10 feet, his would be 25. This is why the game is a bit harder than most muggles figure. Check the specs for your GPS. It probably says something along the lines of "accurate to with in 9 meters".. or roughly 27 feet. Use which ever one you like best. You'll still find em.
  23. * sniff sniff.. I want to go caching. I really do. I fractured my ankle caching last week though. Doc says nothing but 1/1's for 4 weeks. And the nearest "easy" caches are 50 crow miles away
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