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  1. hot springs 30 mi SE of Las Vegas? Cool... or Hot rather.
  2. The little ARM processor on the Garmin etrex actually uses the battery voltage to display the "capacity" You can see the voltage in the little firmware power up test (accessed by pressing the top two buttons while powering up the unit. If you do this don't press any other combination of buttons while it is powered up; that could reset the firmware, something you have to send it back to Garmin to repair. Just power it back down after ooh and awing at the internal temperature, and battery voltage.) Edited for relevance: Oh yeah, about the accuracy: Thinking about the way analog signal amps work... Maximum voltage difference... I'd say it can't be too much worse than 10% from full charge to dead.
  3. Okay, I wasn't trying to make a personal attack, just trying to make a point. That whole bit about me not having friends, and seeing them "lacking character" seems a bit off the point. I am just saying people that make good friends don't necessarily make good electrical engineers, or good cachers. My point was that with an interview you find out who fits the job, in a similar way that an article posted on caching may bring out the people interested in caching.
  4. You might consider placing it near major universities. Most schools have a pretty good Foreign student scholarship programs, and at least from the west coast most Asian destinations are reached through Narita airport in Japan. Also Collage students seem like the “type” to help a TB along. When I went to Japan a year ago, I was worried about getting to the airport on time, and having all my documentation together, not picking up a TB on the way.
  5. If you want to compare recruiting new GeoCachers, to hiring employees, I think you would have to look at a multinational company with thousands of employees, but not necessarily any more than 100 in any one office. It would also have to be a very specialized field as GeoCaching requires specialized equipment and interests. Lets assume a large RADAR designing and manufacturing company. Based on that premise, It seems to follow that most of my friends, including some I graduated with in collage, would not make the best employees(perspective GeoCachers). If they didn't have a job(weekend hobby), I'm sure they would take some sort of position. They would probably do well for a while, maybe a few weeks, maybe a month, and then slack off (become ambivalent). Because they are your buddies you aren’t going to fire them, and they aren’t going to quit/give up on you! So you are stuck with a bunch of slacking employees in a field they don't like, in the end hurting the company they work for (or environment they are in). So I would hire the one off the street, as they are more apt to enjoy and respect the job (hobby.)
  6. I'm quite a tadpole, but... I like the urban micro. It's like mission impossible. *play theme music here* But seriously I enjoy trying to be discreet when there are people about. It also makes for a quick to location, and search. That is especially nice with winter weather! Don't get me wrong I like the trails too. On the publicity issue, I don't see it being a bad thing having more people tromping through the forest. It can't be any worse than people that use the area as there personal garbage dump. I guess I don’t see the increasing number of geo-cachers greatly increasing the number of people that mistreat public lands.
  7. Good point GeckoGeek. For some reason I was thinking rock climbing, hiking, kayaking. I forgot about the low impact ones like bird watching, leaf collecting, picnicking, the list could go on.
  8. 'Took a quick read through those posts. That's good stuff GeckoGeek. The people in here always have something funny to say. Even when talking about lime disease and stitches. The injury rate is existent, but much lower than almost any other outdoor activity I can think of.
  9. I just think there is so much more under geo caching that has not been explored deeply that you could work with. However, if it's just another paper, and there is a short time limit then stick with the basics and get a grade right? That’s what I would do in that situation any ways. Just my two bits.
  10. An "Is Geo-caching Good or Bad" paper? I guess if it's an under-grad filling English requirement paper that works nicely, but.. What about doing a paper on what motivates people to geo-cache, and why most of us don't "break the rules." Or the human interactions that exist, or lack there of, (maybe due to a connection with technology?) and the anonymity of the people involved (from the impersonality of the internet?). Tell us how it goes. I'm curious as to what you use for a thesis.
  11. I'm trying not to laugh too loud at work here. Don't want any one to think I'm having fun. Thanks for the chuckles!
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