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  1. I second that. What do you want to export to the PDA? Maps? waypoints? GC.com descriptions? all of the above? I just use the PQ mobi-book format, and the .loc's through expert GPS. Works for me. edit spelling. wow that was bad.
  2. Probably depends on the cache approver. If I was placing a cache in an area that I thought might be a problem, before asking my approver, I would check what other caches are in the area, and contact the owners. Tell them that you are planning on placing a cache, and ask what they have done for permission. If you come up dry there, ask the approver. my 2cents
  3. As you know from monitoring the threads this topic has been covered to great lengths. I would take all the comments you have read from the members here as well as the groundspeek admins and regional admins, and form your own opinion. Maybe I'm not reading your thread right. Do you have a question that you have not already read an answer too? I sounds like you have already read the peoples opinions here? Maybe you feel it's time to take another pole of the permission question to see if anything has changed in a week? This is not meant to be a mean post, or a flame. Just trying to figure out where you are going with this. Edit: Just to re-hash a lot of comments: Groundspeek requires "adequate permission" Some people see that as, "If there is no rule that says I can't, then why not" Others see it as "Ask permission for every cache" There are a lot of people in between.
  4. I must be brain damaged but how can that possibly be right? If 10 minutes = 52800.0' (10 miles) how could 60 minutes (1 degree) = 528000.0' (100 miles) You're right bons. The numbers should be: 0.001' = 6 ft = 0.0012 mi 0.01' = 66ft = 0.012 mi 0.1' = 66ft = 0.12mi 1' = 668ft = 1.2mi 10' = 12.0mi 1 deg = 81.8 mi The AI must have been fed bad data. It even convinced MonkeyToes.
  5. Just a side note. A minute of Latitude is always 1.9km or 1.15 miles, but a minute of longitude changes depending on your latitude. (In reality it changes a little with location depending on your map datum and altitude because the earth is not a perfect sphere.) Example: In the northern part of the US, around 40 degrees latitude one minute of longitude is 1.36 km (0.8 mi) Up in northern Canada, at 70 degrees latitude it is 615 meters (0.4 miles) On the equator it is 1.9 km (1.2mi) This large variation makes it difficult to measure degrees longitude on a map to obtain coordinates. To expand on A.I. example of N 12 34.567: Because we are dealing with latitude we can use the 1.15miles per minute. (34.567mins)*1.15 miles/min + (12degs)*(60degs/min)*(1.15miles/min) ~= 39.75 mi + 828 = 867.75miles north of the equator. A great circle calculation yields 868.3. So not too far off. (The great circle calculation gives the spherical distance from the mean surface altitude of the earth = very true results) Rounding down to 1mile/min gives you 662, about 10 percent error. But if that is okay for what you are doing, multiplying by 1 is much easier than by 1.15! Then there is UTM! In UTM every thing is measured in meters from a center points of a grid. The Grid centers are divided into 60 centers East to West (numbered 1-60), and 20 from north to south (lettered C-X) So for cachces near your home you will probably be working from one of these grid centers. That way the difference in the coordinates will be the distance between them in meters. Grid centers look like 19T, or 14S. Oh yeah, 1 mineute = 1 natical mile = 1.15 statute miles.
  6. Welcome From the main page select "Hide and Seek a Cache" from the left hand bar. Enter your home location in Latitude and Longitude (second search from type) That should give you the ones nearest your home. If you don't know your lat and log, go out side, turn the GPS on, and find out what it is. On each cache page there are several maps you can use to orient yourself (found below the description and above the logs) I like the "geocaching.com maps" because they show all the caches near the one selected, and the "MapQuest Maps" because I am familiar with that format, and you can pan around, or get driving directions. here are some examples of a cache near my zip of 01851: cache list "State Forest Cache" Geocaching.com map mapquest map
  7. Guess not! The Magellan SporTrak Pro is over twice as much as the eTrex Yellow, and the eTrex legend, costing less than the SporTrak Pro, does have mils... sorry for the rant, it was too tempting. The Yellow will display bearing in magnetic, grid, true north, or a custom offset, but all are in degrees.
  8. All this talk about warm beer made me remember high school. I was notorious for setting up rooms inside the crawl spaces left in buildings. The gym at the high school was built on a hill, so underneath it was a crawl space five feet high in some places. We ran carpeting about 50 feet from a secret entrance in the wall of a squash court, down to a nice open area. I did some hot wiring to install an outlet down there for Christmas lights, a radio and a fridge. Nice little get away spot. We even installed a matterss in a smaller crawl space off to the side of the carpet trail for … some reason. Then there was the theater. Because of the way it was acoustically built there were lots of unused spaces up in the rafters. My brother and I put three rooms in there. But that’s another story. Edit for spelling. Language has always been my Achilles' heel. Good thing there was engineering!
  9. Why are blue and white bad colors to wear? It was mentioned that red is the same color as a turkeys head, but what about blue and white? Is it there plumage colors? I think of turkeys as being mainly brown, but I guess that's because I don't really know how to spot them. This is what I normaly think of: Is this why red white and blue are bad?
  10. My fear of hamsters may have spawned from a reoccurring dream that the little buggers, that some say are cuddly, are clawing there way over my body, and for some reason I can't move. I'm glad to hear about the hamster logos. That is a very considerate way to make the caching experience a joy for all.
  11. Please tell me this is an on going joke. Right? Call me skittish, but I am absolutely petrified at the site of any rodent, and especially hamsters. After gnashing my teeth for a few seconds I would most likely run away searching for a door to shut between me and the aforementioned creature. Finding none, I would probably settle for a large tree, finding my self with no gear or GPSr to point me home, lost in the woods of the North East. I'm not really going to open a cache and find a hamster; am I? Edited to clarify why scared-stiff-me would be running.
  12. Did some searching near where he caches. I think this is it: Creason Park Book Exchange.
  13. I clip the lanyard to the daisy chain on my shoulder strap with an oval ‘bineer. (If I'm using a pack without the daisy on the strap, I just tie a overhand on a bite with the left over length of the adjusting strap and clip to that) Then I place the GPSr facing up on top of my pack underneath the haul handle. It stays pretty well there, and I can just tug on the lanyard when I need it. If you don't have a carabineer I guess you could girth hitch it. With everything tied to the pack I don't have to worry about forgetting, or dropping anything. I like to over pack when I am hiking so when I do overnight trips, when I need a full pack, my pack doesn’t feel so much heavier.
  14. If you don't mind reading through a few threads do a search for "caches along a route" there are plenty of ideas in just the "getting started" forum, but make sure to set the date to "any date" One method that I like to use is the geocaching map. (Someone suggested this in the above motioned threads) Zoom to about 10 miles, and scroll along the route. you have to be preimum to pan/scroll. Find areas with high cache density, or in state parks, whatever you prefer. Plan some stops in these areas and do a PQ for all the caches. Happy caching!
  15. For those that want to see a whole thread on the "locationless cheater" go here.
  16. Looking back on my post, I found it was rather short sited. In locations where online yellow page listings do not exist, or there is lack of a comprehensive listing, A2B fills a great void. Just not so usefull in the US.
  17. I'll make a reply for Pilty, Spot on Renegade Knight! Sums up the whole liability bit better than some other gits I've heard. The lakes are thawing, so I'm towing the fishing line behind my boat.
  18. I believe the Bush Administration has proposed a Constitutional Ammendment to ban this. Does that mean that all of the Garmin Rinos will have to be retroactively de-activated?
  19. Wow, It makes sense that a number of the innovators of GPS technology would be involved in Geocaching, but I never would have guessed who they where. Maybe because they have been humble with there accomplishments. Props to all involved. (I also thought, that the 12 band parallel receiver was 3 groups of four using a 1:4 divider, each signal 90deg out of phase, but that was wrong.) With increasing accuracy, wide availability of micronized units it’s hard to see where it can go next. Here are a couple of thoughts: It seems OnStar or similar systems will be more wide spread. (In Afghanistan there is a company that runs an OnStar type system that is tied into the electrical system of vehicles. If a car goes beyond a certain radius of the city of origin without the vehicle owners notification, the car is assumed stolen and the car is shut down so police can reacquire the vehicle and return it to the owner) As smaller even more portable devices are created they will probably become a more attractive way for parents to track where their children are. (Wherify) This could bring up a whole “good parenting debate” so I’ll just leave it at that. Blue tooth, or something similar, will probably be common in most every electronic device. Who knows what else. I’m out of ideas.
  20. What did you do? just kidding. This doesn’t have anything to do with "geocaching gimmicks" does it?
  21. Exactly. On my way to visit my GF (aka SWMBO) there is a pretty nasty section of road that I don't get digital coverage on. Before I get on that road I give a ring to the destination party to say if I'm not there in two hours call the police. Well I witnessed some one else drive off a cliff, so I called 911. Then I was going to call the GF to say that I would be late. But the cell phone is restricted to emergency calls! Some one else had stopped at the site and was helping the person in the car. I asked if everything was okay, and they both said yes, so I drove off. Couldn't let the GF think I was the one that drove off the road.
  22. My phone does the same thing. It's a Sprint Keocera with no GPS. Tried to power it down to no avail. [Thing wouldn't even turn off!] Had to take the battery out. I think it is something new so that They can locate you by your phones signal strength measured at different stations. <rant > The way I see it, when cell phones became popular, 911 got calls from phones without addresses associated to them, so they didn't know where to dispatch the emergency squad to. So they implement a tracking system; which I think was ridiculous. If the caller didn't have a cell phone they wouldn’t have been able to call 911! By the time the one in need finishes running around franticly knocking on doors I'm sure this citizen could have given the 911 operator there location pretty accurately. Silly silly. I don’t want the Man taking over my cell phone any more! No need I tell you! No need! I'm running back into the woods now.</needless rant>
  23. I use multiple monitors when doing music production. I have the multi-track on one screen, and the effects processors on another. For Geocaching it's maps one, gc.com on the other. At work one of our test stations is set up with the Logic analyzer on one pattern gen on the other. For every day use It's nice to be able to see two applications full screen say a CAD program and Excel... you get the idea. I like it better than two computers for data transfer. No files to move, just cut and paste.
  24. Welcome to the addiction! Check the goals of the travel bugs you might take, and make sure they want to go to Hawaii. Bug's with goals like "visit the most caches," "hit every GC in state XX," or "Make it to Location XX by year XXXX" probably don't want to go to Hawaii unless HI is that state XX or location XX. Generally if you hold a bug for more than a week or two it's nice to let the owner of the bug know why you are holding it. ‘Just my 2 cents. I'm pretty new here too, but that seems to be the general consensuses I have seen over the last couple of months. <edit> Do a forum search for “Hawaii” In the TB section. </edit>
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