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  1. This one does just what you want: www.maporama.com and MapsOnUs will give you driving directions with Lat and Long (you have to set some preferences) see details here
  2. Hey, welcome to the game! Just trying to help out where I can. (and sometimes where I can't) Sorry if I made you feel like you didn't know what software you are using. :oops: with the number of times I post about topographix software, someone is going to think I'm Dan’s sock puppet!
  3. By "Groundspeak Software" do you mean "EasyGPS" Groundspeak build, by topographics? If so, 1. Open the LOC or GPX file 2. Right-click on the first waypoint and select "add waypoint to route" 3. Double click on the route that is created at the bottom of the screen in red (this will make it the "active route") 4. Right click and select "add waypoint to route" for the additional waypoints.
  4. N36.0028856, W83.9852771 in DD.ddddddd, N36:0.173' W083:59.117' in DD:MM.mmm WGS84 why what are you going to do with that data
  5. I have that problem occasionally. If you log out and back in it will clear the problem.
  6. I think you may have to wait for it to run on that day. (that's what I do) you can select the current day as the day to run, then hit run a few times, refresh the screen, wait a few minuets, whatever it takes, and it will eventually send you the pq. Normally takes 5 mins max. Hopefully someone will respond with a better way.
  7. It seems Mr. Lopez's concern with geo-cachers over most park visitors on the "fossil" trails is that geo-cachers make it easier to find the fossils by accurate GPS coordinates. Where most visitors would walk the trail labeled "fossils" possibly with the intent to take them, they are not as likely to find them as a GPS user, who got the exact location of the fossil from gc.com. Sounds like a valid concern to me. We would like to think that the geo-cacheing community would never steal these precious relics, but fact is, there are some that would. Making it easier to do so could be a problem. Of course since cars have been invented it is easier for me to dump a body further from my home. (not that I would do that ) I think he is over reacting to the new technology. The positive effects as stated in the article “ (Geocaching) can have the positive effect of getting people out in nature,” out way the negative effect of the few that think it’s a good idea to “find fossils in park rocks and put those coordinates on the Web.”
  8. I'd argue that it is different. It's pretty common to post cache camera pictures on line. How else are the people that took them ever going to see them? Just for the record, I log my finds on line as well as in the physical. (and the DNF's too.)
  9. Personally, I think there is a difference is community from the people that visit the cache site and read the log, to the people that visit the cache page and read the logs. I click though cache pages that are no where near me if someone mentions them in the forums, and it strikes my fancy. I think it would be reasonably assumed, by the people writing in the physical logbook, that it will be read by only those that visit the site, and not a different group. Personally I would not care if my scribbles on a logbook were scanned for the world to see. I would even enjoy reading logs from around the world. However, I can see how some may be offended by this.
  10. There are too many posts to read to stay current in this hot poll. It seems there is a new consensus now that deems further debate. I'm sure when some of the first posters log back on they will have more to add. It seems no one is talking about adding a "new log type," but the pole numbers don't reflect that. Did people change there minds, or is there an unspoken for majority?
  11. I think most of the forum has me on ignore or something. post at 3:17? hello, am I posting in the same forum as everyone else? Anyway, I think for the CITO to be recorded anything near accurate you are going to have to disassociate it from the logger. Although for a few having it associated with the poster may cause them to CITO more often to keep themselves "honest"
  12. hey it's my idea too, and stemmed from Mastifflover...
  13. yes, with ease. There are also several features for editing tracks if you so desire. You can move a corner of a track to an intersection of streets. You can add points, cut tracks into pieces, say, one for the drive to the park, the other for the trail. The list goes on... download it and play. They have a 30 free trial.
  14. geckoee


    I just found this site recently: www.omnimap.com They have maps of just about everywhere. Most maps have small samples available to view online so you can see if it is what you are looking for. I ordered a couple of European maps today, but have not received them so I don’t know about custom support or quality of product.
  15. I think Jeremy just wanted to add a poll because the icon is green, and it's St, Patties day I am a fan of the CTIO checkbox. Collecting the locations and frequencies of trash pick up by geo-cachers would be nice to show rangers, and other park management for there acceptance of geo-caching. Mastifflover has a very good point. Because of the negative implications of not trashing out, it would probably be miss logged more times than a “Found It” vs. a DNF! It might be a good idea to make this data available for the cache, but not linked directly to any cacher.
  16. My computer has the same problem as JamesJM's. only one 9-pin serial port, and I use it for the PDA and the GPS. Before sending anything to the GPS I have to disable HotSync.
  17. Try changing it from a "route" to a "track" on expert GPS. That should do the trick. (right click on it and select "change to track") ExpertGPS like to change everything to routes.
  18. USA Photo Map's has some serious limitations with tracks. You can only display one at a time, and they are imported and exported as text files. I believe from GPS -> tracks -> receive (not display) will save them to a text file, but I'm not sure about that. Check out ExpertGPS. Same maps, but it has much better capabilities for working with the data. It supports .loc files, and numerous others. You can export the data to a comma separated list for work with excel, and back again. (and of course you have multiple tracks at the same time, even with different colors if you want)
  19. On a second look: If those were meters, it would put you 3 zones away from the grid center! If the East coordinate is in feet, that's about 435 miles from the grid center. That's pretty big even for Texas. Although most large states have several zones. Maybe it's a more national grid, or some other country? what about the precision of the numbers? 5 digits for meters would be 1/10ths of millimeters. For feet it would be smaller! Is that something you see on survey grade benchmarks?
  20. Since 2002... Welcome to the realms of the posting side of the forums. Hopefully this will be a pleasant experience Looks like UTM to me. aka Universal Trans Mercator. They are distances measured north and east of a center. There should be a zone on there some where, like 19T or 11S. The united states covers about 18 grids, so it should be pretty easy to figure out what center you are in even if it's not on the map. DGN is a rectangular grid file format used by mapping software. Maybe this is the source of the map data? Unfortunately this tells you nothing of your datum, just your grid system.
  21. Check out the other active thread: The GeoCaching 10 essentials: Geo 10 Maybe the Hiking 10 Essentials. The 10 Essentials * 1. Map * 2. Compass * 3. Flashlight / Headlamp * 4. Extra Food * 5. Extra Clothes * 6. Sunglasses * 7. First-Aid Kit * 8. Pocket Knife * 9. Waterproof Matches 10. Firestarter (sometimes listed with Matches) * 11. Water / Filter / Bottles 12. Whistle 13. Insect Repellents or Clothing 14. Sunburn Preventatives (sometimes listed with sunglasses) Stared Items are the 10 essentials, the others are ones that show up as additions to the list, or occasionally to replace one of the basic "essential items" (side comment: Why is it that almost all the "10 Essentials lists" have about 14-15 items?) This is probably one of the most common lists, but others have there twists: NW Hiker the GORP 10 The Google hits Edited for clarity.
  22. Baghdad is at : N33:22' E44:24' Try searching around that center.
  23. ahh.. no firm ware hacks? I saw someone had done an etrex yellow hack for topo type symbols. They added swamp, pond, and some others. They replace ones you have though. i use golf course for all tall things. How lame is that? But really it doesn’t even matter what the silly pictures are.
  24. Burn 'im! Burn 'im! ROTFLMAO! been a while since I've seen "The Holy Grail" for W.E. I guess post count is more prestige than Find count. I shouldn't talk though because my find to post count is atrocious!
  25. $50 MSRP for the Otter box + $300- $400 fora newer ipaq vs $520 for the 2007S iPAQ rugged pda Kit. I like the Otter.
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