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  1. Very good shape Garmin 60Cx. Looks as new as the first day I got it. Box and all manuals included.


    I am willing to trade for a Magellan CrossoverGPS.



    Best Offer.

    I have a Crossover I would be willing to trade. It includes the car mount, ac adapter, car adapter, and usb cable. I can't find the cd but you should be able to download the programs you need or write to a SD card and transfer.





    pm sent

  2. And the geocaches that you download from garmin.com only show up as Waypoint and not as geocaches?


    Do you have geocaching set up on your GPS unit? You have to tell it which symbol to associate with the geocaching function. Does it show the closed treasure chest on the set up page?



    I have set everything up as noted. But when I hit goto and then it shows waymark or geocache i have nothing in the geocache spot. All of them store in the waypoint section.

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