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  1. What do people think about logging an archived Virtual cache?


    I know a virtual that was recently archived. For some months, (during which time I visited the location), it was not possible to gather certain information required to log the cache and so it was archived. However, that situation will change, and the information will be available again.



  2. We logged one cache as a find without signing the log book....


    We found the cache in a hole on the topside of a fallen tree, but the hole had filled up with water and then frozen solid.

    No matter how we tried, we couldn't get the cache out of the ice.


    We logged it as found because we were unable to sign the log due to circumstances not intended by the cache owner.


    I'm pretty sure we emailed the cache owner as well to make them aware of why our name wasn't on the log.


    Perhaps others would have logged that as a DNF?

  3. I kept a backup of the geocache_visits.txt file before I edited it, and the only two field notes I had were...




    GC2W8Y7,2012-01-14T09:18Z,Found it,"S

    tb swap"


    GC2W534,2012-01-14T12:13Z,Found it,"Left drag


    left tb"




    These are copied exactly from the file, so perhaps a couple of return characters have crept in there somehow?

    The texts appear a single lines in the garmin file, and as you can see, no commas.


    And I know the notes don't make sense, but I had gloves on and it was cold which is why I gave up after that.

  4. Has anyone had a problem with the Calendar on the Garmin Montana not logging geocaches?


    It was fine when I first had the unit, but now, despite resetting the unit,a and reinstalling

    the latest firmware, it doesn't record the number of geocaches logged on any day. It does

    however, record the number of waypoints found (like the coords for a bonus cache).


    Perhaps it a setting on the unit that I can't find?


    Any help would be appreciated.

  5. I've learnt that ....


    The more desperate you are to find the cache, the quicker the sun goes down.


    'You won't need to get your feet wet' in a cache description means you'll get your feet wet.


    'You won't have to enter the Church grounds' means that you'll walk right past the gravestone you were looking for and search the entire cemetery.


    If a previous cachers 4 year old daughter found the cache 'straight away', then you'll be in for a very long search.

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