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  1. Thanks very much to everybody who replied. We are now proceeding to the next stage.
  2. We have now made contact and started to construct puzzles involving Brad&Janet (AUS), Pingurus (GER), Max and 99 (USA), Jocasife (POR), and Vooruit! (NED), and will start writing the listing together soon. If anybody else is interested in participating, please let us know by Monday morning, and you can still be a part of the World Cache. Thank you very much for your interest!
  3. Thank you everybody for your responses so far! We will be open for new fellow cachers to sign up forinterest in participating into setting up the World Cache until the end of this week, and then go into the next development stage, so it can go online in two weeks.
  4. We are making progress on developing the World Cache, but new international collaborators are still very welcome!
  5. Here is a list of International Exchange Caches, for Inspiration: https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=6a32f4d6-0888-4719-b4b8-e12f08b73825
  6. I agree that there needs to be a vibrant caching community for all sub-caches of the World Cache. Perhaps it would also be good if all steps could be solved within one visit to the respective city, to make it also suitable for tourists - perhaps even taking in a few local attractions as well. Ideally the clues could be about places or objects that link one to another other. I am currently thinking about using some clues from museums (but that would be only how I would do it here, everybody can do what they like or what works, e.g. hiding cache stages or devising internet puzzles): For example the museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has some exhibits from the Australia, Canada and the US, the Fitzwilliam Museum should have paintings from German Painters, and I will try to dig into the collections to find links to more countries. So for example if I find an Australian artifact in a museum in Cambridge, I give a clue (e.g. number or word) associated with it to our Australian Companion. The Cachers from Australia would need to put together the clues from e.g. Brazil, Germany, Portugal, the UK and the US (and perhaps some more) to get a final clue. This could be a set of coordinates or a secret email address they need to mail to and get bounced back either the log permission (for a virtual), or a set of coordinates to find the final. That would be only one suggestion how to plan the World Cache, and we'd love to hear what you think.
  7. Hello, we are in Cambridge, UK and currently in the process in developing a new version of the now-archived World Cache (GCWDD0), and we would love to hear from fellow around the world who would like to participate in it. The idea of the cache is that you need to collect clues from your companions in other countries to get informations that lead to the final. The final could be either a virtual or a physical cache, whatever works best for you! The way how to collect the clues is also up to every collaborator. So far, we have people interested in Cambridge (UK), Adelaide (Australia), and Dallas (TX, US). Please let us know if you like to be on board!
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