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  1. Ha too funny I do the same thing all the time
  2. It was in the Fall of 2008. We were getting ready to make our Annual Trip to Gettysburg for the Apple Harvest Festival. I went on to the Garmin Web site to update the maps on my Nuvi. While I was on the Garmin web site I came across Geocaching. Became a member right then. And our first find was that weekend in Gettysburg. Just wish I had more time to do more of it.
  3. Hey Guys, havent been in here for a while (way to busy) I hope I am posting in the right forum? My old Blackberry Storm broke. I got the phone replaced "for free" My question is when I Uploded my new phone with the Blackberry desktop manager, it transferred all my old phone information except my applications. I paid $20 bucks for the Geocache Navigatior application on my old phone. Do I have to pay another $20 bucks to add the same application to my new phone?? "I hope not" Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. I have the blackberry storm. Did you check out the Geocache Navigator application. I have been using that latley and I love it. Just my two cents
  5. Wow Thats terrible news. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family
  6. I usually go with the family, but sometimes I enjoy going alone. I went alone the other night into the woods during the Harvest Moon it was really relaxing to be by myslelf. I guess it all depends on how comfortable you are going at it alone??
  7. Jeans, Boots, T-Shirt, Flanel, Sweat shirt, Sometimes Short depends where the Cache is located
  8. I have the BB Storm. Has anybody downloaded the free App. (BlackStar) I just downloaded it yestereday I have fiddled around with it a little bit but have yet to try a cache . Just curious if anybody was using it and how they liked it? Thanx.
  9. I have owned a Garmin Nuvi for a few years now. While I mainly use it for auto routing, I have used it to find a few Geocaches. I am in the Market for a more Geocaching friendly GPSr. I have been researching for a while now, and I am leaning twords the DeLorme PN-40. My question is since I have been using a Garmin, and have the programing on my computer, etc. should I mabey reconsider going with the Garmin Oregon 300 so then I would have both units compatiable? Or does in not matter that much since I would be using both units for different applications. or should I stick with my first choice and go with the DeLorme? Any advice would be great. I want to order the unit soon and get some Geocaching time in this fall.
  10. This is how I have approached the 2 DNF's. "right, wrong, or indeferent" The first one we were out shopping and the cache was right around the corner, it was getting dark but made the attempt anyway, it had taken longer then I thought and now was pitch dark with no flashlight, I wrote a note stated this and that I would return to make the grab which I did. The next DNF was the other day, had the day off so I thought I would make the grab. So my 2 1/2 year old and my 9 month old set out on our adventure. I had her in the backpack. we got within 20 feet of the cache and there was some bushwacking involved, well I tried to get my 2 year old to head up the small trail, but was not having it. I wasnt able to do in myself, I didnt want branches smaking the 9 month old in the face. So I left a note stating the cercumstances. I was looking at it as Not that I DNF it but not having a second set of hands with the kids I was unable to make the grab. If I made every attempt with no outside distractions, And was still unable to find it that is when I would mark it DNF. But thats just me If you would like to start marking these DNF I will.
  11. Congrats on your first find. I have a 3 year old that is just starting to be involved with the hunt. We took him to the dollar store and picked out a bunch of stuff so that he can trade. He loves hunting for his Pirate Treasure.
  12. That is why I started doing this. I have an 3 year old, and a 8 month old. all of my Cache's so far have fairly close to the car. If it requires a little humpen it, I will but the baby in the back pack and away we go. Just remember some swag, the kids love to find that treasure, and make the trade. Have fun and enjoy the family time
  13. HHH, Realy enjoy your Videos!!! Keep them comming. Be Safe out there
  14. There is no way I would want to have that many people in my front yard. Could you imagine that when you take out the trash, or pick up the Paper in your PJ's that somebody could be there in your yard?? I leave the socializing with fellow Cachers' out on the trail
  15. I enjoy finding new places, and spending time with my family. Also my 2 1/2 year old son is all about Pirates, so every time we go out we are looking for Pirate Treasure, "he thinks that it is cool" Plus it was an excuse to get a new GPS
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