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  1. I own the Travroute Pocket CoPilot jacket for the iPaq and it works very well. I use it with Mapopolis software as it is more compatiple for Geocaching. All that being said I had way too many close calls with the Ipaq and finally went out and bought a Magellan Gold. Good move on my part. Much easier all the way around....and it is easier to find caches with it too. Although the Magellan does routing I prefer the Ipaq for in car navigation.
  2. I was concerned that something could go wrong with a cache and being 800 miles away I would not be able to check personally. The only option I would have would be to archive.
  3. Thanks. I have e-mailed to address provided and supplied the adoptees names and the adoptor's e-mail address. Archiving them sounds spiteful...it's my ball and I'm taking it home. They are mostly in historic areas and interesting to both old neighbors and newcomers to the area.
  4. I am moving from Southern California to Southern Oregon. I assumed that the best way to handle this, as far as my California hides are concerned, was to find someone willing to adopt my hides. Was I correct? I located someone. Now what? What is the proper manner for handling this?
  5. You will need to activate it to have the phone work and I believe it is a Verizon only phone. Double check that. As with all pda's, it is hard to find accessories (batteries, stylus, ac adpater) once the unit get's old. This unit is almost 2 years old. It is quite the deal as when this unit was new it would have cost you $800 plus activation.
  6. There is a conversion program that takes your .gpx file and converts it for Mapopolis to use. If you want a copy go to: http://www.mdgps.org/pocketcaching/gpxtomaplet.zip It is a no brainer to use.
  7. I use an old ipaq (h3670) with a Navman GPSr Jacket, Mapopolis (GPS software) and GPXsonar (for viewing the cache pages and keeping notes on caches as I find them). With this setup I cached for a couple of months without needing a stand alone GPSr. However I wanted the extra features and ruggedness of a stand alone and now have a Merdian Gold with Topo. My routine: 1) Download the PQ 2) Convert to Mapopolis file 3) Convert to Meridian file 4) Use Topo to upload to Meridian (or use EasyGPS) 5) Upload PQ and Mapopolis file to ipaq via ActiveSync The above takes 5-10 minutes. I use Mapopolis to route me to the cache. I use GPXsonar to provide cache info. I use the Meridian to guide me to the cache, but the Ipaq could do that.
  8. We use WiFi here at home. You connect a "access point/router" to your dsl or cable modem and then all of your WiFi enabled computers/pda's can connect to the internet wirelessly anywhere in your home or yard. I use my ipaq (in the backyard) to control Winamp on one of our desktops that has speakers that point to the backyard. Wireless Jukebox!
  9. Maybe I'm cold hearted or out of touch, but it seems to me that no one should have a problem kicking in $3.00/month. I could see a free 2 month trial period to see if you enjoy caching and then all access would disapear for lack of a $3.00 per month ($30/year) payment.
  10. My 7 yo Bridget sends these responses. I was hoping for something more KID like, but it appears she hangs around with too many intelligent practical people. 1) "Send me to a different place" 2) "get sent to different places" - "I'm a Travel Bug"
  11. I bought my Meridian Gold as a package at Costco for $350.00 It came with Topo, DirectRoute, 2/32MB SD cards and a car windshield mount with 12v and serial adapter. All that being said, I use the Topo all the time. The DR software does not do as good a job routing as Mapopolis does. I did use DR for about a month, but finally gave up on it. I use the Gold for finding the caches, but the ipaq for routing and paperless cache info and note keeping (GPXsonar).
  12. My 7 yo daughter just loves to geocache with me. She get's disappointed when I am going on a 3 or higher terrain and she can't go with me. She has hiked on 2.5's and 3 mile round trips. She has actually kicked my @ss into gear on occasions when I was starting to poop out. The best part of caching with her has come when we are visiting some cool place that neither of us has been to before. She likes it when *I* learn something new.
  13. I have actually been working on a 10 cache multi. Once I started putting it on paper and thought about how *I* would feel about doing it I changed my mind. Instead I have decided to have 9 traditional caches where each would contain a portion of the coord's needed to find the 10th cache. This way I can take geocachers on the journey I had planned, but they get 10 finds instead of 1. Does that make sense?
  14. I found it impossible to let that sentiment go without reply. Just recently I had an issue (private property related) that I e-mailed my local admin for advise on. He/she replied with helpful insight. BTW, all of my caches have been approved on a timely basis. Sometimes a lot faster than I would think is possible.
  15. I second this nomination. Been using SpamBayes for months and have had no errors (non-spam deleted as spam) and only 1 actual spam message get through as good. And it's free.
  16. Aprx 1 month ago the same thing happened to me. Exactly the same thing and I had exactly the same feelings, "I must be wrong". I had just finished a bunch of Locationless caches and could not remember them all so I just let it go.
  17. I use one of these Nexicams with my ipaq. The images are not as good as my stand-alone digital camera, but fine for images intended for the web. Can a Palm be used to take digital images?
  18. After reading this thread I think my cache was a bad idea and I will be archiving it. Thanks for your replies.
  19. I placed this cache during the past couple of days. The property is large and there are many ways to get onto it where you would never see a no tresspassing sign or a fence. It is obvious that the neigborhood kids frequent the mine. amoung others. There is however one area where there is a 10' fence and a no tresspassing sign. I did not see it when I placed the cache, but another cacher brought it to my attention. I went back and it is there. I have no intention of contacting the owner of the property. Do I leave the cache and the note from the other cacher and leave to individual cachers to decide if they wish to do this one.....or do I just archive it?
  20. For my first find I chose a virtual. I found it and I was AMAZED that this place existed just a couple of miles where I lived.
  21. I have been using Teletype software for years on my notebook and really like it because it is simple to use whilst driving. If it works with your GPSr I would highly recommend it. I got a GPS expansion jacket for my iPaq (Pocket CoPilot) and did not like the software at all. Looked around for other software that would work with this jacket, as Teletype did not, and found Mapopolis. Mapopolis is good for routing AND you can use it for caching too. It is what I used to start caching. Once I decided that I was going to stick with it I got a Meridian Gold as it is more accurate and has better battery life. I would highly recommend GPXsonar too.
  22. I would go your cache and log it as a found, but I would not drop off a postcard with my address.
  23. The idea of tabbed pages is a great idea. This gives you more real estate to use when adding more features. 1) That being said, some of the new pages look crowded. Especially the Quick View. They need more white space, IMHO. 2) We should be gaining functionality, not losing. RE: "my caches" & "all logs" 3) Whether it is a cache, a benchmark or a TB does not matter to me. I can't see needing a separate tab for each. 4) I do not need to see all of my log notes. When I do need to re-read some notes I would consider that an "exception" not a rule. 5) I can not see myself using the calendar function. I would like to see the following changes/additions: To Quick View: 1) Add link to see "All Logs" To Tabs: 1) Combine Watch List/TB's/Benchmarks to one "Details" tab 2) Leaving room for "My Hides" and "My Notes/Lists/PQ" Thank you, Jeremy. As a member for a very short time I have noticed your accessibility and quickness to address important issues (ie: recent web issue). Very impressive. My intent is to be constructive. I hope this did not come off as bitching and moaning.
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