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  1. I've seen people complain about glass jars, and sometimes replaced with a plastic case without the owner's consent. Personally I feel the cache it'self is part of the experience. If it looks costume made or unique in any way it adds to the experience. I've bought 3 rely nice glass jars that I will hide somewhere where they won't break. I also bought a hand made wood chest, and I bet if people find it they will think there is a treasure in it. I haven't hidden my own cache yet, and I've only found 20 myself, out of these all have been plastic except one. It might just be me, but I think there should be more variety then just plastic. I do understand the pros in plastic, it's waterproof (usually) and durable. Edited: I confused the words pros and cons
  2. Does anyone have a link the the ISS spacestation cache?
  3. What about the space station. The person that placed it will probably never be able to maintain it But seriously, what about 5/5, that maybe 3-4 people visit every year. Am I expected to be able to visit that any times of the year if needed or is it ok if it might take me a few weeks to go up there to maintain it.
  4. Typically it's good to put something in that you would like find yourself.
  5. How do I search public lists? Are they something you need a link to or is it searchable? I'm trying to see if someone has made a list of filming locations caches.
  6. I've been thinking about buying myself a stack of items to put in caches so that I can trade them with souvenirs. Do you have any good ideas for items? I'd probably buy lots of the same stuff.
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