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  1. I recently posted some incorrect information regarding the ICACHING program for MAC MY BAD - Talk about jump the gun. My sincere apologies to Groundspeak & the producers of this program. Unfortunately they were included in my rant. My post was removed by the moderator, which was the right thing to do.
  2. My bad! ICACHING I was having a tantrum at the time. Please can you tell me the reason for moving this.
  3. I have placed a cache named SHOW ME THE MONEY I keep it topped up with any international coins or notes I can collect from friends and family that travel. See the comments most people have commented favourably. It has been cleaned out a couple of times. I enjoy updating it and it,s only a few $ here & there. My little signature token to leave in caches that I find is Australian pennies, stopped producing them in 1964. I still have over a 1000 ranging from 1920-1964 People love them and I have tracked my pennies far & wide. Everybody just loves them. obviously so do I Happy Hunting!
  4. My red fist goes to Groundspeak after purchasing the original APP for my IPAD & IPHONE Paid $12.00. It would seem updates for this are no longer available. My mistake to buy this ICACHING app. Honestly thought I was getting something I had already paid for. This works on the IMAC but not suitable for IPAD or phone - We can all go to the main site for this & I am a premium member. if I am wrong please let me know, i am feeling pretty ripped off and unhappy right now.
  5. The maps don't include cache data. You can add the cache waypoints to your GPSr in the usual way. Another option which geospyder might be interested in as well is Open Street Maps. There is a bit about installing to Garmin GPSrs in the last Geotalk Podcast. www.geotalkpodcast.com They support routing. Thanks Damo, I took the chance and loaded the full Topograph maps on to my Garmin. 192 mb. Still playing but I went out locally and grabbed a couple of caches last night. Map display with street names is much nicer on the main screen. (gimick) but I like it. Trip and waypoint manager allows me to preplan a trip and load all the caches along the way. Have to be happy with a free download and so far looks like it might be of some help. Cheers Mal.
  6. Have completed the download and it looks great on the PC, now to get it on to Rex. I am playing withthe program right now and will post when I get it operating ... Or when I work it out. Thanks for response, you will love Tassie and in Feb you can do the Cradle Mountain Hike, sleep under the stars tour it is amazing. might just be a couple of caches for you to discover! Cheers Mal.
  7. Hi I have a Garmin Vista HCX & a work mate recently advised me about the Shonky maps site. It was explained to me that the download would include locations of caches all around Australia. I do like to read the logs and would be interested in any feedback on this free download. can you help? Cheers Mal.
  8. Thanks for the information, me being a newby just had some minor concerns. Just going to cool my heels and wait for things to get moving again. Thanks Again. Mal.
  9. Thanks for responding, it would seem I am concerned for no real reason. My point of view was coins seem to move in and out of caches quite regularly and as soon as I touch one it just happened to slow down. Appreciate your feedback I will just be patient. Thanks Mal.
  10. Decided I would grab and relocate a couple of geocoins from metro Adelaide. Dropped them off in two seperate locations just before a caching event in the Fleurieu. One cacher picked up both coins and some other bugs in and around the area, all seems good and they have been logged. These are the first coins I have removed from any of the caches I have found. They just have not moved on... Is this unusal??? It is a month today ! Cheers Mal.
  11. Hi, Please can some one advise me if it possible and how I change my Geoname. When joining I just picked a random to get through the process. Appreciate your input here, dont want to rejoin and loose all my finds so far. Thanks Mal. Adelaide South Australia
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