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  1. Sounds like fun, count me in! Email sent: 1 May Name received: Mission sent: Mission received: Thanks!
  2. I received my Sunshine a couple of days ago from Sunsetmeadowlark! She sent a beautiful card with some Montana postcards, a Montana key chain, LOTS of candy, and two coins: the Cacher Geocoin in blue (my fav!) and a Cache Gods are Angry coin in a beautifully decorated frame. Thank you, thank you, so much! What a lovely surprise after several days of Michigan rain. The coolest part is that Ronni was one of my first friends over on pathtags.com and has designed several tags for me! It's such a small world. Thanks for a GREAT mission! I can't wait to do another one.
  3. Email sent: 4/2 Name received: 4/9 Sunshine sent: 4/16 Sunshine received:
  4. Path tags are popular as well.
  5. Email sent 4/2/09 Name received 4/9/09 Sunshine sent Waiting for latest coin order to arrive before I decide, will mail by end of next week! Sunshine received
  6. Email sent 4/2/09 Name received Sunshine sent Sunshine received Thanks, looking forward to my second mission!
  7. Oh, I MUST have one of each!! Absolutely beautiful. Great job!
  8. Another female here. Hubby doesn't see the point of caching, and rarely goes with me. Yes, I do feel nervous sometimes to be isolated areas alone. I'm new to the sport and don't know any other cachers in the area yet, so the only alternative is to not go at all. I've even thought of getting a concealed weapons permit. Is that being paranoid?
  9. Received my package today, thanks Turlutortue! She sent me a great Midwest Geo-bash 2007 coin (which is cool since I live in Michigan), a The Cachingplace.com pin and her sig item, a cute little turtle. How do you make those, Jacqueline? It almost looks like the Shrinky-Dinks we had when I was a kid. Also a beautiful hand-made card with dried flowers-think Spring! Thanks again for everything. I hope you like what I sent you. Chris http://i480.photobucket.com/albums/rr167/c...47/DSC01020.jpg Having trouble uploading the pic, hope this works!
  10. Signed up: Yes Received name: Yes Mission Sent: Done!! Thanks, this was great fun! I hope there are more missions like this for us new folks.
  11. These are some of the prettiest coins I've seen! I can't resist. Email sent.
  12. 033. Thanks, great idea! What if no one guesses right?
  13. As a fellow n00b, one thing that has helped me is to click on the map section on the cache page. Then I use the satellite view and zoom in as close as it will let me. I was able to find a few caches just using that before I got my GPSr. The overhead view really helps!
  14. Doh! Wrong mission! Disregard, please.
  15. 1. Participating: 1/24/09 2. Received name: 1/27/09, ordered coin 3. Mission complete: 4. Cupid arrived:
  16. Another newcomer here. I've been using TNLNSL because that is what I saw so many others doing. Thanks for showing me the cache owner's perspective. Going forward all my logs will be much more descriptive!
  17. Thanks for your service. Count me in! I'd be interested.
  18. I had always wanted to try letterboxing, but didn't know how to use a compass, might get lost, etc. I made excuses not to try something new even though I thought it might be fun. In September my grown daughter told me about geocaching and asked if I wanted to go with them. I went, and was hooked! I bought a GPS so I didn't have to wait for them to be available and now I go by myself or with my dog. It's more fun to go with others, though.
  19. My five things to do before I die: 1. hand-sew a quilt for each of my children 2. restore an old house 3. visit every national park 4. learn to play guitar 5. finish researching my family tree
  20. Here's my geocaching bag, pretty lame I know: A free tote from my job My GPS and carry case My folder of cache info Some SWAG for the kiddies My one and only geo coin I"m a newb!
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