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  1. In an effort to simplify my life, I have decided to sell some of my coins. To start, I have available:


    Chi-Town Romeo Copper skull and cross bones

    Mario Bros. Xmas Black Nickel

    Australia Northern Territory 2009 Black Nickel


    All are unactivated. If interested, please send an offer to me thru my profile. Thanks!

  2. My wife is pretty certain that geocaching is stupid and that we're all idiots.

    Substitute husband and you've got it! What's the point if you can't make money doing it, he says. The worst part is that he is actually very good at it: great sense of direction, doesn't even need the compass, can find almost anything! But he won't go if it is too hot, too cold, too buggy or there's any chance of seeing a snake. So I mostly cache alone or with my grown daughter.


    My daughter Moustaches de chaton (cat's whiskers) received her package on sept 7th 2009.

    Sorry for not posting earlier.

    She was soooooooo eager to look into her BIG box coming back from school. Look at all she got!!!

    Everything was wrapped individually so more gifts!!!

    The coins are great ( she decided to give them to me :blink: How cool is she!)

    She loved everything, you hit the jackpot with the mangas and the drawing book too! And 2 caches ready to hide!




    I am glad your daughter enjoyed the gifts and you (lol) enjoyed the coins! Happy Birthday to Moustaches de chaton.



  4. Birthday mission email sent: 8/17

    Birthday mission name received: 8/20

    Birthday mission sent: 8/31, should arrive in plenty of time!

    Birthday mission received: 9/8, now I just have to hold out until my birthday before opening it....


    I opened my mission on my birthday, and WOW! Thank you so much Jennifer! I received so many nice things...but my favorite has got to be my awesome messenger bag with butterflies - it is perfect for me! I was just telling my daughter about how my old geobag was hurting my neck/shoulders from being too big and heavy...and look what arrives on at my door! I have already gone out caching with it, thank you so much.


    In addition to my geobag, I also received cookie cutters, beads, a cookbook, a teakettle paperweight, magnets, bath goodies, a ready made geocache, and more!! I love the coins too! Everything is so wonderful.


    Here are some photos of all of my wonderful gifts...thanks again, Jennifer Cutter! :blink::blink::P


    (Sorry it took so long for the pics, my daughter had to help me get them online.)





  5. Molly received a WONDERFUL mission package yesterday! She was so excited (I think she could smell the treats right through the box!). There were lots of doggie toys to play with, including her favorite-a furry ring with a squeaker inside, and balls to chase. There were also dog treats, a leash, and a collapsible bowl (both are already in the geo-bag, perfect for our next caching trip!). Also, there were FOUR coins: Keewee geotag, Geocaching Gone to the Dogs, Welsh lovespoon, and an Australia Northern Territory. Wow! I love them all! Thanks so much to Maxwell. This was the best mission ever!


    Photos to follow, once I figure out how to upload them. :P

  6. Molly, my golden retriever caching partner, can't wait to do a mission of her own!


    1. sent email: July 13

    2. Participating pet: Molly

    3. Type of pet: Dog

    4. Received Name:

    5. Mission Complete:

    6. Mission Arrived:



  7. Love the way this is moving right along.


    I'm pretty sure I have the list updated, but if you see your name missing, let me know.






    I put my half of the card in the little zippered compartment with the other card halves. :)


    Oh, and PawPaw, thanks so much for the coin. I LOVE it!!

  8. I have decided to use LadyBee's Idea and the mission will go out first thing in the morning with the coin to follow in a few days.


    Now the hard part, eenie meenie minee moe... here it goes!!! :D


    Thanks so much, PawPaw! The mission arrived today and I love your choice of coin (yes, I peeked at the picture! :D )


    Mission will be back out in tomorrow's maiil to the next random player. This is fun!! ;):D

  9. I received a WONDERFUL package for my mission: 4 coins (a beautilful butterfly, the April showers/May flowers set, and a cute hippie bus), 2 matching path tags, several great geo pins for my collection, a nice card and notepad, all from Butterfly Lady. Thank you so very much! This was such a nice surprise. And thanks to the mission organizers too!



  10. Nana:

    Email sent: yes

    Name received: Received 5/6

    Mission sent: Sent it today. It was going international so I sent it priority mail.

    Mission received: Yes from Lunamoth47. She did such a terrific mission for me. There was a garden flag, a magnet with flowers in it,yellow flowers which is my favorite color, stickers, socks, a beautiful card, 2 pathtags and a Spring into caching coin. I didn't have this coin and it is so nice. I like all the colors. Everything is colorful, springy and sure made my day. Oh yeah and flower napkins which I will take when I go to the coast tomorrow. I was supposed to pick some up today and forgot so I am all set now. Thank you Chris, you did great. I am so happy with it.






    Email sent: yes

    Name received: Received 5/6

    Mission sent: Sent it today.

    Mission received



    Grandson Guy:

    Email sent: yes

    Name received: Received 5/6

    Mission sent: Sent it today. It was going international so I sent it priority mail.

    Mission received



    I'm so glad you liked everything. I went through the list of coins on your profile, just hoping you didn't have that one! :unsure:

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