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  1. of all things I ordered mine on saturday, and not realizing that the folowing monday was a holiday, I still cant complain as I got the TB's on that friday. was able to track the progess of em via ups tracking number. the service was great it was just my dumb luck on when I placed the order.
  2. well havent put the gate in yet.. it just barbwire there for the moment... and am looking for the first person to find the cache and let me know what they think. yup have looked at other treads about front yard caches, and my house is no where near the cache so I shouldnt have any problems in that aspect. but then again one never knows. that why the dogs guard the house.. heheheheh I have room in that area to hide atleast 1-2 more caches and not sure what sort I will place. one might be a micro or one on a lanyard have yet to decide .. but that is for another topic or thread.
  3. I dont allow hunters on my property to go after game ie deer or turkey, and they know they are protected there... the only thing I allow is camera's and now the only thing that will be hunted is the cache that I have hid there... hehehehe have the cache hidden now and one can look for windy hill farm #1 to see the cache.. dont have the link to the cache handy right now... sorry about that...
  4. well I was planning on making a place for more than one vehicle to park if there happens to be more than one group looking for the cache at one time.. but you have made a good point that I over looked.. dont need the high schoolers out there partying and making a big mess there Trucker
  5. That is a great idea, do you mind if someone else uses it. that is what I like about the forums. now it hits me why not put a FTF certificate inside. I LOVE IT have several good programs to make em up with. so it will be a more or less hand made item and still at a low cost... thanks.... Trucker
  6. I have made up a special card that I like to drop in caches.. it is one that just has the Wheresgeorge web addy and also geocache addy and my nick or handle that I use ... (am lucky to have be able to use the same nick/handle on both sites) basically it just has the nick and home town on it, and I based it off of another card that I found in a cache. I have a friend that collects all types of business cards and when I told him about some of the cards that I have seen in the geocaches. it is getting him interested in caching to look for cards like this.. TruckerGeorge.
  7. have seen somewhere of what other people found as a FTF goodie in a cache and I am on a limited budget. this doesnt mean that there will be junk in my caches either. guess what I am getting at is what would draw some one out to find the cache the first time other than just looking for the cache? TruckerGeorge
  8. now that sounds like a great idea for the combination.. but am not sure that I really want to make it that hard.. but a good idea none the less.. the area that I am planning on placing the caches is on the wooded land on my propery and about 10 acres more or less and I wanted to put about 2-3 caches there and each one with its own theme... 1) yu-gi-oh trading cards only 2)food recipes only 3)general all purpose cache...
  9. thanks for the fast reply on that... the area on my property is wooded and has deer and wild turkey on it, and one can spot them if quiet enough when walking about. I like the combo lock idea and will use that... also the area on my property is when one of the first black churches was started in the area in the pre dust bowl days of oklahoma. and is of a minor historical value. the old church is there in ruins..
  10. am planning on setting up some caches on my own property. but will need to have a locked gate to help keep the local high school kids out on weekends. if I start out with the first cache as the key to the gate to let people on the property will this be appoved??? as once you on the property you can lock the gate and park and then find the other caches I am planning on hiding.. any ideas or thoughts???? thanks truckergeorge
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