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  1. VERY cool!! This is my first CannonBall Run race....I'm hoping for some beginners luck! (And a little help from some x-country friends!!) Best of luck to all! VRRROOOOMMMM! this is my first race as well.. and I am hoping the best of luck to everyone in the race. with that nice tag on it.. well there no doubt that it a special tb.. engine revved up and ready to roll... TruckerGeorge
  2. This is your bug, the one I mentioned earlier in this thread! Ain't that a crock? Yuppers that is my TB.... know this not really the place to ask or post. but did I have a tb travel sheet on the bug??? it was my first one to place out in the wild. and now I make sure I have a sheet attached to my bugs from this point out. TruckerGeorge
  3. I tend to agree with the rant on this, as I have a travel but that was 70 mile + or - from the state capitol of that state. now it in the hands of some one taking it to another state. oh well that the way the travel bug travels at times. but the goal of my bug is to visit the state capitol cities of the continental USA. right now I am trying to find a map or just to do it in html listing the state and capitol of each state that it needs to visit. this was my first tb and am not sure if I had a sheet attached to it or not TruckerGeorge
  4. I jsut stopped by city hall today to obtain permission to place caches at the local lake. it has to go through the council meeting. but with all the information that I gave them on caching the two 60ish ladies there were wanting to go out caching. I also left them information on CITO as well. it seems that these ladies are part of the city council and that I made a good impression on them to obtain permission to place caches at the lake.. TruckerGeorge
  5. wow... just went out and mailed it and didnt realize I would win POLE position good luck to every one.... T.G.
  6. this is what happened to me this week <br> look at my log entry I thought it was funny afterwards.. but everything ended up great
  7. Just mailed my racer today , good luck to every one out there.. this looks like it going to be a fun race...
  8. Great JOB!!! this will help me out with several new areas where I am planning on placing caches. This will save alot of breath and such when trying to explain everything to the Park Rangers.
  9. AM getting roach Coach ready to roll.......
  10. this would be the second cache on my property and could restock it weekly if needed. This is a wooded area, and has deer rabbits and wild turkey out and about if you can watch an look for em... am trying to make a cache where kids would love to go hunting for it as well as the adults. TruckerGeorge
  11. I am getting my second cache container ready so I can go out and place it in the next week or so. here is my question(s) or thoughts. I am planning on having some of the normal swag in the ammo box, but am also thinking of placing a 3x5 index card box in side as well with some yu-gi-oh, and lord of the rings trading cards. not wanting to make it a members only cache. but would like it open to all, what sort of difficulty should this cache be. I know it should have some challenge to it but not also be too easy to find. Will families and kids walk out in the woods for a cache like this? not meaning to ramble but any thoughts or ideas would be helpful... TruckerGeorge
  12. well am not sure how to post a photo to a message or how to put a link in. but if you look at my TB 5_ball it is a key chain of the 5-ball, I also have the 13 ball as well as an active TB I found these as key chains at a billiards store and they had the whole complete set of numbers plus the cue ball as key chains. this might be something to look at ... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=69270 TruckerGeorge
  13. would love to see something like that as well... know that I have seen a few bugs out there that have 50 people watching it.. not sure if that would cause problems with the idea or not... seems there are some pretty popular bugs out there... Trucker
  14. never thought of that .. will be adding clear packing tape to cover the labels.. just found a few of the canisters that the labels were starting to come off on.. must have been some oil or such there causing it not to stick... Trucker
  15. well am close but not that close.. am in lincoln county, well davenport. would like to head up that way to do some hunting . but would be a bit too far for me to maintain a cache there...
  16. I got the film canisters at a 1 hour photo place in the mall.. they had a huge box of em and said they were just going to throw them away. am sure if you ask nicely enough they will hold em for you and such if you need more than what they have there.. I made several trips that week and well I know that I had more that 2000 of them at the time but can only find 200 of em. Trucker
  17. very similar to what I have put on my lables and they stick nicely to the film canister as well. no need to sand paper or anything. have about 60 of these made up so far. and well got rid of that big bag of walmart sacks that was in the kitchen.
  18. Was thinking about a note for inside as well... but tried it and the note does not make it too well. I am hoping that people with use the sack for CITO and then use the film canister for a micro of their own or take it with them to another cache with a new sack inside. one can only hope Trucker
  19. What type of bag do you use? A regular trash bag? Plastic grocery bag? This is actually a pretty neat idea! I could think of a few places near me that could use a cache full of these... I am using a walmart bag, or dollar general bag, ect as I have plenty of those around (who doesnt) and they fit nicely into the film can. not much room for anything else though but still it helps out with CITO where caches dont have a bag or sack in em... Trucker
  20. That was going to be my suggestion. If can fit them add a pair of latex gloves for the really icky CITO. Well that is my plan with them, well already in use. Am planning on leaving them in caches that I find (well not the micro or virtuals) as a signature item. with a lable on them saying what is inside and hope it works. am sure if there were more items like this in a cache it would help people trash out. But then again could be wrong. Trucker
  21. while in another forum I posted that I found close to 200 film canisters and found a good way to place them into a cache and help out with cito . inside the film canister I have plave a plastic walmart sack (or other plastic sacks that tend to come home with me). and on the outside I have placed a sticker that also reads. "Inside is a sack for trash. Please use it here or other caches you may visit." of the future caches I will visit I am making up a bunch to place in the cache for the next finder or let someone take it with them for when they go caching. I hope this idea catches on as it is a neat way to make sure there a sack or such to carry trash out with... Trucker
  22. well didnt get these at wally world. but think it was a place in a mall that did one hour photos. I was going to use them long ago for christmas lights and custom decorations or the like.. but they got boxed and forgotten.
  23. now that is a Great idea. something one can leave as a signature item in a cache when they visit . the sack for trash and the canister can be reused in another cache else where. Trucker
  24. Was going through my storage shed and found a box that I didnt realize that I had even packed or moved with me. Inside I found close to (well guessing any way) 200 empty 35mm film canisters. my thought was. that would be way to many micros to find hiding places for but am sure I can use them in several multi's .... now the wheels start spinning on how to make the best use of them as possible. Trucker
  25. of all things I ordered mine on saturday, and not realizing that the folowing monday was a holiday, I still cant complain as I got the TB's on that friday. was able to track the progess of em via ups tracking number. the service was great it was just my dumb luck on when I placed the order.
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