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  1. I find it somewhat intriguing that Groundspeak doesn't just by default give you a souvenir for each distinct country you find a cache in, but rather specifically chooses countries and (in the case of the US) States to give souvenirs to. I'm not criticizing that approach, I'm just curious if there is a specific criteria. For example does a country need to have a certain number or density of cache's to be considered for souvenir status? As someone who has been actively pushing caching in the country I reside in (Costa Rica) I'm curious what would be required to get my country to qualify for that status.
  2. Yeah like I said I'm not super concerned with my cache's specifically, it was more of a general question. I assume in more cache dense areas of the world (Costa Rica has less than 200 caches for the whole country) there are more reviewers. I've only seen one reviewer active for the country so it was more a general concern than a 'why haven't my caches been published concern'. As I mentioned in my response to Keystone above I'd be interested in finding out who are the reviewers for my area as I've only really seen listings published by two reviewers (and on all the recent ones just the one who apparently is now retired).
  3. Thanks Keystone. Ironically I'm originally from PA and I hid a cache there on a recent trip. You were the one who approved it barely an hour or two after I submitted it. I guess I got spoiled with your fast response time (In fact I went to my parents house to print some logs and submitted it there expecting to take a couple days like my experience here in Costa Rica. When you approved it so quickly I had to jump in the car and place the cache now with log and someone found it a couple hours later.) Like I said I wasn't complaining, I was just concerned. I've only looked at the cache's in northern CR and it seems most had been approved by the same reviewer. When I saw he hadn't been online since the 23rd I just got concerned since I'm really trying to push getting more cache's posted here in CR and wasn't sure what to do with (in my experience the only reviewer) not having been online in a few weeks. I've been a cacher "officially" for ten years, but after brief experience with in in 2007 only got back into it in 2016 so especially in terms of hiding caches and the review process I'm a bit of a novice. Now that I've gotten the supplies (buffalo tubes, hide a key rocks and magnetic containers, camo tape, pill bottles, etc.) I've got plans to hide 20+ cache's which would represent over 10% of the caches in the whole country. It's hard to keep caches here due to rapid and thick growth and an abundance of muggle activity by the locals, but I'm trying to push it here. I've even coordinated with the local tourism organization and some local business owners to hide on their properties. I appreciate the work the reviewers do. My 'day job' is running a fairly large forum/online community so I know how much time is voluntarily dedicated to jobs like that. Out of curiosity is there a way to keep track of who the reviewers are for your area? A lot of cache's here are placed by tourists on vacation and as much as I'd love to have cache's to find, so many of them around me are not maintained and missing that it would be good to be able to communicate about them with a reviewer. (I previously worked with my apparently now retired reviewer to sort some of those out, but have more since the last time we chatted).
  4. Not exactly sure where to post this. Here in Costa Rica the number of cache's is abysmal (officially 180ish but I'd guess 1/4th of them are MIA placed by tourists and never maintained). Now that I got a chance to pick up some supplies in the US I'm trying to plant a bunch of cache's. I know that they say up to a week to review and it's only been 4 days (last one I planted here took 6 days to get approved) so I'm not really that concerned yet, but I noticed that the reviewer who has approved most the cache's in Costa Rica hasn't been seen in three weeks (since Feb. 23rd). Is there some type of system in place for if the reviewer responsible for an area disappears (ie cache's take more than a week to get approved) to let someone know?
  5. Bumping this thread. I live in the Arenal area and I'm happy to help out. Went out today and found 3 of the 6 caches I looked for. From spoiler photos it appears at least two of the other three have disappeared. So is life here. I'm going to start planting some caches around the area because there are quite few.
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