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  1. I will be visiting the North Island for the next two weeks and hope to hit some caches along the way and drop off some TBs that wanted to travel. If you have a TB you would like to see America, see if it can make it to Hamilton or a cache nearby. I will see what I can do. Timber Crasher the geocacher
  2. This isn't as bad as a pit full of rotten deer.....but I picked up a bag full of dead cats by the river that someone had dumped in. It must have been floatin' for a while by the smell of things. Once I put the juicy mess inside a plastic bag, it cut the odor a lot though.
  3. Love to get in on that .20 cents a page deal. What campus bookstore is that? Maybe I can order a bunch. I love the paper, it's the price I can't handle.
  4. I tried treating some paper with Thompsons water seal. It worked OK, but not as nice as the store bought stuff. I tried Scotch guard also but no go. But then again, I'm one of those, "if you can make it, why buy it" kind of guys.
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