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  1. The edition of Geocaching in Australia Vol 3 Issue 1 magazine shipping during March 2013 will feature lots of photo's and highlights from the BIG Little Event (Nelson Vic Jan 2013) for those that may like it as a souvenir of the event. Thanks
  2. Thanks to those that attended.. a great weekend was had by us and from what I've heard by the others that made the trip too... Nelson is an amazing area and hope you got to see all the beautiful spots we selected for geocaches.. Would like to hear from anyone who has a story they would like to share... We were in The Border Watch this week and am in the process of talking to the Portland Observer now to be published next week, so keep an eye open for that... Great time to be a geocacher... enjoy the other coming events, SA, QLD, Canberra... and watch this space another BIG Little Event is coming.. Best wishes, James
  3. Hi all, For those coming to the event or just in the area, the 50+ new geocaches are done and ready for you to hunt... Maybe do a pocket query and download, good luck and enjoy. Thanks
  4. We are pleased to announce the kiosk will be available for meals open most of the day Fri / Sat / Sun including drinks, coffee, snacks and ice creams. A menu will be avaialble soon. Thanks
  5. For those interested the BIG Little Event is being featured as well as a general geocaching chit chat on ABC SE Radio breakfast show tomorrow with Lucy Richards for anyone whom may wish to tune in.. Cheers
  6. Update: Please note on site accommodation update. Rooms with private shower / toilet .. No longer Available SOLD OUT Powered Campsites - No longer Available SOLD OUT Unpowered sites and regular rooms still available. Thanks.
  7. We've currently looking at QLD & TAS if you know of any areas... cheers
  8. Its a geocaching event.. Cheers
  9. Interested in improving our next event? Take our survey.. https://app.expressemailmarketing.com/takesurvey.aspx?id=27688 Thanks James
  10. Thanks for the replies, sorry I should of added within Australia at this stage but i will look at your suggestions... as overseas is not totally out of the question for the future.. Cheers
  11. Hi all, We've been looking for some time as to where to take the BIG Little event next as we want to take it on the road and offer a larger event to areas that may not normally get one.. within Australia... So if you know you're area well and think there's a place worth us checking out please send me info or links so we can have a look. You can see More information at www.BIGlittleEvent.com GC3JC6J about the current event. Thanks James
  12. Bit of trivia.. Was just in Melbourne helping out with filming a geocaching documentary. Was interesting.. And we'll be showing it at the event.. Cheers James
  13. For the kids... We're happy to announce we'll have a Jumping castle at the event for the children for awhile on the weekend.. among other activities being planned....
  14. Event update. Thanks to those who have logged a will attend for the event. Those who have but still have not filled out the REGISTRATION form please do we need the details regarding accommodation etc. http://www.biglittleevent.com/registration.html We have 65 geocachers attending so far that are officially registered. This is not including those will attends who have not done the registration. So the we're projecting at approx. 390 to attend the event at the moment. A large promotional campaign is about to start in various areas so this is expected to increase. Anyone with questions about the event. You can email me or leave messages here. http://www.biglittleevent.com/contact-us.html Thanks..
  15. e've had a few people offer to help during the event as a volunteer. If you are willing to offer some of your time please contact me for more information. Thanks
  16. We have a preview in Vol 2 Issue 2 of Geocaching in Australia magazine. Thanks
  17. Hi Just a reminder those who have registered and pre-paid please log your "Will Attend" on the GC listing GC3JC6J Thanks to everyone for the great support, phone calls and emails. Much appreciated. Regards James
  18. Event accommodation update. ONLY 1 BUNK ROOM with showers / toilet left.. Still standard rooms and plenty of camping spaces..
  19. Hi all, Pleased to announce that I got an email that the event is now live on GC http://coords.info/GC3JC6J Please the users that already paid and registered log your Will Attend on GC. Anyone interested in coming please check out the event website http://www.BIGLittleEvent.com/ Happy to answer any questions if you want to leave a message on the forums or email us directly at biglittleevent@gmail.com Thanks James
  20. The official GC event listing is due to go online in the next 24 hours.. Also thanks to a sponsor here's the official event logo.. What do you think? Cheers
  21. Campers on site at the event will also have access to a washing machine & dryer.. We've also secured access to two gas BBQ's that campers can use free of charge and gas is supplied.. Thanks
  22. UnPowered Campsite update: If you're booking an unpowered campsite at the event, you can use a generator but to keep the noise to a minimum we've allocated an area for campers with generators only. We'd appreciate your assistance with letting us know with your booking. Thanks. Any questions? Please ask..
  23. We're adding a special competition for this event.. Did you visit us at oz mega? Did you sign our log book while there at oz mega? Yes you say!! Great.. if you also attend this event and sign our log book again.. you'll go into a very exclusive draw to WIN some excellent goodies.. who knows you might be the only one in the draw... you're chances would be pretty good..
  24. We're pleased to announce a MAJOR SPONSORSHIP of the BIG little Event by a GPS company. We'll have cool prizes to give away to some lucky attending team... Good luck..
  25. Although it is not allowed by current rules, who says the rules should not be changed to grow with the sport? I would have no problem doing a cache like that if an interesting location. Things sometimes need to change, a listing for nano sizes on cache pages for example..
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