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  1. Finally I got the hint at the Polish discussion group and now we can see the map with location of all our founds on the https://project-gc.com/ website. Go to Tools/Map Compare, check "One found", add and check "Show disabled/archived" filter. The map is fantastic as it shows type of cache found (on GC map one has to click on smiley to see the cache type)!
  2. Dzięki! Działa jak się doda i zaznaczy filtr Show disabled/archived. Widać wtedy wszystkie znalezione kesze!
  3. Cześć, Od roku jesteśmy na GC, a tu proszę taka fajna strona PL Fajną macie tu mapę. Czy można na niej zobaczyć wszystkie znalezione kesze, nawet te które zostały już zarchiwizowane? Czy może da się dopisać opcję "pokaż wszystkie znalezione"? Pozdrawiamy Magda_M_team
  4. Yes, that is right. I want to see my map cluttered with my smiles :-) I see the "I've found" radiobutton in the right hand panel of the search page, but for me a basic geocacher this is greyed out.
  5. Hi, Why smiles disappear from map when geocache is archived? I am sure you can make the smile last forever. We want to see all our finds on the map even those which does not exist anymore. Cheers, Magda_M_team
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