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    ok ween you find a geocoin what are you suppost to do keep it or keep it moving? cause some people are selling the stuff online
  2. traumagolfer


    whats your call sign and how loung have you been a ham and a geo hunter
  3. how do you become a Caches reviewer?
  4. ok thanks guys i put it in a new place and the tb is not there now i have it till it goses up
  5. ok there is a cache 146 feet from mine acording to your site but it is not and they did not get premission to have it there i want my cache to go online and the other off they have not been keeping up with it and it flooded there so it is not there and it is till on there but they are not working on it and i have to drive back over there i just sent two emails to geo and they are being very slow can you all help the cache name is GC1H0B7 thanks to who helps and i walked there and looked for any other geo but i did not see one i got a email that there is a geo there but it would have to be 600 feet from were mine is can you help!!!!!!!!!!! thanks
  6. is the first geo still there and what kind of gps would you reckamend?
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