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  1. I recently bought a new computer with windows 8. A few bugs along the way but not too bad...however I have another one now! When I try to send a geocache to my 62s my gps from my computer via geocaching.com website, it is not recognized. I have installed the latest garmin plugin and even updated the gps with map updater. The gps is recognized everywhere else except geocaching.com. Hopefully someone can offer a suggestion as to what may be the problem. Thanks.
  2. I too own a 60cx for a few yrs now.I went and bought the 62s last fall expecting it to be nothing but improvments over the 60cx...I was disappointed in that respect.While some things on the 62 are better some are not.I just wish they would have improved the 60cx.
  3. K I did that and now it's all gone!!Thatnks for that!!This forum is so helpful for that!!
  4. In the gpx file folder there's an Archive folder and then there's a current,geocache and temp item s there.Do I delete all of them?
  5. I want to clear out all waypoints and geocaches from my Nuvi 40LM.I think I have it done since when I touch "where to" and then "favorites" there nothing there.Now here's the problem...when I open up Basecamp it's still showing I have 36 geocaches on it.How do I go about getting rid of them?
  6. I have the Garmin 62s and when a cache is loaded it shows everthing...the coorddinates,name difficulty,description,hints,recent logs and anything else the website shows.
  7. I use both mapsource and basecamp. I also have a Garmin 62S, that doesn't work well with mapsource. Are there any tricks here I should know.
  8. Well here's here I get it to work.I hold on the battery icon for about 3 seconds and then scroll through the page till I get to the page called "Version information Nuvi 40 l-4" V432DDR2gb" I then click start test and run it for a few seconds and then stop,then turn it off and plug it into my puter and viola!There it is! Strange but true.
  9. I'm using a pc.I can send waypoints to it but I get my favorites/waypoints from it It says "There was a problem communicating with Nuvi 40 LM Unit ID ####### (G:). An error occured while reading the following file(s)G:/gpx/current.gpx. I bought this about a month ago,I guess it's still under warranty.I don't want to have to send it back though,I'd like to be able to fix it.
  10. I recently bought a Nuvi 40 LM and while it works fine it won't communicate with my computer.I cn't grt the favorites/waypoint to my computer.It say there's a problem communicating with you device.can't read the GPX files.Anyone else have this problem?If so did you and how did you fix it.
  11. I have a nuvi 1250 and I have them on there and looks ok.
  12. As my Garmin Nuvi is a couple years old I was wondering if there is a free download of updated maps for 2011.
  13. Try installing to a different directory. Looks like it's trying to overwrite an old version and having problems. Dale Tried that Dale and it worked!!Thanks alot...now to have a good look at it!!
  14. Well I guess so...it is my computer and I have installed previous versions of Ibycus maps with no problem. Pretty sure there's something I'm missing or something I've done to cause this...keep trying I guess.
  15. I got a problem...the downkload is complete...I got it burnt to a dvd but when I go to install it I get a warning like this...I hope the picture shows up.
  16. I cleared my cache and it worked fine.Downloading now...gonna be a while due to slow internet here but it'll come.Thanks guys.
  17. I do have utorrent...but when I click on your link I get the same page...all letters numbers and symbols.
  18. When I click on that link all I see is a very large page of letters numbers and symbols.There must be something I'm doing wrong then eh?
  19. I have been in contact with someone in Groundspeak support over tthe last 2 days and they have informed tthat they are narrowing down the problem and are hoping to have it fixed soon.They're saying that this has been harder than normal to fix because it only happens for some users.So hang on...they are working on it!!
  20. Still no luck with this issue.Does anyone else have this problem?Is there a fix?
  21. Thanks guys,this is the page I was looking for.Thanks again.
  22. How do you add photos to a cache description.I did it before with the aid of a page about adding html or something.Can anyone point me in the right direction here.
  23. I have posted as a comment in a thread there http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/7586...tried-reinstall I just did the software update on the phone and still no change.I wonder if I did the restore thing with the phone if that would help.
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