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  1. quiet plug for Christmas Card Lane Cache, now up and running for this year, thanks to PQCachers prodding! A good cache for an evening stroll around a festive area. Plenty of bling! p.s. oh and there is a TB in it that wants to go to New Zealand p.p.s I am going to England soon so if you have any TBs that want to go too, drop them in! ttfn Jane
  2. [ I"m heading to New Zealand on business in March but won't be able to get to Christmas Card lane until after Christmas. I'll check to see if it is still in the neighborhood when we return from Yosemite. -Gecko Dad Thanks GD I'll leave the TB in the cache for you unless another cacher takes it in the meantime. ttfn Jane
  3. Oh I just got one of those suckers for Christmas! My Sirrus radio is suckered to the front windscreen too...opps! By the way how does the GPS sit in the cradle/bracket, we can't work out how it stays in place. Jane quiet plug for Christmas Card Lane Cache, now up and running for this year, thanks to PQCachers prodding! p.s. oh and there is a TB in it that wants to go to New Zealand p.p.s I am going to England soon so if you have any TBs that want to go too, drop them in!
  4. We did Bear Valley loop in our Dodge Caravan Town & Country and there was only the cache by the Helipad up there when we did it! We met a jeep coming up on our downward trip, was he surprised? ttfn Jane wouldn't recommend it though!!
  5. We are going to the UK and France in December, if that's any good to you? We will hope to do some caching, at least check on our own caches, if not more!! I saw you have just been there yourself as you found one of the caches I'm 'watching'! ttfn jane
  6. Adding my congrsatulations to jahoadi! and john!! Well done. ttfn Jane
  7. Just a quick note to let you know that Simon, Mr Silver Horde!, had his hip replacement surgery on Wednesday! He is recovering well and will be home today, Saturday. Our geocaching will be a little restricted for a few weeks, but hopefully when it's cooler in the winter months we will be back on the trails! As they have lengthened his right leg by 2cm, he will have no excuse for walking around in circles following the GPS Arrow!! ttfn Jane
  8. Hope you're soon fully recovered. Just sit and take it easy, hope you have air conditioning!! ttfn Jane
  9. [ Congrats to Silver Horde on reaching 400 While doing the Jet Engine Cache SKILLET CONGRATS TO SKILLET ON HITTING 800 ON THE CAMPOUT Thanks to everyone at the campout, we would'nt have made it out to the Jet Engine for our 400th cache without such a great team effort!! Congratulations to all others who celebrate their numbers!! ttfn Jane & Simon
  10. We didn't make it up for the snowboarding/geocaching after all but hopefully we may come up for some camping in the summer. ttfn jane
  11. Hi Jane....where did you find them? and how many are left? Thanks, David Hi I'm not sure how many were left. I found the cards while doing caches in the Elfin forest http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...00-d789b79b57b1 ttfn jane
  12. I picked up 2 Yrium Memorial Series card 27 dhsundance and 3 Bikedog memorial #2 #4 #6 Ttfn Jane
  13. You should try driving an English car in France when you're used to driving in the US. Right side of the road but the steering wheel is on the wrong side is totaly confusing.
  14. Bringing our kids up for some snowboarding Sunday and hope to do some caches while we are up that way. Any reccomendations. I have done a pocket query but a word from the wise is worth so much more!! ttfn Jane aka Silver Horde
  15. I have a cache near Cherbourg, (Tocqueville)I am English but live in California. It is close to my MIL's cottage. The first finder was Dutch. A truely international cache I think!!! It was allowed because we visit often and the mod is a sweetie! ttfn Jane
  16. I am so sad at reading this. Bikedog (and Howling Wolf) were some of the first cachers Simon and I met while out caching when we first started. He always had time to stop and have chat at campouts and other events. We will miss him. Jane
  17. Silver Horde is the name given to a gang of extremely old Barbarian heroes led by Cohen the Barbarian. Barbarian heroes usually go around killing mad priests, stealing the riches of hidden temples, rescueing maidens, and so on, and then spend the money on drinks, women, horses, or just the expensive lifestyle in Ankh-Morpork. Barbarian heroes tend to get rich quickly and then run out of money quickly. One day, Cohen decided to gather a few old Barbarian heroes to invade Hunghung, the capital city of Agatean Empire, for a last grand theft, a retirement score to provide for the last years of their lives. The phrase "rich in years" is much more than a euphemism in describing the old age for these Barbarian heroes. Each of these old men has decades of experience in fighting and staying alive. From About Discworld & Pratchett Wiki I was looking for a new name as I didn't like my original name jane8276 which was my real name and my GS troop # as I'm not a GS leader any more. I'd just read Terry Pratchett's book Interesting Times and reached a significant birthday, so I chose Silver Horde. I have to be careful to pronounce the 'd' clearly or I get strange looks. ttfn Jane
  18. We did Bear Valley Loop http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=y&decrypt= Now archived, this was before the cache explosion!! Could not make the mass visit today but am enjoying reading about everyone elses finds. I see there is a new cache here now and will put it on my watchlist!! April 26, 2003 by Silver Horde (346 found) I only printed this cache out for fun but when S saw how close we were, he decided to go for it. We don't have 4wd and this we knew might be a problem, but S put our van into low gear and we slowly but surely made our way up the mountain! It must be one of the slowest white knuckle rides in town! Things got a bit hairy in a couple of places and I felt I might have to lean out (as you do on a boat) to keep all the wheels on the ground but I closed my eyes instead and we made it. Parked the van and decided to walk the last 500 yards or so, our nerves couldn't take any more and we still had the return trip to do. Fantastic views of Buckmans Springs. Luckily we found the cache easily, signed the huge logbook and left a compass combo (I think). Now for the trip down. This didn't seem as bad even though we met a jeep coming up, fortunately at a slightly wider part of the track. I expect they were surprised to see a Town & Country Dodge Caravan coming towards them!! Thanks for the terrific adventure!! ttfn Jane
  19. I found Chupy 4 in Dec. 2001. I didn't keep a record of any of the intermediate points. But I do know that the ammo can was there the last time we checked it out, probably when we did the Headless horseman cache last year!! Some great memories associated with that cache! Some great old and not forgotten cachers logged it and Chupy 1, which I never did find!! (hi Vagabond!!*waves) ttfn Jane
  20. Is he live or dead.... has he thoughts within his head..... He was turned to steel In the great magnetic field Where he traveled time For the future of mankind This does sound like a LXG thing! Can you imagine Ozzie geocaching? Black Sabbath's Paranoid was the first record album I ever owned.... Hi Flagman Ozzie does go caching in manner of speaking! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=908 Nice to see you at the picnic ttfn Jane aka jane8276 in the old days!!
  21. This one? xxxxxxxxx I think it was archived along with the other Torrey Pines caches because the Rangers didn't want them there AT ALL - not even the name of the park was left on the web site when they were archived (notice that the coordinates have been zeroed out as well). Thanks for finding this again. It is a wonderful area and I remember the walk and cache well! (I found it july 6 2003) shame about the rangers. ttfn jane
  22. Wow, that's so great! Even got the colours in the reflections!! wonderful. ttfn Jane
  23. How nice to see the old familiar names!! I often wonder what happened to Mark71Mark he placed some memorable caches that are still favourites today!! Zcat went to England and I believe still caches over there. He pops back here now and again but as yet we have not been able to meet up! Phoenix Cache (formaly the Auf Widersehen Cache) is one of theirs and one of the the highest caches I've done! ttfn jane aka jane8276 silverhorde Member since Monday, August 13, 2001
  24. If you like puzzles you should try here http://www.puzzledonkey.co.uk/1/default.asp It's owned by some geocachers in the UK. It sucks you in. ttfn jane
  25. I'm a UK cacher too with my 300th cache looming into view but although I have cached in the UK most of my finds are in the US with just a couple in France!! ttfn jane San Diego CA
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