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  1. I just updated my geocaching app and I'm Charter member. I download a list and don't see the Trails map for off line use. Any suggestions? Never mind it was a memory issue,
  2. Almost 12 years for me and I enjoy the game as much if not more now! I've met some wonderful people and found many exciting and varied caches in places I might never have been and in places I pass every day. I'm happy to find one cache in a new area or when I come across an old cache along a new power trail. I've had days when I've found more caches in a day than I found the first 3 years I was caching! I thank each and every cache owner for all the fun I have playing this game.
  3. I know you said not urban caches but I would like to recommend http://coord.info/GCNWXQ as a good cache to use to explore the city.
  4. I remembered as soon as I saw the BBC report and although I didn't have the nerve to post here I did mention it on a Facebook page!!
  5. Thank goodness for this thread! I thought I was seeing things!
  6. Charter member here! Love being able to say that even if we don't get anything for it!!
  7. Great idea. Here in San Diego there is a cache that is paired with one on the Isle of Man. http://coord.info/GC3H1G2 and http://coord.info/GC3F9HT they were fun to do!
  8. This just in ... My gosh, the father of the "This just in ..." is in town and on the trail. How did I miss out? O yeah, Jeep or FJ t' qualify, I get it. Good on you guys for hooking East Mesa into the Noble Canyon area. That's been on my list to do for some time. How nice it is to see the ol' boy from Alabama return to San Diego. From the photos it seems that you still have a full set of front teeth ... don't that set you apart from others when y' venture into th' 'bama piney-woods? Flatulent Fathers, yeppur, Alabama through and through. So it goes, Sweet ol' Harmon Note to Self: Of course I had t' fix their friggin photo. Second thought, you guys reminded me of the good old days of San Diego Geocaching. Here's another useful medication Those were the days my friends ... Any more photos from this event? I was there but not in this photo!!
  9. Such a shame the Stourhead ones were archived. All the history is lost.
  10. The Thirsty Ladies will be up when the weather is right!! I like smaller loops or a 2 car through trail myself. Wishing there was a way from GC3D446 to the road!! Looking forward to your trails asap. Jane
  11. There is no stopping now 15,000 Well done! Many congrats!!
  12. There's no such thing as bad publicity either. So now a lot more folks are going to take an interest in this cache ring!
  13. Working on some of your puzzles... I'm not sure we will have time for caching too!
  14. Happy birthday Harmon! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!!
  15. You're right: Although the challenge is listed there on our tab "Geocaches Found" there doesn't seem to be any way to provide a link to our (my) log and photograph of me kissing a frog. Hmmmm. You could be right... That may be a good thing As for it being "utter trash", I'm prepared to wait and see how it all develops over the next few weeks. The experience of having to find a suitably compliant frog to kiss, taking a photograph, uploading it and writing a brief comment log was marginally more interesting than finding some film pot in an un-inspiring location and trying to sign the obligatory damp log strip. MrsB I dId the frog kissing too as I have a frog tb and as a frog is a gc mascot but it appears to have been archived, voted off by the community, not sure if I'll bother again:(
  16. No-one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No-one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets. And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this earth with envious eyes; and slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us. Jeff Waynes WOTW is one of my favourites!
  17. In the UK they have a challenge cache that you can only find if you find a cache that has remained unfound for a year. http://coord.info/GC2HD75
  18. Must have one near a house with barking dogs!
  19. Female here! I do all the cache planning, logging and forum viewing. Mr SH likes to hike so I have to choose my caches with care, not too many or too close together! He likes to choose where we go and then I find if there are any caches there. He more often makes the find even without the GPS and prefers to use maps. Something that annoys me a bit is at events people assume that he is the cacher!
  20. Trixxie and I were only thinking about Carl while up on Cowles Mountain on Thursday! We found Vista del Cegrube's Casa http://coord.info/GCVETA among others. Very sad news. GRUBERT, CARL ERNEST 1942 to 2011 Born in Illinois. Family moved to San Diego in 1949 where Carl remained until his death. He married Stella Elena in 1964. Two children were born of their union. Carl served proudly in the military. He worked over 33 years for Pac Bell, never missing a day of work due to illness, and completed his college education during that time. Carl started at Pac Bell as a linesman and worked his way up to engineer, while going to school and raising a family. Carl was a fitness fanatic before a "healthy life style" became popular. He was known for his incredible endurance in running, biking, hiking, fishing, and geocaching, etc. Anything that involved physical activity. Carl just finished his last marathon, crossing the finish line in Heaven. Carl is survived by his beloved wife, Stella; son, Carl (Ashley); daughter, Laura (Jim); sister, Carleen (George), and two grandchildren, Joseph Street and Ariel Grubert, and large extended family. Memorial services will be held on March 26, 2011 at Del Cerro Baptist Church, 5512 Pennsylvania Lane, La Mesa, California, beginning at 3:00 p.m. In lieu of floral arrangements, please send donations to the American Cancer Society or the American Diabetes Association . The last time I saw Carl he had found a pair of my sunglasses that I had left at some cache somewhere, and we met up for a FTF hunt in MTRP. He was still very strong but told me about some health issues with his legs. RIP, General. We will miss you!! My good friend and able adversary from the MTRP Cache War of 2006. Bless and keep him. SAD SO VERY SAD! He was a good person, I enjoyed racing him to FTF caches all hours of the day! My Prayers to the Family
  21. Honkity, honk, honk, honk!! Good on ya, Harmon, for doing the full monte out there!! That hike almost killed me!! And you didn't even warn me this time!! It looks like it almost killed Harmon too. Let me say it this way ... I slept in this morning. However, I'm up now and doing my manly-man chores. Thing is that Mother Nature made the steps too tall going up through the bouldering section. Trying to keep pace with Joe and John made a difference as well. Made me feel good to read that a renowned high-country hiker, namely FlagMan, had some pain doing that last section of the climb. We've been Chuyed! ... that's all there is to it. Truth is I had a delightful day along that high trail with my pals Joe and John. Related Log Entry A study in black and gray Note to Self: Wonder what's holding others back from this hike? Snakes seem to be a recurring theme this month. I think I'm done with finding snakes near caches already this year. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=d892e3b3-0dbd-4c69-a8c2-baa11b93ad30 Jane
  22. Being from the UK myself I second The Fat Cats advise, it would be very hot then!! Congrats on your first cache which I just happen to have on my 'watch' list! If you do come over, San Diego can be very nice in August and we have a great variety of caches here! Still too hot to do strenuous hikes though! Jane
  23. Happy Anniversary! We were at that first SD event at Islands! Here's to the next ten years!! I wonder what changes we shall see! Jane aka Jane8276 back then!!
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