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  1. FlyinV

    Wyoming Geocoin

    2 silver puh-leeze!
  2. OK, I'll make an exception for that one, put me down for one. I have'nt seen the screw coins here in Nevada, but the Brothels have tokens for it. Beep, Beep, Beep...
  3. *rotfloao* We thought the same thing!
  4. "...aaaan den??" "no more and then!"
  5. I moused over it, nothing happened. When you mouse over the one on a cache search page.
  6. OK, I'll make an exception for that one, put me down for one. We'll take two please!
  7. The days of horizontal scrolling are over... for now...
  8. Yep, read it here, and here. Here is the new icon for multiple coins in a cache: When you mouse over it, it lists all the coins that are in the "pile."
  9. Geocaching on horseback, huh? Some pix of our latest excursion: We would like to trade our signature item (tiny little plastic horses with the FlyinV brand on them) for yours. (Picture available upon request) We also have some NGA (Nevada Geocaching Association) Wooden Nickels for trade too!
  10. FlyinV

    Military Coin

    Ha ha, no, it wasn't in Desert Storm, but did fly UAV's for Operation Southern Watch (what went on after Desert Storm) and Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now I am back flying tankers (mid-air refueling KC-10's) and just got back from another deployment to the sunny desert..."over there." I am very happy to be back in the good ole USofA, though!! The military coins sound really cool, and we would love to get our grubby hands a couple of them!
  11. FlyinV

    Military Coin

    Have a couple (2) extra? We are at McGuire AFB, NJ.
  12. We would also like to be put on the list for 2 coins. Tim is a "Displaced Kansas Boy" (from Iola living in NJ) and really wants to get his hands on this coin!
  13. Being the hi-tech rednecks that we are and that we travel to rodeo's all over, we would like these types of places Waymarked.
  14. The South Jersey Geocachers had the SJG CITO that was put together by us (Flyin V) on 16 April 2005. This was held in the Wharton State Forest (an 110,000 acre tract of land) in conjuction with the Rangers. The SJG CITO event yielded two full dumptruck loads of trash, and any more piles which were gathered and later removed by specialized removal crews after the event! Over 35 cachers attended the CITO and after working for over 3 hours, we all then met-up for lunch at the usual post-caching joint: The Pic-A-Lilli. Well done!! Most of the gang before we set out for the cleanup! A full CITO bag is a happy CITO bag! 1/2 of Flyin V helps to fill up the dump truck Dumptruck used to haul out the trash tneigel walks the lonely road back carrying his 'booty' We all gather for lunch after a hard day of work!
  15. Of course they don't, and we are sure there wasn't any sarcasm in your questions. We, for one, take pride in the caches we place and can't wait to share them with the rest of the community. After all the work we put into them, we like them to be "put out there" for all to enjoy. At least that is our intent. We hope we haven't stepped on any toes. We usually try to stay out of things of this nature for this very reason, but we just felt like we had to say something.
  16. "Real Life?" What's that? J/K All joking aside, If this is the case they should pass the buck to someone else after a certain amount of time. A quick email to another approver should only take a minute and then this quibbling might be thwarted. Call us crazy, but when we place a cache, we like to see it approved, listed, and then ultimately found. Isn't that the point of all of this?
  17. As noble as that sounds, it is not the point... this is: All geocaches are reviewed by volunteers, and we ask that they contact you within 72 hours of submitting your geocache. Sometimes they will have additional questions about your cache, and often they will simply approve it based on your cache description. It has been weeks for some and no response what-so-ever.
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