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  1. All, Let's say you're going on a trip. Say you know where you're going on a map (like, I'm going to drive along i-80 in Ohio). Without knowing any more (zip codes, lat/lon), is there ANY way to search for caches? Seems like I just want the click-able map that shows caches when you zoom in... but I find no such beastie. ? Trijntje
  2. Gee whiz, so much help and advice... I kinda like it here! In all honesty, I started the way I did *because* I wanted to teach my son that if we're at NXX XX.XXX and want to be at NXX XX.XXX+.05 then we need to go further north. Believe it or not, I also have been making us struggle with no magnetic compass so that he starts to learn about keeping track of which way is which by local landmarks. We always fix ourselves with one cardinal compass direction as we head in (i.e. knowing which way is north) and then try to keep track of things as we go, using the sun and shadows and passing time if we have to (he's already learned we have to be moving for the GPS to give us a compass reading). He's gotten the jist of the number game, though, and sometimes we both lose track of which way is west (it feels like an Abbot and Costello skit in the woods, sometimes), :-) so I'm ready to move on to the next level of ease. I'll try the various download tools you all have suggested, and will just type some waypoints in manually if I have to. Thanks so much!! trijntje
  3. wellllll, ok. I've been seeing that one is "supposed to" enter a cache's waypoint into one's GPS and then follow the arrow to the goal. My 9 year old son and I have been doing it in a much more bonehead sort of way - I've been printing out the cahce page and we just walk around with our GPS till we land at the coordinates and then start looking. Should I be embarrassed at our lack of prowess? Is it a lot easier to do it the other way? I download points from GPS to computer all the time (for work) but confess to never having gone the other way. advice from the masses? am I not having as much FUN as I could? trijntje
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