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  1. Update! Deleted Garmin plug-in. Reinstalled and now it works on Chrome and my Mac. Still no luck with IE.
  2. I have the latest plug-in from Garmin but can't send a single file to my GPS60C unless I use my Mac. I tried Chrome, Firefox, IE11. I have windows 8.1. Put IE into compatibility view at geocaching.com and still no luck. Firefox always screws up my computer so deleted after it didn't work also. Pain to use my Mac laptop. Just want it to work on my desktop. Any help? Quest4cache My error says I need the Garmin plug-in, goes to the Garmin site and there it says I HAVE the latest plug-in and recognizes my 60C.
  3. Thanks Jotne for the quick reply. Follow up question: Is there an update version for the MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager? Mine is version 2.00 Also, I have City Select North America v5 (unlocked) & v6 (unlocked). Is it a big deal to delete v5 and what is the proper way. Really don't think v5 is necessary any more.
  4. Anybody out there know how to find how much memory you are using with the 60C? I downloaded the entire state of Iowa (33 MB) and just want to find out how many MB's I am using.
  5. Ok, I see you can use EasyGps to send waypoints to only the geocaching page in the 60C. But I am a registered GSAK lover and when I sent my waypoints they went to both pages. I created and edited my database in GSAK, then clicked the export mapsource mps file icon. Changed the gps symbols to the geocaching icons and checked the box to load file into mapsource after generation. After going to mapsource I just sent this to the 60C. Did I do something wrong or are you not able to send waypoints via GSAK to just the geocaching page?
  6. Tubby Rower, changed the backlight level to 40% but when I power down and then power up the 60C the backlight level changes to 0%. If I tap the power button it comes on at the 40% level I earlier set. This tells me that the 60C won't come on with the backlight. Anybody know for sure?
  7. Keeping back light on when you power up. How do you keep your display settings for the back light when you power up your 60C? In display I have changed the setting of the back light to "Stay On". But when I power off and then turn the GPS back on it is dark and I have to hit the top button to have it back light to 40% (my setting). Thanks in advance.
  8. You're right, the disk comes in version 5. But they have a software update that says it is for version 6. Am I wrong?
  9. I do believe Garmin already has the 6.0 version available on their site. Click on "Software Udates" on the left side of the page. Go to garmin.com to get it.
  10. Bumping this up because I'm also curious.
  11. Wildearth, I am downloading the link and not the web page. MSN download manager does not recognize .aspx formats. After spending 2 hours on the phone with MSN "tech" support their solution is for me to use IE when visiting this site. Thanks for the quick responses but now it is time to play with the GSAK software I just installed. quest4cache.
  12. Just found out the problem I am having is my ISP (MSN). I used IE to download the waypoints and I had no problem opening them up. But, when I use MSN to download it has the file to download, open or download later named as an .aspx file. I am on hold right now with MSN tech support so will let you know if they can fix this problem. Anyone else have a problem downloading with MSN ? quest4cache
  13. Ok, I changed the downloaded file from Geocaching.com to a .loc file. (Don't know why I should have to change this). I double click this file and EasyGPS opens with this file at the very top. No information is in the fields (symbol, description, waypoint etc) What am I doing wrong? quest4cache
  14. Downloaded the EasyGPS software. Downloaded a number of waypoints to the desktop. I double clicked the waypoints and EasyGPS opens with the following error message: The file you have selected cannot be opened with EasyGPS. Please visit http://www.topografix.com for information on our other products. I notice the downloaded waypoint are ASPX files. I have a Magellan Sportrak Map if that makes any difference. My OS is Windows ME. Can anyone help me? quest4cache
  15. Hey SunnyCyndi, maybe you could join us
  16. quest4cache

    Which Gps?

    WWWBKM, We also couldn't decide between the Legend and the Sportrack map. We were able to use both of them and by far preferred the Sportrack map. It was so much easier to use and understand. There really was nothing we liked better about the Legend. We are going out tomorrow to use it for the first time. (Other than hunting for our house )
  17. I recently posted a question asking which was easier to use........the Garmin Legend or the Magellan Sportrack Map. Most replied that the Legend was best. We then had the opportunity to use both and liked the Sportrack Map much better. It had better instructions, bigger and easier to read screen, easier to use buttons, found the satelites much quicker and more of them also. We haven't used it to actually track anything yet but we like the Magellan much better so far.
  18. My husband and I are new to the sport and don't know a thing about gps units. We've narrowed our decission on what to buy down to the Legend and Sportrack Map. We've read through the manual of the Legend and it is really confusing. Will it get easier when we actually use the thing? Which would be easier to use?
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