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  1. Jasper Walmart has them. but they are rather pricey compared to amazon and the garmin website. etrex h 99.97 etrex venture hc 199.97 legend hcx 299.97 It is actually cheaper to buy off of the wal-mart website.
  2. although I haven't had my first cache yet, (will change in about 7-8hours hopefully) I have decided to give it a shot for the challenge aspect of it. Plus I hope to become healthier and happier by doing it!!! Get out of the house for a few hours by myself, enjoy the peace and quiet, plus it will cause me to get up off my rear end. Once you get the GPS, there isn't any other lump sum expense involved. by doing a search in my small town, I see that I can probably put $10 in the gas tank and be able to attempt 10-15 geocaches. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Your not the only one my friend. when I load it up it is always centered between US and Asia, right smack in the ocean. And I have tried different areas of the US with no success what so ever. I most definately feel your aggravation
  4. Hmmm, how often does google update the pics? It shows an empty lot where my house is, and we started building it back in March of 2007. I checked out my parents house on google earth, and it shows my ford ranger sitting in the driveway. I haven't had that truck for over 3yrs!!!!!!
  5. I don't have my gps yet so I can't put in coordinates. but how do you get the coins to show up? I have zoomed in on Cal, FL, IN, and NY and no coin icons are popping up. Is there something wrong on my end? or are the geo coins really that rare? I looked and it shows that I am logged in.
  6. The thing I would also be concerned about is that some would be less likely to do the search due to a low score. And I agree with Skippermark 100% on the comments quoted. Although I am a newbie here and very impatiently waiting for my gps to arrive, I could see where one would be "well, that one doesn't have a very good score, so I am not even gonna waste my time to try and find it." and from what I have seen is that the caches with trackable items get the most hits.
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