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  1. I would most certainly join a geocaching club and attend meetings/outings if there were fellow geocachers to chit chat with that were more on my level of caching and equipment.
  2. Thanks for the pictures skippermark! Guess Its time to manually enter waypoints and off I go. Man I really need to upgrade the gps. I will deal with the wife later.
  3. Wish my wife was like that. That is why I put part of the user name "family" in. If I could keep all my stats (which aren't many) I would change it to something that fits me more personally. Thanks for the support of " The risk of a cold from walking in the rain is greatly exaggerated."
  4. Here it is 1:42pm EST I have been planning to go geocaching today since Saturday. I managed to clear my schedule so I could go geocaching for 6hours. And of course it is pouring down rain. No lightning or thunder, Just lots of rain. Am I totally out of my mind like my wife is telling me because I still want to go? I have the ol garmin in a ziploc baggie for extra precaution, I have an umbrella to pop open in order to keep the inside of the cache dry if I happen to find one. I'm human so the worst that would happen is I would get all muddy and wet and possibly catch a cold. So am I nuts? Please share your opinions and stories (good or bad) of your geocaching adventures on a less than perfect clear sunny day.
  5. In my area, I have read posts about caches needing maint. and/or a note asking the owner to check to see if the cache is actually still there one cache owner in particular has 2 caches that have at least 3-4 "notes" stating please repair/ make sure cache is still there and there hasn't been a single response from the cache owner.
  6. It might be due to there not being any new caches placed in your area.
  7. I am NOT trying to be a bad guy or anything, but, Have you tried contacting him and asking?
  8. I bought the etrex H over the weekend and it is a very good model, out of 8 caches I attempted to find I found 5 of them with no problem what so ever the 6th one was the hider's 100th hide and it was roughly 480ft. into the woods. that one took me about 25mins once I left my car to find it. but I am a slow hiker. even though I was deep in the woods and you couldn't very well see the sky, the etrex h still got me within 11 feet of the cache before it started going nuts on me. I plan on upgrading asap, It is a very good unit in my opinion, but after pushing 4 buttons constantly to enter in coordinates, after about 5-6 waypoints the finger tips start getting sore. for the price you would pay to get the cable to transfer them from the computer to the gps, why not put that extra money with the money set aside for the h and get yourself a venture HC? I have been watching the venture HC on ebay and the last 3 that have sold have ranged for 90-120 bucks. and the sellers claim they are brand new and unused. Plus, I also like the fact that it has a geocaching program built in the HC unit.
  9. the etrex h I bought over the weekend for 99.97 at Wally world, although not a magnetic one has a compass on it and it also shows elevation if you mark a waypoint. and I don't have a usb port on mine it has 4 little tabs that looks like a specialized end would be needed to use it. no cd with mine.
  10. Thanks for the info, I am learning something new everyday! Being a newbie, I figured it was my gps since it was under a $100 brand new. I see alot of members here that have 100's to 1,000's of finds with the 3-$500 units. So basically its just one of those deals where in order for my gps to take me right to it with no problem, the hider has to be in the perfect position on the clearest day, and when I come along I have to have the same conditions? Thanks.
  11. oh. Ummm, ok. lol maybe your right, and its not so awsome after all.
  12. it is pretty much like that for all of us unless you have the higher end gps unit. alot of the gps units don't have an actual compass in them, it is just based of the sats and how they are positioned at that particular time. when the so called compass starts going haywire on you and you are within 30ft of the cache, then put your eyes to work and start looking. if it wasn't for the clues that the cache owners give, I wouldn't have very many cache finds and probably like wise with most of the cache seeks here.
  13. with all the information you just posted and pics, minus the waypoints obviously is that the way the unit comes straight out of the box? or do you have the 100+ dollar programs on there?
  14. that is an awsome idea!!! bic mini pens!!!!!!!!!
  15. I am patiently waiting for my wife to return home from an out of town commitment. So I can use the Visa. We only have one due to when we had 2 the bills doubled. lol
  16. I'm still waiting for google earth to show my house that We started building 18months ago. I'm also waiting for google earth to remove my truck that I haven't had for 3yrs from my parents' driveway!
  17. I found 5 of my first 6 caches today and I have some questions. I want to start hiding caches, but most of the caches in my area have been here for a few years. 1. What interests you to go after a specific cache? 2. what steps should I take to ensure the seeker enjoys the hunt? Its one of those deals where I don't want to make it too easy where you guys are bored, but yet I don't want to make it so hard that you don't even want to bother with it. I'm a newbie so today's finds were exciting for me. Even the 35mm canister ones made me react, " oh yes, I found it!!!" Is that the way will everyone? or just crazy newbies like myself? Thanks in advance for all opinions and suggestions. good or bad.
  18. Thanks for the info!!! I was about to ask the same question.
  19. I went on my first cache hunt run today out of the 5 caches that I recovered the closest cache was still 3ft away. the other 4 caches were anywhere from 18-26ft off. Just for kicks I stood straight up against my car covering the license plate, set a waypoint. I went into the woods and found my cache and tracked back to the exact same spot of my car and the gps wanted me to move another 7.3 feet north. lol I couldn't do it. my car was in the way.... lol That is probably why we are blessed with the owners giving us hints. As far as privacy, you might get a funny look and a "what?!!! are you out of your mind" comment, but go to the homeowner and tell them the situation. I know that some cache owners will put caches in their own yards so they can meet new geocachers.
  20. Thats pretty much what I would do. If you are going to be taking some time off and have a coin, please be kind enough to the owner know that you have it and when you plan to place it back in a cache.
  21. the nicer the coin looks, the more likely it will be picked up and never be placed in a cache again. Thats why I am going to be getting slugs.
  22. On the distance, I know exactly what you mean. I went on a caching spree today and out of 5 caches the closest I got on gps was 2 feet. the other 4 had anywhere from 19-32ft when I found the cache. I think I need to return my etrex H and buy a better model if there are other garmin models that are more accurate.
  23. thats what I am thinking. Some people leave a so called "trademark" one geocacher leaves a pair of dice in the caches he finds if they are big enough.
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