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  1. whats wrong with you emailing him/her? they left their contact info?
  2. whats wrong with you emailing him/her? they left their contact info?
  3. No. a car unit would not be wise. 1. they are NOT water proof. 2. they probably do NOT have the high sensitivity chip. (able to receive satellite signal in heavy tree cover) 3. Some Car units do NOT have the option of putting in coordinates, if are able to enter coordinates it will want to take you on the public roads then have a checkered flag in the middle of no where and will not be able to show you what direction you need to go. For around $180 you can get a dang good gpsr that will allow you to use turn by turn maps (same as a car navigational unit.) except it will not "talk" to you. There are some good deals on used gps units on ebay. but if you want the best deal on a new gps until, forget ebay and go to amazon.
  4. if you don't have it selected to off road, it will attempt to take you to the area via a street/highway.
  5. On the average reading of the manhole cover, I would want to say yes it would. However, I am fairly new to geocaching myself. But I do know this much though, In order to get a gps model that would be dead on the exact point, you are looking at around 5-6000usd. I have an etrex H and while it is a basic low end model, I have no regrets buying it except for the fact that I have to enter the coordinates manually. But yet, on the other hand, I am too cheap to spend the 40-50usd for the serial pc cable. If you know how to get to the general area of the cache, (driving to the area) then use the etrex H to get from you car to the cache, in my opinion you won't have any regrets. My father purchased my etrex h from me for the price I paid for it to use it for hunting. Since I have found all but one cache within my area that I was born and raised in, I live 20-25miles from the next area of caches I am looking at the legend CSx which is only going to cost roughly 75usd more than my basic etrex H the only reason why I am going with a higher priced model is due to the turn by turn car directions. If I were to purchase a car navigational system for my car, I would be looking at another 250-300usd, so I decided to just upgrade my handheld model. Plus with the Legend, it comes with the USB pc cable and I can download roughly 600 cache coordinates in about 5-6minutes, and with the proper mapping program, the newer gpsr will give me driving directions to the area then take me from my car to the general area of the cache.
  6. if you are looking a used but not abused. try here. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=13 there are alot of items and most sellers accept paypal, so you would be kinda safe in that aspect.
  7. If you are wanting a gspr to get from the car to the cash, then a venture hc would be just fine IMO. but if you are wanting a "real" compass then you are going to have to step up to a 60csx or something of that nature. I know several people that have 100's of finds from the venture HC. so far I'm up to 7 on a plain jane etrex H. but I am only 14days into it. But if you have a car navigational system, then Personally I wouldn't spend the 2-400 bucks for a top of the line gspr. Basically the more money you spend the more bells and whistles it comes with. like the 60, comes with the capability of loading maps that do exactly what your car gps does. In my opinion, why pay for that option when you got one in the car already. Also, several people are successful without the electric compass. you just have to let your geocaching senses kick in.
  8. garmin etrex H and a piece of paper with the info on it for me.
  9. best of luck to you. before you know it, you will be saying " come honey, just one more cache."
  10. from what I can tell, yeah, pretty much. with the 60csx you can load so much more stuff into etc.
  11. on the reception, are you using one of the garmin models that have the high sensitivity reception chip in it? I still have to find an area that disconnects my gpsr from the satellites.
  12. Wow, I am truthfully sorry to hear that. although I am still rather new to the sport, everytime I hear of someone losing a coin, makes me less and less tempted to buy some and release my own. I started thinking about getting the TB ones but heard those come up missing just about as bad as the coins.
  13. Based on what I have been told and what I have read, right now more than likely an Oregon would give you the most headaches due to being new and not all the bugs are worked out yet. As far as performance as in leading you up to a cache, they are all pretty much equal. they all have the high sensitivity chip in them. You can load maps in them to do the turn by turn, but they are sorta pricey. My best suggestion is to go to the garmin website and do a side by side comparison of the units. Of course, the latest and greatest gpsr out there are going to have more written about their features. If you are wanting to get a gpsr that leads you right up to the cache with INCHES, then save up your pennies because those type cost thousands. Basically, the ones you have listed have more bells and whistles. As for me, I will carry a piece of paper with the info on it and save myself about $250
  14. Well Said. Thats what I attempt to do. to me, it is getting rid of all the build a bear and hotwheels that find their way to my desk after my wife comes home from work. (she runs a Mc. Donalds) But to a youngster that is walking a boring route behind mom or dad is a sweet reward in my opinion.
  15. I am running the latest version of firefox and all it does is put a red line under a misspelled word, how do I get spelling suggestions?
  16. Thanks for bringing that up Sportside! I totally forgot all about that. On your car gps units, you usually have to have a clear view of the sky. If you get into alot of tree cover you will lose your signal and then your pretty much up the creek.
  17. pretty much the only difference is the Oregon and the Colorado are new with touch screen etc. plus you can enter info so you don't have to carry around paper. But, do a search here on the forums about the Oregon or the Colorado and you will see that so many of them are a pain in the rear due to bugs and the systems not working right. Honestly, I would hang on to the 60CSX for another year or so and give the two new gpsrs time to get the bugs worked out and the price drop even lower.
  18. Honestly, I don't see why you could not use your car nav. system. If you are able to enter the coordinates and have what they call an off road feature built into the system, then by golly, go for it!!!! Pretty much the difference between hand held and car gps is, hand held was made for outdoors and can be converted to work inside a car. plus they are set up to take on the out door elements. ex. rain, snow, etc. The car gps is mad for the car and streets etc. they are NOT made for snow and rain etc.
  19. a 60CSx is what everyone is ranting and raving about these days. but if you are only going to cache around your house and pretty much know how to get the car to the area to be parked, then why not go with the venture HC? although it is limited with all the bells and whistles. I had a plain jane etrex H and it did great for me. but I knew where the areas were to park the car. although entering the coordinates by hand was a pain, it served its purpose well. I am currently saving up for a 60csx based on the rants and raves. (Plus, I am having to travel outside of my home area) But if you are not going to be getting into it hard core, then in my opinion the lower end models will do just fine.
  20. I know we all like our coins, but put a hold through it so it is less likely to end up on ebay or someone's shelf.
  21. while it is a bummer, at least he didn't leave them there to rot. Do like the one person did, offer to adopt them.
  22. There is nothing better than having an all in one type item. but personally I would not want to take my 4-500 USD phone out in the woods to find caches. And my thoughts are the same for the colorado and oregon gps also.
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