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  1. If you want info on how to go paperless check Head Hard Hat's vids, this is how I went paperless. Also, I have a lower end palm than what he uses and it works great!!! http://headhardhat-geocache.blogspot.com/2...utorial-to.html
  2. I have been planning on putting a cache behind my garage in an alley way with clear blunt description on where it is and what to look for.... However, today. I am driving to my next cache when it leads me to a very nice subdivision. from the description and gps reading, I was going to have to walk on someone's property into the woods... I ended up turning around and leaving due to the fact that I use a beat up, dinged up, paint chipping off back road dust an inch thick, Dodge Intrepid for geocaching due to all the dirt roads here in my neck of the woods. If I am ever in my reg. vehicle or my wife's and in the area, I might search for it, but highly unlikely.
  3. I am a premium member, how do I ignore caches? I tried searching but all my words have to be a minimum of 4 letters....
  4. Right on!!! I have seen "Eartha" say to give the tb and cache links and eartha will remove them, but obviously the mods and vol. have so much to do that I feel as if it is just placing more of a burden on them.... But YES, a tb maintenance sounds like a really good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello geocoin fanatics! I am in the begining stages of having my own trackable coin minted through Oakcoins. My plan is to put some in caches, FTF prize etc. and have some for trade. I will also be selling some to lower my overall investment. The question/questions I have is: Just have all the same plating? what plating is more desireable? or is there a chance the coin would POSSIBLY be more popular if I have them plated in different metals? If so, what would be the most popular metals? Is it more desireable to have Sequential Numbering? Is a coin with a personal icon a major plus? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! I am not minting a coin to make money, I just want to be able to have a trade worthy coin, plus if I give a coin to someone, I want them to like it, and not think it is some lame trackable coin and pitch it in the garbage when I walk away.
  6. I just wish that a cache owner would keep track of their logs and after a few "no trackables found" logs go and check for themselves then remove the trackable from the inventory.... by checking my stats you can obviously see that I just hunt for caches that are in my path... But I also pay special attention to one that have trackables in them. I personally like seeing trackables and take joy into moving them along to their goal. But nothing aggravates me more than to find a "stuck" trackable. and go out of my way 4-5 (bird's eye view) miles to help a trackable thats been stuck for a month or so, only to find that it is no longer there. I have even went as far as to contact the cache owner and of course nothing is done about it and they never reply back.
  7. I completely agree with you!!! Whats even more aggravating is when I go out of my way 4-6 birds eye view miles to get some bugs moving that have been there 2-3 months or more and I finally get there and there are no trackables what so ever and the owner of the cache never updates the contents. There is one cache that is about 5mins away from me. I found it 6months ago, let the cache owner know that there was no coins in his cache.... still today, I see a fellow cacher logged a find but no trackables... But yet, on the cache page, it still says that there are 3 different geocoins in the cache.....................
  8. I was out caching today and saw that one of my caches contained a civil war geocoin. Since I haven't actually had a geocoin in hand, I was rather excited. What I found was a generic poker chip with the code stamped on it. While I was really disappointed on not being able to see the real thing, I do understand why the owner made a "proxy" but I really wish it was labeled as such in the coin title that shows up on the cache contents page. But he did have it listed as a proxy on the coin's actual log page.
  9. I just checked out AEToys site and this is what I found..... Re opening soon under new management!
  10. Today I spent about 25-30 mins trying to figure out where a cache was. GPS kept wanting me to walk off the cliff. So out of frustration I left to find the next closest one.... I came back to this cache with a clear head and the compass calibrated and it still wanted me to walk off the cliff!!!! I was about 4-6ft from the edge of the cliff when I gave up. I turned around to walk away and a branch knocked my gpsr out of my hand..... All I could do is watch while it rolled the 4-6ft and over the cliff it went. I heard it hit 4 times and then a final smack!!!!!! I started to walk off in defeat but something told me to go investigate it.... so I slid on my behind down to "ground zero" made my way to where the poor gps could possibly be.... what did I find??? A still functional gps!!!!!!! the corners of the rubber that goes around the outside of the etrex series was nicked but that was it!!!! I Looked up to the sky to give my thanks for watching over me and the gps and to also give thanks for making me decide to go after the gps. I then turned around to look up to the top of the cliff and BAM!!!!!!!!!!! There it was!!!!! Found cache I kicked on the elevation thingy thats on my gps for the first time... it said 743 ft... climbed up to the top where I had been and it said 862 ft. If I am reading this right, the gps fell 119 ft!!!!
  11. He also has other tips and videos that are really neat also...
  12. Head Hard Hat has an awsome video on how to go paperless.... Thats how I learned how to go paperless!!!! http://headhardhat-geocache.blogspot.com/2...utorial-to.html
  13. AWSOME!!!!!!! thank you very much!!!!!
  14. does it give the info of what I am looking for and the hints??? I am currently using the trial period and all I have managed to figure out is how to do upload the caches coords on my gps and thats it. don't want to spend 25 bucks just to get instructions to find out I don't like it.
  15. After traveling today and not having much info to take a break and do some caching, I got home and became a premium member. In the past I would download caches to my summit hc and hand write notes and the hints. Is there away to have access to the cache info and hints without me writing it all down? I found you can use smart phones etc. I have a palm treo 700w which is windows based but its not activated due to not being able to receive a signal, but I always have it with me for the kids to play games that are saved on it etc. can i purchase or download a program that I can send the info about the cache and hints to an SD card then bring it up on my 700w? Or, is there a cheap PDA I can purchase to put the info on there? I travel a 50mile radius from home with a moments notice. Any and all help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!
  16. I currently have a Garmin etrex venture hc. there are several caches I have searched for that have been in heavily wooded areas with a lot of fallen trees. according to my gps, I have gotten within 40-50 feet of the cache but then I have to take slow steps over or around fallen trees and stop etc, so there for obviously the gps goes bonkers. If I upgrade to a gpsr that is equipped with an electric compass, depending on the conditions etc, would I have a better chance of getting closer to the cache enough for my "geo senses" to kick in? Most of my DNF caches are roughly 1/4-1/2mile into a wooded area/forest. Thanks in advance, Mike
  17. about 2yrs ago, I belonged to a Japanese Slot machine forum, and someone had mentioned geocaching.com I pretty much blew it off at the time then last month, I wanted to find a hobby that my wife would complain about me spending too much money on. Plus I needed something that got me off my lazy butt and out of the house. Then I remembered the site and have been here since Sept. 2008
  18. YAY!!!!! the Jeeper got registered!!!!!!!!! now to get the others to be registered.
  19. By chance do you happen to log the tb or coins when you find them and place them? Because actually that is what I am being a big cry baby about. Is they get moved but no one logs them..
  20. Thanks for everyone's input, I was seriously thinking about making my first cache in my back yard next to an alley way. But now that I have thought about it, I don't like the idea of going into someone's yard for a cache. So, I guess I will need to keep a lookout for a different place to put my first cache.
  21. Since obviously no one that visits caches that I put coins or TBs in doesn't know how to log the cache find AND doesn't know how to log that they have picked up the Coin or TB either that or they are too selfish to take the time. How do I go about getting the coin or tb removed from the cache listing? As of today, I have gotten 6 notifications of TB's that have ended up MIA only to be discovered or grabbed at a "Cache Slash Fest 2008" One of the TBs that was taken unlogged had completed its mission and was waiting in the cache it started in for the owner to pick it up. It was "grabbed" at a caching event last weekend aprox, 100 miles away from its starting point and the person that "grabbed" it lives in TN so that means the poor TB is going to be even further away from its rightful owner. As of right now, There are 8 caches that have either a coin or a tb listed as being inside the cache, but there is no tb or coin there.... IMO that it pretty pathetic, considering I have less than 25 finds. I honestly feel sorry for the coin/tb owners. And I am confident that I will not be spending anymore money on Coins or TBs due to this particular reason.
  22. I know exactly what you are talking about, On 10/7/08 I went to a cache site "overlook park" to pick up a "Blue Buzz" that had finally made it back to its home state after completing its mission. It had been dropped there 12/30/07 Sadly it wasn't there. I researched the logs and on 2/29/08 there was a comment on the bug just barely fitting in the cache, but no log of it being taken. Then 7/27/08 someone logged that it is no longer there. I got an update on 10/12/08 that "Blue Buzz" was now picked up at a caching event. And based on the buzz log, the person that had it at the caching event visited the "overlook park" cache on April 4, 2008. But here is the twist, the person that visited the cache on April 4th has over 3,000 logged caches. Long story short, "Blue Buzz" was roughly 30 miles from being reunited with his owner when he was at the "overlook Park" cache. Now, While in KY he is roughly 240miles from home now. The person claiming to have him lives in TN and traveled to KY to attend the Cache event
  23. you can update the firmware if you like, If you plan on taking geocaching seriously and upgrading to a newer gps, I wouldn't invest too much $$ in it as far as maps etc, Just put some coordinates in it and go hunting. I am not sure what kind of a receiver it has in it, so you might want to stray away from caches that are deep in the woods that has alot of tree cover. You have a dang good starter unit there. Have fun and hope the "bug" bites!
  24. My thoughts exactly! If I were in your situation, I would grab them all! and when I got back home spread them out so they can start traveling again. I really don't understand why people would place TBs in a cache that is not searched or found very often. I am sure there are countless TB owners that wish they could just up and leave to find and retrieve their TBs. placing someone's TB in a cache like that in my opinion is down right ridiculous! Unless of course that were the TB's owners wishes. Scoop them up, and bring them back to start circulating!
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