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  1. Yes, about 30 were dropped from an aircraft if memory serves me correctly. Thank you for the info on "temporary" caches. My ex and I had same account. But I have been the only one with access to it. And while picking my own brain, I big chunk of those "Finds" were reported through an iPhone, when the iPhone craze first started, that might possibly have something to do with it as well.
  2. Hello all, I started caching back in Oct. 2008 And pretty much stopped caching in 2010. Today, I am getting back into it with my kids. As I am familiarizing myself with the website etc, I noticed that my cache find has dropped significantly, and on the page that shows states that you have finds in, There are only two highlighted,Indiana and Illinois. (Home State and neighboring state.) But in actuality, I have found caches in Kentucky, Ohio, and North Carolina. As for finds, My "then wife" had gotten me a "250 finds" trackable geocoin which I had never placed. And I had attended the last "Cache Slash Fest" in 2009 with over 250 finds and during the event I had found and logged 20 some while at the event, yet on my profile it says I have only found 199. Furthermore, on the cache map, nearly half of the finds near my home that I had found when I first started are showing up as if I had never found them. Can anyone give me any insight as to why this would have happened?
  3. Im NOT being a smart arse, but if someone Uses round up on my property, more power to them. Just make dang sure you get around the house and the poles! Less work and money spent on gas for me this summer.
  4. good grief!! someone asks a simple question and gets grumbled at...
  5. now why couldn't I find that!!! Thank you very much Keystone!
  6. Thanks keystone for moving to the proper area, cachemate, doesn't offer a support forum. So I thought I would check here. I had an iPhone, and it was awsome. however, in my caching area very rarely did I have service. So I canceled my contract and sold it on ebay and actually made a profit. Now to wait and see if verizon gets their hands on it.
  7. I have the GSAK macro, but cannot figure out how to send my found caches on my Palm T5 from cachemate to GSAK. it says it needs a file. How do I set that file up? when I attempt to export files, it wants to send them to a note pad then the only way I can send the note pad is to email it. cant very well email it if I don't have internet access to it.
  8. I understand that the Garmin Nuvi 2xx/3xx/5xx/6xx/7xx/8xx will work. however the site I have found info on this was last updated over a year ago. Will the 12xx/13xx/14xx nuvis work as well as the above models? I use my Magellan car gps to help me navigate the roads better to the parking area of the cache and have alerts activated. And I have my palm for info and garmin hand held to find the caches. However my Magellan is pretty much on its last leg and the maps are outdated. And it is a pain to load everything on an SD card and get my computer to recognize it.
  9. out of the 5 ammo cans I have placed, 3 have went mia within 45days. 1 that is still alive, is in the middle of no where, the other isn't marked as an ammo can per suggestions from other members here.
  10. Thank you all for your responses and insight!!!! I will start doing that. Just run them about an hour before I start my caching day.
  11. Now that my work life has slowed down, I am able to cache more. When I geocache, I like to start around 7am. I have noticed my PQs don't run until around 12-1pm EST I live in a small town, so I find myself traveling 20-30miles one way just to start my caching day only to find on my way home that there was a new cache placed or a tb dropped in a cache that was in the area that I was caching. I have deleted my PQs twice now and set new ones up at 3am in hopes that 4hrs would be plenty of time for them to run. When I first set the new ones up, they are generated within 30mins. I have them selected to run every day. 3 days later (today) I travel 40miles to geocache. when I am almost home (1:25pm) I get my PQs for the day and I missed 3 new caches. When I got home I checked to see when the PQs were generated, and they are back to being generated at 1pm My question is: How, or what do I need to do to be able to get my PQs for the day by 8am EST?
  12. I never really thought about that, After searching logs on all my caches, only 1 was a regular member. Thank you for the new found hope!
  13. Not sure exactly what you are meaning, but based on finds and small cache events the closest active member to me is 15miles away. only confirmed finds around here are usually people passing through this small hick town that I call home.
  14. Is their a way geocaching.com can track who is online in a particular area but yet no logged finds? I received an email inquiring about a tb hotel I had. They found the hint (3 stacked logs) but stated the logs where throwed about. I checked on the cache 5mins ago and sure enough the cache is gone!!!! THIS MAKES THE 3RD CACHE IN MARTIN COUNTY, INDIANA that I have hidden that had 5 or more travel bugs in and all ammo cans and they have been STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can I do to stop this. nothing ticks me off more than to have an ammo can filled with goodies and 2-3 of my travel bugs along with other caching members TBs only to have some idiotic moron come along and steal the whole dang thing!!!!!!!! Then I have to explain to the TB owner that no I am not some moron that hides caches out in open view...... I honestly believe that it might possibly be someone that lives in my area. We are not a big population county. at least 50% is nothing but farm land. 1st cache to be MIA was in an area that was more popular than I thought. Kids climbing the rocks could have very well have found it. My fault for not thinking.... 2nd cache was 30ft off of a fire trail in the forest. I replaced that one and its still there, but I make dang sure to break my neck to get out there and get the travel bugs out of it if one is dropped off. 3rd and most recent cache to be MIA was located 96 ft into the woods and you parked on a pull off next to the highway... It was taken sometime between Aug 31 and Sept. 7th At this point I am saying the Heck with hiding caches and leaning more towards selling the gps. Due to finds in my area. (and very few placed) By car, I would have to travel 24miles to be able to start searching for a cache. Kinda discouraging when you have bought 20TBs and have released 12 of them only to actually have 2 that haven't been in a cache that got stolen across Indiana and Illinois..
  15. I would bring it to ebay's attention. Its idiots like this that hurt the caching hobby....
  16. When I first started this great hobby, I started out by having a signature item I always left which were 2 sealed AA batteries. But after leaving a total of 35 sets, and revisiting most of them to pick up TBs, I found that they weren't as useful as I had thought and none were taken. SO I went to leaving cheaper things. As For FTF, STF, and TTF hides, I would leave 3 unactivated TBs until I started getting notes from a "logged" FTF that there were no TBs in the cache. On this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...fa-a5d2665268cf I left an ammo can with log book and pen, so all you would have to do is take and hide. I am not sure what the most valuable swag/FTF I have found, but the one item I took gets use everytime I go geocaching and it is a F N E Z button. Since most of the caches around my area are 1-3 in difficulty, when I get back to the "geopid" I hit the button...
  17. There are several caches that are multi and take me to an area. then I have to go so far at a bearing of x degrees. How do I do this? my wife got me a cheap compass for this, but I dunno what in the world I am doing. the dial that has the numbers on it, moves... So what do I do??? Ex. of caches are: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCAD48 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GCXYHC ahhh you get the idea. there are about 8 more in my area, don't want to bore you too much!!!
  18. Very True!!! True or False: The next cacher to post has gotten chewed out and "grounded" by their spouse for a weekend due to caching too much and spending very little time with family? (been there, done that)
  19. As Of Today: Car: MAGELLAN MAESTRO 3200 When I get to the area: GARMIN ETREX SUMMIT HC To log everything/ Paperless: PALM TUNGSTEN T5
  20. My wife got me a Magellan Maestro 3200 car gps so I can get to cache A to Cache B quicker and when I want to head home, or go else where I can.... I was in the process of getting a Garmin Nuvi, But she surprised me with this and I really don't want to upset her by going ahead and getting a nuvi and letting this one sit.... Is there a way to setup the POI to where it puts the cache name for the POI instead of the waypoint name? For example "GC10X8F" is what it shows on the Magellan car gps. But the name of the cache is "Wren Pond by DutchBoy" I can go into the editor and erase the "GC10X8F" and replace it with " Wren Pond by DutchBoy" and it will show the cache name on the magellan screen, But doing that to 500 caches would be extremely time consuming.
  21. Probably about a month ago, I remember seeing where you can take a nuvi 2xx and above, program it to let you know when you are coming close to a cache. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I have done searches off and on for almost a week now with no luck. I still always have my handheld and my palm with me, but I just don't want to have to keep looking down at the handheld while driving from town to town/ state to state etc while traveling on business or with family. Basically what I am talking about, Would I need a nuvi that will accept routes from google earth? or will the poi's work? Thanks, Mike
  22. I found an earth cache today and proceeded to email the owner and I found this message... Cav Scout Member Since: Monday, August 30, 2004 Last Visit: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Status: Banned Premium Member Email Address: The "send message" feature is disabled because this user is currently banned. Profile Information: Note from Groundspeak: This member has been temporarily banned. His caches remain active and will be maintained after this time period passes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What would a person have to do to get get banned??? Its not like he is a newbie... he has found 3456 caches and hidden 216
  23. I live in an area where there are plenty of caches, but few cachers, unless they happen to be going through the area. There are about 10 caches in my area that have trackables in them, about 4 of them I put there. My question is this, How long should I wait before grabbing the trackables and moving them along even though I have already found the cache. My wife seems to think it would be rude of me to move them to a different cache, therefore not allowing a new person to find the cache with the trackable in it. The caches I am referring to have trackables placed in them and no other finds ranging from 9 days all the way up to 27days. Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.
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