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  1. I believe you can buy them from places such as eBay or I've heard of people designing their own. If you have plenty to spend then you can buy FTF coins. A good way to look at it is: what would you like to find in a cache as a reward if you were first to find?

  2. Welcome to geocaching and the forums. I'm sure you will discover that it is a highly addictive hobby and will show you places that you didn't know existed. I believe there are tons of caches around where you are as I've frequently looked at the geocaching map for around that area as it is close to where I grew up!


    Good luck!

  3. Luckily I've not acquired any injuries from caching so far other than being scratched by brambles and frequent nettle stings. I've heard of someone having injured their hand due to a sharp twig becoming imbedded in the skin.


    There are of course the psychological injuries of having dnf'ed on a cache and reading that others have instantly found the cache or failing to get the all important ftf!


    I hope Keehotee has better luck in the future.

  4. I'm also a full time carer so am not able to cache or meet other people as much as I'd like. I spend a lot of time secretly lurking on this forum enjoying reading other people's experiences. Hopefully I will get to meet some of the fantastic reviewers one day, maybe at Mega Wales 2011!



    [For me personally, as a Full time Carer. I spend much of the time isolated from the world. With just my family to speak to. So being a Reviewer has given me a social life outside of that small world, And has given me so many special friends. Many whom I would have never made, without being a Reviewer.]

  5. Unfortunately I don't have the time to maintain this cache series which I adopted from Redzer so am looking for someone to take over from me. I believe two caches need 2 boxes and the others a whole check up. Much as I love the series, I live 1 hour's bus ride away and I have a extremely busy life at the moment which would mean that the two temporarily disabled caches would be archived before I can see to them. I already have a couple of my own caches that need replacing which I can get round to this week. Unfortunately much to my displeasure life does get in the way of caching <_<


    Morag Haggis


    6 caches in total around Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


    Also if anyone in the Yorkshire area feels like a rescue mission for a geocoin, my husband's coin Abi's Valentine Heart has been stuck at Bilberry Banks since May!


    Thanks for your help in advance

  6. I have 1 TB that someone has held onto for since March, they have promised to drop it off but so far no luck.

    Another GC that I received as a Christmas present was placed in a cache in Scotland, a prolific cacher was next to visit the cache (the next visitor reported it missing) and I thought he may have picked it up but he hasn't answered any of my messages so I've been forced to mark the coin missing.

    I enjoy watching my trackables travelling so will continue to occasionally release a GC or TB and try not to get too disappointed if they vanish :P

  7. A TB that I have on my watchlist has been logged by someone in the States. After I emailed them (TB last seen in Herts), they replied saying "Greetings from across the pond! We recently realized that we didn't have take a Travel Bug or GeoCoin, but could "discover" it. Through a Google image seach we found it and logged it."


    I would never dream of logging a TB or GC without having personally handling it. Any trackables that I have photographed, I have edited the picture by erasing the code with the Paint programme and then posting the picture onto the site.

  8. Sorry if this has been covered before. I would like to buy/be given a new gps at around Christmas time. I currently have an etrex, and am getting tired of the bad gps signal under tree cover as well as having to manually enter all my co-ordinates. However I'm close to 200 so I think I have coped well considering!!


    I would like a gps that obviously I can transfer co-ords from the computer to, be able to play Wherigo's and possibly have maps that comes with the gps (is that possible?).


    Thanks for all your help in advance.

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