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  1. I've just been stung for a wasp looking for a newly released cache, sadly dnf'ed on it so the sting wasn't even worth it!
  2. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place but I'm looking for a TB race in the UK to join. Thanks in advance Abiherts
  3. Does anyone know this geocacher e4goonz? My link. He has picked up my lovespoon coin in January as well as over 10 other trackables and has not been caching since February. I have sent him numerous emails regarding my trackables and offered to pay postage if he wants to post my lovespoon back to me but not heard anything. I've noticed one coin owner has now marked their trackable as missing I understand that some cachers have accidents/illnesses but this guy has been logging onto the site every now and then
  4. Ah you cache not far from me, not that I've been to Loughton yet but there are some fantastic caches in Epping Forest and the Lee Valley. For some people caching is about the numbers and are not too fussy about locations. You can put these caches and cache setter on your ignore list. Unfortunately the reviewers are not able to visit each cache before they publish it and as long as the cache does not break any guidelines, they have to approve it. I would suggest checking the size and location of each cache before you go seeking it and sticking the others on your ignore list. Hope to meet up one day. Abiherts
  5. Hmm that's my pc table Pharisee... but a much tidier one!
  6. Congratulations Drsolly. I wish I had as much time as you do to put into caching, maybe in 10 years time when the kids are old enough to fend for themselves Looking forward to meeting you and Bones at some point
  7. I was wondering if any of the long distance paths in the UK have any cache series along them. I haven't done a long distance path since I was a teenager and would like to try one next year now that my children are that little bit older. I don't mind repeating a route. In the past have done the West Highland Way, Offa's Dyke, Severn Path, part of the Thames, Isle of Wight, and Anglesey. These days I prefer to walk a route with some caches along the way and it breaks up the kids boredom so I thought finding a LDP with caches might be easier:P Thanks in advance Abi
  8. Hi I live not too far from you on the Herts/Essex border so quite happy to meet up and cache with you if you're interested?
  9. Did you tick the enable cache listing box? Have you checked the email address linked to your geocaching account for any feedback from the reviewer just in case there are any issues with the cache? All the reviewers are volunteers so it may take them a few days to review the listing or magic map may be down.
  10. I found my 1st 50ish caches without a gps, then my next 200 with the Garmin Etrex. Now I have a Garmin 62. The Etrex is good and usually got me to around 30 foot of a cache. Only downside is it's not fantastic under heavy tree cover. Personally I think it's a great starter gps.
  11. He looks like a gorgeous dog, I wish many happy years of successful caching together!
  12. It's taken me ten minutes to search for a location, chose the required cache and log it. Have noticed this over the last few days or so, could it have naything to do the reduced servers in japan?
  13. Can someone explain to me how to do this, couldn't see any links on the Garmin site to link to geocaching.com
  14. That would make for some pretty boring caching. I prefer the harder difficulty/terrain caches but I like to get all the caches in my area so will go for any if I'm desperate for some caching!
  15. I've had exactly the same problem annoyingly so will be watching this thread with interest.
  16. Thank you for your replies, there are several other caches nearby owned by other cachers so hopefully if they are aware of the incidents they will also temporarily disable their caches or post a note.
  17. In the area around one of my caches, a man has been trying to assault women and the police have advised against lone walking in the area Cheshunt assaults in local beauty area. Should I put a warning on my cache page or might I be frightening cachers too much? Thank you in advance for your advice Abi
  18. Providing you are signed in, when looking through the bookmarked lists there should be distances listed on the left side of the page indicating how far each night time cache is from you e.g 19.6 miles or 96.5 miles. Hope this helps Abiherts
  19. River Lee series, by FantasticCat, myself and P_Smithy_Clan. Umm not sure about length or caches numbers.
  20. This one is right near the Museum of London, Last Delivery - GCGBGB.
  21. The cache is probably either a puzzle cache or part of a multi stage cache. If you want to private message the area where you found it I could see if I can figure out which one it is. Welcome to the addiction that is geocaching!
  22. Just got an email back from Disney Fairies to say "apologies for the delay in sending you the instructions. We're currently making changes to the instruction pack and will get this to you as soon as Disney OK's them."
  23. Royal Mail Parcel Force, could someone email me their instructions as I haven't received any yet. My broken lids are being replaced!
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