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  1. I cache because I love looking for tupperware, it takes me to places that I haven't discovered yet and the feeling of finding is immense. The kids enjoy the hunt too and swopping their toys. My husband isn't so keen but he likes solving any puzzles caches and he likes the harder terrain caches.

  2. I've learnt now not to release any coin that I am particularly fond of as they always seem to go missing. It's best to take the approach that at some point in a trackables life, it will disappear forever!

  3. I love caching with my children. They are great for diving into bushes or under benches to retrieve the cache and also great distraction techniques for finding a nano.. "we're looking at a spider". Ok yes...the ability to be stealthy is greatly reduced but who is going to take notice of a family! I also feel safer caching with my children as my husband is not overly keen on caching but will suffer coming with me with bribery!

  4. Assuming of course that you have permission from the landowner, I suspect that the main issue was the sudden surge of walkers out trying to claim FTF and therefore spooking the farmer and the women at the farmhouse. I doubt that that they are used to late night walkers going through their field. Maybe there has been problems with thieves operating in the area?


    Now the FTF rush has been, I expect most cachers will be passing through during the day. Is the path clearly defined and regularly used through his field? Or is it a barely used route up till now? If the farmer continues threatening walkers then it would definately be in your best interests to reroute your "trail" to avoid that particular footpath. I assume by your earlier post that the cache is away from the farmhouse.


    Good luck



  5. Hi DrSolly


    I love your idea. Sounds like a great plan. If you're looking for a co-ordinator I'd be quite happy. I love organising things! I used to a Brownie Guider and co-ordinator for a Census project so have most skills required. Am at home and available by email most of the time as I care for my husband. Good with databases too. I'd also be happy to set out some caches in the area around Chingford/Enfield area as this is the nearest to me.


    Let me know what you think



  6. One FTF claimed out of three, the other two (including the cache in question) are still out there for grabs. Heard nothing back from the cacher whose log I deleted and emailed regarding. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions for other methods of marking :laughing:

  7. Placed some new caches yesterday and received this log just now : "FTF! Found on a Sunday afternoon walk with best mate at 5.30pm. Unfort did not have pen with us to write in log book but will return to fill in. Our first FTF! TFTC"


    Am I right in thinking that as they did not physically sign the log book or provide physical proof that they were there then they are not FTF? Secondly they have no caches under their name in this area either.


    All advice greatfully received.

  8. I was wondering if anyone had noticed an increase in wasps this year? I have never been stung by a wasp before and was stung by a bee when I was six. However when searching for a brand new cache I was stung above the belly button at the beginning of august and again a couple of weeks later while out fishing with my husband. This time it went up my trouser leg stung me three times and only stopped after having to flash myself so hubby could extract it! Since then I have noticed a lot of wasps around hoovering a few cm off the floor and several wasp nests mentioned near caches locally, including one of my own. I have threatened not to leave the house again if I get stung a 3rd time this year!


    I am wondering if this is just a localised problem or am I just imagining things and just been unlucky. Any thoughts on this?

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