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  1. I know the holder of the coin you have in your possession lives in the area of that cache so maybe he randomly dropped it off there as he's held onto it quite a while and it was coincidental that there was an identical coin listed in the caches' inventory.

  2. Hi there!

    I live in the UK too and find it highly addictive, just not enough time to find all the caches I'd like to.


    I would suggest using the "highlight beginner caches" to start off which gives you caches with a low terrain and difficulty. Try to avoid micros and nanos as these are trickier to find, even experienced cachers can struggle with these.


    Any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


    Happy caching!

  3. Not that I've tried myself but I wonder if google translate may be of assistance? I've noticed that many cache pages in touristy areas do have their cache written in several languages, but with ones that don't google translate might help you get a rough idea of what to look for.

  4. I will be amending the cache in the coming day.


    However I am rather dismayed that this topic seems to have turned into a criticism of my cache itself by the poster rather than staying on topic and discussing bird hides itself in general. In my defence none of the bird hide boxes I have found (and some of these were placed in country parks with rangers approval) had stickers on them indicating that they were caches, and some were in a much worse condition than mine.

  5. As the cache owner and as a parent of children who geocache alongside me I would like to add my viewpoint.


    Children who are likely to find these geocaches are going to be caching with their parents who are in the main part outdoor/nature enthuisasts themselves who are trying out this sport in order to get their kids out and about enjoying the great outdoors. Therefore will have the common sense to know the difference between a geocache and a real bird box situated in any given location such as how Mellers put it above. A child who thinks it is ok to climb a tree to look in a real bird box probably would never have experienced geocaching.


    Is it ok to put a cache inside a snail shell? I've seen plenty of those.


    Many geocaches could be considered dangerous. Take for example the current trend with ammo boxes, are we to avoid every ammo box geocache on the off chance a hithertho undiscovered remmant of World War II.


    Surely what it comes down to is common sense, and common sense dictates that a sealed bird box would not be in use.

  6. Thank you for all of the offers so far. Will be sure to get in contact shortly and arrange something. I'm hoping to be down at Langdon/Laindon this saturday to try out the Langdon plotlands trail if anyone fancies joining me and one or two kiddies, feel free to get in contact.


    I'm afraid I don't cycle, rarely take the mutt caching as he pees over new people but I do have some junior cachers who come out at weekends who may scare or scar anyone who joins us!

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