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  1. Like this? III. LOGGING Guidelines: Logging Guidelines cover the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to log a find. http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx B. I guess that is about as good as I'll get. It's hard to explain exactly what I'm looking for without getting into too much details. I'm dealing with some local issues.
  2. I'm not a fan because of the obvious risk of a cacher opening something that isn't a fake. Also be mindful of the location. Even some veterian cachers in my area have shied away from my convent cache as it's a few feet in the front yard of the former convent. For those wondering, I placed that cache with approval (from the wife)
  3. The easiest way would be to add a log to the cache page when you retrieve the photos and add the photos with the log. Be sure to mention that the photos taken with the camera will be posted online. Also, be sure to label the camera heavily that it should remain in the cache. Back to my previous post, here is a picture of the rice container in my cache. Someone added it to the cache log.
  4. Our climate is a fair bit more nasty towards caches then what you will see in your area. My cache I used as an example has been out for 2 years without issues. Not bad for a cache that is dedicated to swapping printed 4x6 photographs.
  5. Like this? What type of information are you looking for? Are you talking about locating caches you want to find through the website, locating the physical container, logging the find, or something else? Not exactly. Was hoping for something like the Hides guide with the do's and don'ts. I sent you a note with exactly what I'm looking for/dealing with.
  6. I had a similar thought when I placed my "Take a photo, Leave a photo" cache. Because of our weather conditions here, a camera (digital especially) would have a tough time to survive. A couple tips however from this cache I can share... - Double lock & lock (one container inside the other, and good name brand). If a finder fails to properly close one container, it's hoped the second one will be. Also creates a seporate air space for water issues. - Silicon packs and or rice containers should be in the cache. Take a film canister, fill it with normal rice. Glue shut and puncture small holes with a pin. This should obsorb moisture in the cache and help keep it dry. - Be mindful of the placement. Will the cache drowned if there is a heavy rain? Will it likely be sitting covered in snow or ice? Place the cache where it is least exposed to the elements will help it survive longer
  7. I'm wondering if there is a guide for finds similar to the one for hides.
  8. I agree. We tried a power trail once, got 3 caches in and got bored. Went for icecream instead. Good thing I dont have any 800+ days, I wouldn't want a stamped "*" by my name. Whatever that means. When you put an Asterisk beside someones name, it means they may had cheated. Questionable cheaters get 'em as well. :laughing: :laughing: We have a few cachers locally that need an asterisk beside their name. My favorite local cheater generally isn't even with her partner when he makes a find. She tops it off with a smilie face for an online log. (sorry off topic). I am thinkin the same for next summer, but because of the cost of fuel and the fun of spending a day with a few friends, I'll probably car pool with a couple cachers, but we will all sign the logs and place the cache back where it was found. I'm also a huge fan of logging as we find them, so odds are, we'll live log on the GC site.
  9. I agree, that's it. Close the thread now. I agree too. Nothing more to talk about. Yes, I knew myself and 4DD were on the same sheet of music. You will not get an answer, Mike and Jess. Some people "leapfrog" or play "three cache monte" on Powertrails. Some would never do that, and sign every single log, and put every single cache back. This simple question could very well start a thread that goes on for weeks. Being that in our area, powertrails are 15-20 caches... Ya, we'll sign/stamp every log, put it back and even log it online. The reason I asked the original question is that I think in Ontario Canada, the cache count in a single day is below 200 caches (may be more now). We don't have long desert roads like route 66 where caches can be jump, stamp, jump in.
  10. Not necessarily. They could be playing the Three Cache Monte... Or they could try to (3 finds in about 160 seconds). But it would be tough to do that for 24 hours. If the terrain was that easy here, it wouldn't be hard to hold that pace for a few hours. Definitely not what I had ever thought geocaching would become when I started.
  11. That is ~55 seconds a cache in 24 hours. Looking at your stats, I see; Most finds in a day: 764 on 8/26/2011; 755 on 8/27/2011; 546 on 1/1/2011 Would be interested in hearing how you pulled those off.
  12. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the most number of caches found in 1 day is by a single cacher or team.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. Worked good.
  14. Ok, so going through our personal collection of coins to make sure they are activated before going to a discovery event this afternoon. On the one coin my wife bought a year or two ago, it says to go to www.geocoindesign.com which appears to be gone. Any thoughts or suggestions? It's a Cache At Night glow in the dark coin.
  15. I think the bolded applies to most new cache hides these days, at least from my perspective as a cacher.
  16. My first 5/5 was the Ishpatina Ridge Earth Cache. Been back to it a second time this past summer as it is a great area for backpacking.
  17. We have one in the Sudbury Area (http://coord.info/GC3Y76C). Not sure if there are any others in Northern Ontario though.
  18. I've been using a Pentax WG-1 and love it. It's my go everywhere camera.
  19. Email one of the people that uploaded the photos or the TB owner.
  20. No promises, but I might have a picture when I discovered it 3 years ago. Will see if I can track that photo down. It is trackable, so you could find the TB page and get a picture from that.
  21. I don't think we have any caches here locally that can see a find at minimum every 3 days. As others have mentioned, quality finds are better finds. Frequency isn't everything. It just means it's feeding the quick park & grab crowd.
  22. I agree with this. If a log is bad enough to need to be deleted, it should require a reviewer to do it. We have a local cacher now heavy with the delete key. NM, NA or anything short of praise, its gone. If I have an issue with a log, I'll ask (nicely) the cacher that logged it to adjust their log (major spoiler or similar).
  23. I did a quick test with the existing piece of code and it didn't work for caches. When I get some time, I might see about messing around with it a bit and see if I can adjust it to make it work.
  24. I have the garmin mount right on the stem of my mtn bike. Works great and keeps the GPS a bit lower profile and reasonably safe if I crash. Worth every penny/ Are you talking about these? Love that coin! Although cool, that's not it but if you have any left, how much and is it trackable? Trackable yes, as for if I have any left and how much... I need to look. Technically we are sold out, but I might still have a few stashed away of my wife didn't find them in my office.
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